Rock and Roller Derby

“Derby girls skate hard, fall hard, and the ones who party, party hard! They take their sport very seriously but love to let loose at the after-parties,” writes San Diego Derby Doll Shiva Mi Timbers, otherwise known as Jacquie Bazinet.

Bazinet is the lead singer and founding member of punk band the Unruly Bangs. On July 28, the Bangs will drive to Las Vegas for a gig during RollerCon, a worldwide roller derby convention that takes place July 28 through August 1.

Bazinet and the other four members of the Stooges/New York Dolls–influenced rock band will roll down to Vegas to play a gig at gritty punk bar the Double Down Saloon, “Home of the fabled Ass Juice,” as stated on its website, and the music venue for RollerCon.

“It’s the perfect venue, the perfect fit for us. I’m going to rewrite lyrics to one of our songs, ‘Italian Girls,’ to ‘Derby Girls’ or something like that. Have it all tie in,” reports Bazinet, who works as a freelance videographer and lives in Normal Heights.

Despite being unable to lace up her skates since she fractured her ankle and had a rod implanted in her leg after a skating accident sidelined her this past February, Bazinet continues to be involved in the Derby Dolls and the sport by volunteering in the public relations department. This year, as she planned her trip to RollerCon, she enticed guitarists Neil Revenga and Carl Froelich, bass player Eric Sangre, and drummer Victor Penalosa to pack up their gear from their East County practice space and drive to Vegas for RollerCon.

“I’m mainly there to enjoy RollerCon, but I knew the Double Down has bands every year. So, I got us the gig.”

After returning from the five-day desert trek, the Unruly Bangs plan to record their first full-length and play more shows at Lestat’s Coffee House in Normal Heights, the band’s favorite venue in town. Bazinet hopes her leg will be healed enough to transform back into Shiva Mi Timber in September.

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