I Love Flashbacks

“Some people say we sound kind of like groovy ’60s music, and some people say we sound kind of like surf punk,” says Erica Putis, bassist in the alt-rock trio Recordable Colors.

Putis says that a little over a year ago she and drummer Abe Deleon were in different bands, playing on the same bills.

“Abe and I were sitting at the bar one night before a show, and he said, ‘I have this friend, and we’d like to start a side band, and we were wondering if you’d like to check it out because it’d be kinda cool to have a girl in the band.’ And I said, ‘Okay, why not?’ ”

The friend was guitarist Dorian Tucker. Putis says the three of them were a good fit from the beginning.

The band has opened for Greg Laswell and performs around town at venues such as the Ken Club and the Soda Bar.

“We played the House of Blues, and it was kind of cool,” says Putis. “But there was no sound check, and with six or seven bands playing that night, we were stressed out. They actually have a clock, and if you’re not done by a certain time, they just turn off your sound without telling you. They said, ‘You have to be finished by 11:25, otherwise your sound will be shut off.’ ” Did they get cut off? “No, no,” she laughs. “We finished early.”

Recordable Colors performs at Tin Can Ale House on Friday, January 29.

What is the band working on right now?

Dorian: “At the moment we are working on artwork for our CD. This year we are proud to say we’ve accomplished a lot of things. We have created a website, made a music video, and now we’ve just finished recording the tracks for our first full-length album with Christopher Hoffee [Truckee Brothers] at Chaos Recorders.”

What performers have shaped your stage presence?

Dorian: “That’s a strange question…come to think of it, aside from my hands and trying to get close to pitch, I’m not sure what the rest of my body is doing up there. I’ll have to figure that out sometime. But, if I had the option, I would choose Prince. I would rob him blind if I had the coordination.”

Abe: “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. They should shape everyone’s stage presence.”

Is there a common thread running through your songs?

Erica: “Well, we all [the band members] come from a different place, and because we all write lyrics and sing, each song is unique. I suppose most musicians have a common thread running through their songs, and they are usually about human emotions that most people can relate to. I assume we are no different.”

Is it better to sell individual downloads online or CDs at a gig?

Dorian: “I’ve never known much success with either. For one, we are pitiful salespeople…and also I think most people are used to getting their music for free at this point.”

Erica: “I agree, most people are getting their music for free, and we are trying to figure out how we can work with the changing music scene instead of against it.”

If music doesn’t work out, what’s plan B?

Abe: “Star in a reality TV show about the life of an antique dealer.”

Dorian: “I’m not sure that music is the plan A. Of course, it’s a passion and a pleasure, but I’ve never been one to force expectations.”

Erica: “I have a clothing company called Nuclear Clothing and an event company, IndieGo Park. It’s very difficult to make a living off music, so I think it’s smart to have other things going on so that you don’t feel defeated if music doesn’t work out.”

Can you think of a great band that never got credit for being great?

Abe: “The Specials’ singer Terry Hall did a band called Fun Boy Three. They put out two albums, and both are underrated genius albums.”

I like to listen to Van Halen before lights out. You?

Abe: “From the Hip, an album by Section 25. It’s great for making out as well.”

Where do you guys shop for clothes?

Erica: “I will shop anywhere, but I don’t spend a lot of money, so sometimes that limits my places to shop to thrift stores and the clearance section at Target. But, locally, I love Flashbacks. I find most of the dresses I wear onstage there.”

Abe: “I’ll tell you where I don’t shop: Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M, the mall, or any other trendy hipster place.”

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Great article! One of my favorite bands in SD for sure...

RC- when you guys figure out how to work with the changing music market let me know :)

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