God Forbid

Arrived downtown in a light drizzle. Homeless huddled in doorways to keep dry. After hiding my camera in my underwear, I made my way down the stairs at House of Blues and found a pile of vomit on the landing. Had no idea opening band 2 Cents was that good.

God Forbid was just added to this tour and was the reason I was in attendance. They went on around 8:15 and tore the roof off with a short, brutal set that ended with “Ode to the Fallen Hero.” The song hits close to home in this military town.

Shadows Fall was equally loud and performed with good energy, especially lead throat Brian Fair, who I'm convinced hasn't cut his hair since I saw them in the early aughts. His four-foot dreads smashed drum cymbals as he windmilled. I kept waiting for them to get caught in the high hat.

Hung out with God Forbid guys at their merch table while waiting for Five Finger Death Punch to go on. GF guys posed for pics and signed whatever was put in front of them. Cheers to Corey and Doc, two of the best guys in metal.

FFDP is too much style, not enough substance. The spinal cord/ribcage mic stand came off a bit desperate. Only a legend like Halford can pull that off. Dropped my camera checking video I was shooting and it broke. Karma? Got bored and left halfway through the set. The vomit was still on the landing. No less odor two hours later, surprisingly enough.

A light rain fell as I made my way up Fifth, homeless asleep in the doorways. Perhaps they could be some of God Forbid’s fallen heroes.

Concert: Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall, God Forbid, 2 Cents
Show date: January 22
Venue: House of Blues
Seats: Standing

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