What's Your News IQ?

1. Noted surgeon Dr. Jack Copeland has joined the staff of the UCSD Medical Center to relaunch what medical ­program?

A. Nuclear medicine

B. Artificial heart

C. Heart transplant

D. Laser oncology

2. Which city in San Diego County plans on raising fees for over 100 city services on August ­1?

A. Chula Vista

B. San Marcos

C. Del Mar

D. Escondido

3. A European government has refused to grant the United ­States’ extradition request for filmmaker Roman Polanski, who is charged with statutory rape. Instead, Polanski, in custody since December 2009, was released. Which country refused the ­request?

A. Netherlands

B. Switzerland

C. Belgium

D. Austria

4. Spain recently defeated the Netherlands for the World Cup championship. In which country did the World Cup take ­place?

A. South Africa

B. Nigeria

C. Cameroon

D. Zimbabwe

5. California assemblyman Mike Davis has proposed using Michael ­Jackson’s Neverland Ranch near Santa Barbara as a

A. Hospital

B. State park

C. Nuclear power plant site

D. Minimum security prison camp

6. From July 13 until July 16, an organization called Brides Across America gave women engaged to active soldiers free:

A. Wedding gowns

B. Wedding cakes

C. Air fare for honeymoons

D. iPhones

7. Media mogul Mort Zuckerman admitted on Fox News that he had helped

A. Draft the House health care bill

B. Promote population control by donating millions of condoms to Third World countries

C. President Obama select Ellen Kagan for the Supreme Court

D. Write a speech for President Obama

8. Which senator insisted in a speech that there were no illegal immigrants doing construction work in his/her ­state?

A. Barbara Boxer

B. Dick Durbin

C. Dianne Feinstein

D. Harry Reid

9. Mayor Jerry Sanders has vocally opposed what measure to deal with the ­city’s ­deficit?

A. Legalizing prostitution

B. Raising the sales tax

C. Selling corporate sponsorship

D. Auctioning off portions of Mission Trails Park

10. The City of San Diego is considering forcing pedicab operators to

A. Have ­driver’s licenses

B. Increase lighting on cabs at night

C. Wear uniforms

D. Take periodic fitness tests

11. A Los Angeles judge recently dismissed a lawsuit against the Dole Food Company, where the plaintiffs alleged that pesticides used by the company on bananas in Paraguay had

A. Caused cancer

B. Killed the crop and deprived them of jobs

C. Made local water undrinkable

D. Made them sterile

12. Actor and director Mel Gibson is currently suffering a public-image meltdown after his ex live-in girlfriend released a tape recording of a phone conversation in which he warned her that she was going to be raped by:

A. Himself

B. “A gang of Jews”

C. “A pack of niggers”

D. “The next parolee you see”

13. Which highly contagious, formerly rare disease has resurfaced with 13 new cases in San Diego County and a statewide ­epidemic?

A. ­Hansen’s disease (leprosy)

B. Polio

C. Tuberculosis

D. Whooping cough

14. “Operation Watchdog,” a coordinated effort of state, federal, and local authorities, is a new effort to curb possible problems caused by

A. Gangs

B. Sex offenders

C. Undocumented aliens

D. Businesses hiring undocumented aliens

15. West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin has been tapped to direct a film biography of ­whom?

A. Edward Kennedy

B. John Edwards

C. Bill Clinton

D. Rush Limbaugh

16. The Sportfishing Association of California and the U.S. Navy have recently worked out a system to detail specific areas open to fishing for what coastal ­island?

A. San Clemente Island

B. The Coronado Islands

C. Santa Catalina Island

D. Santa Barbara Island

17. Apple CEO Steve Jobs responded to a negative review from Consumer Reports of his ­company’s iPhone 4 by:

A. Instituting a recall

B. Offering service provider options

C. Offering free phone cases

D. Offering a 30% rebate to all customers

18. Which legislator was recently honored by Planned Parenthood with an award recognizing efforts made to pass federal health care legislation that would include abortion ­funding?

A. Barbara Boxer

B. Nancy Pelosi

C. Maxine Waters

D. John Kerry

19. On Friday, July 16, a 3.6 magnitude quake surprised residents of a city not known for having earthquakes, waking them up shortly after 5 a.m.. That city was…

A. Memphis

B. Cincinnati

C. Chicago

D. Washington, D.C.

20. Which syndicated media personality recently signed a contract worth $45 million a ­year?

A. Judge Judy

B. Sean Hannity

C. Oprah Winfrey

D. Jerry Springer


  1. C, Heart transplant
  2. D, Escondido
  3. B, Switzerland
  4. A, South Africa
  5. B, State park
  6. A, Wedding gowns
  7. D, Write a speech for President Obama
  8. D, Harry Reid
  9. B, Raising the sales tax
  10. A, Have ­driver’s licenses
  11. D, Made them sterile
  12. C, “A pack of niggers”
  13. D, Whooping cough
  14. B, Sex offenders
  15. B, John Edwards
  16. A, Santa Catalina Island
  17. C, Offering free phone cases
  18. B, Nancy Pelosi
  19. D, Washington, D.C.
  20. A, Judge Judy

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