Bikini and iPod Walk

In an attempt to break the current world record for largest “bikini walk,” an estimated 200 women wearing bikinis paraded down the streets of downtown San Diego on June 27. Although they fell over a hundred women short of breaking the record, onlookers were present to show their support.

Matthew Gorby, a pedicab driver who was at the parade, spoke before the city council on June 29 to report an encounter he had with San Diego police, which maintained a presence in the area during the parade.

According to Gorby, he was transporting cameramen on his pedicab going north on Fifth Avenue, driving alongside the women who were walking on the parade.

“I’m blaring my music so the women can get loose and dance, and the cops didn’t say nothing to me…not one warning,” Gorby said. After making a turn on Broadway and subsequently traveling south on Sixth Avenue, Gorby says he was stopped by police.

“The cops stopped me there and take my iPod, saying, ‘This is for evidence.’ They didn’t give me a receipt; they didn’t do anything in that nature at all — which I consider theft.”

Gorby said that there is no record of the police officer taking his iPod — another reason he came to the city council was because he wanted to have the officer’s name and badge number documented. He said an officer “Goebel,” badge number 6432, confiscated his iPod.

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