Like Raw Meat

Crowds came out to enjoy the surf and sunshine at La Jolla Shores on July 14. But by the end of the day, over 38 beachgoers had felt the barbs of stingrays that were clustered in shallow water.

I was walking near a lifeguard tower when I heard muted crying and wailing. On further inspection, I witnessed a teen girl being treated by lifeguards. She was in distress from a stingray bite and so hysterical that an oxygen mask was placed on her face. Soon after, an ambulance and fire truck appeared and she was taken away on a gurney.

A lady named Kelsey, who had been taking pictures, exclaimed: "I would be freaking out too with a big gash like she had — it looked like raw meat hanging there."

Under a blue tent, lifeguards put buckets of hot water out for the victims to soak their injuries in. As I was walking away, booming loud and clear over the P.A. system were these words of wisdom: "Beachgoers: please be aware of stingrays as you swim today. SHUFFLE YOUR FEET to avoid being stung."

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shuffling works!!!

now u tell me...hahahahahahahahaha

That must have been a big stingray! I stepped on one of those things once - holy mother!! It was unbelievably painful and I still have the scar on my heel. My surfer boyfriend stuck my foot in the hottest water imaginable (that was supposed to help somehow), but I found several shots of tequila to be more effective.

Yea, I got stabbed by one of those suckers years ago while camped way down the gulf side of the Baja coast.

I was with a buddy of mine on an extended camping trip and we had just stepped into the water for a swim. The next thing I knew, I had incredible pain shooting through my ankle and foot, and a mysterious shadow glided away. I hopped out of the water as fast as I could. The blood was squirting out so far I thought maybe the ray had hit an artery or something. Fortunately, we had packed a good first aid kit and dressed the wound and bandaged it up real tight. I popped some aspirin and hobbled around for two or three days and recovered fairly quickly.

Whenever I go in the water now, I shuffle my feet and get off of them as quickly as possible. You'll know why they are called Sting Rays if you are unfortunate enough to step on one.

I've heard some unethical restaurants hammer out disks from the ray's flesh and pass them off as scallops. I would think one could tell the diff, but who knows?


Tequila is good medicine for many ailments. Physical and emotional.

  • Joe

Thanks for all the comments. I got bit by a sting ray last summer on San Diego Bay and I know how horrible it is.

I have to say that it really was a crazy afternoon at La Jolla Shores. The water was still fairly chilly for the time of year and I have to think the tide coming in around 3 p.m. is what brought all the sting rays up closer to shore.

My heart went out to that poor woman in such distress with the bad bite. She was totally losing it and the SD Lifeguards were being so great & professional. Want to thank Kelsey Bray for being there with a good cell phone camera because my digital camera needed new batteries! Gail Powell.

'tis true that the emotional toll wrought by the sting of the ray renders one insane as a result of relentless pain and stress, which can only be mitigated by the ministrations of.....lifeguards. With flasks. Mmmmmm.

Have never come across a ray yet, but I did come across a small lobster about 50 feet off the sand in South Mission Beach (Ensenada Court).....I was like Hmmmm.... I know it is small.... and I could get in trouble for taking it, walking out of the surf on a crowded beach with a little lobster...but if no one saw me then that baby would make a tasty little I risk it all.....I went to grab him, and you cannot believe how fast they can run away.....I was shocked at how fast that guy took off. Wasn't even close.

So, I did not get a ticket for illegal lobster poaching and I also did not get that tasty lobster snack.

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