$3000 Worth of Bench

The San Diego City Parks and Recreation Department has installed the first of 15 ipe wood benches at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. The new bench is located just south of the foot of Hill Street on Luscomb’s point (near the surf break somewhat recently renamed “Mouse-Scombs”).

Mike Ruiz of the City’s Shoreline Parks Division says he is waiting for the new fiscal year funding to be approved before he can go ahead and install more of the hardwood benches valued at $3000-plus each.

Some people who live near Sunset Cliffs became concerned last year when the City removed several unapproved benches that community members had installed between guardrail posts along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. After several meetings by community groups and members of the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Council, the ipe wood bench design and placement were approved and accepted by the City.

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Sweet. The recreation centers have reduced hours but the City can pay for $3000 benches. Who is kidding who here ?

$3,000 for an artistically designed, exotic wood bench is a great price and a great addition to the viewing the ocean, let's just get it sponsored by Coca Cola next time, they could brand their logo into the wood?

Pepsi might get jealous as it is the recognized soft drink for San Diego. I think all of the parks in the city deserve these benches. The city celebrates diversity and non discrimination. So we all should get a hardwood bench or three at our local parks.

The Bench RE$TS...

Big thick uber cool, ipe wood benches are THE PERFECT choice and SO Totally SoCal Bitchin'...

Kudos to everyone for not spoiling our Specials places with fu fu plastic bus stop benches or worse yet GAUDY "p-lic art" mirrored pieces like on Shelter Island...

BTW: as far as the price goes, that's what North Park's MAD had to pay for 3 trash cans and they were not ipe wood or even cool!

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