On Tuesday, January 19, a tow-in surf duo (a jet-ski rider pulling a guy on a surfboard) was apprehended and ticketed after enjoying the large surf near the Tamarack jetties in Carlsbad.

At 11:55 a.m., I spotted three surfers just south of the jetties, braving the wind, cold, rain, and run-off pollution to ride the well-overhead waves. The strong winds and stormy conditions made it difficult for the two traditional surfers to drop in, but the tow-in surfer was screaming down the line, throwing up huge arcs of spray, and floating over the heavier sections.

The tow-in team drifted over to the north side of the jetties, caught another wave, and as the jet-ski rider was retrieving his partner from the inside, a lifeguard vehicle pulled into the beach parking lot and onto the sand. The tow-in team immediately headed out past the line-up, then north toward Oceanside. The lifeguard vehicle briefly followed along the beach until the surfers disappeared from view.

According to Oceanside Lifeguard Services spokesman Bill Curtis, the team was apprehended in Oceanside. The two men face fines of up to one thousand dollars. Tow-in surfing is not legal at any beaches in Southern California.

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Repeat after me:

America's Finest City America's Finest City America's Finest City America's Finest City America's Finest City America's Finest City

I don't know what tow-in surf is. Forgive me....I'm from Arizona...

californicators dictate personal choice.

pay backs are a mo fo.............. jah bless us all

Tow-in surfing is being pulled by a jet-ski or other motorized vehicle. Incredibly stupid and dangerous but should be a personal choice.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tow-in_surfing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhKFTq...

pete ya always got some kinda intellgent os stupid thing to say an thats way cool; BUT wikapedia is a farce and you tube is entertainment and made for sensationalism........

we have way too many laws talk about that........ regards Dood

I see where yer comin from on Wikipedia. I've discussed this many times recently. Here's the scoop on the wiki...

Wikipedia CAN be altered. That's not in dispute. However, if it can be altered to say something untrue, it can also be re-altered to say something that IS true. It's a two-way street. For example, I'm watching the news right now. Apparently, Roman Polanski has been ordered back to the U.S. to face a judge for sentencing. Here's his wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Polanski It says he's almost 80 years old. If I wanted to, I could either sign up and create an account and alter that to say he's almost 100 years old or figure out a way to hack their security(hard but not impossible) and alter it anyway. What will happen when I do that is, someone who knows he is almost 80 will reverse what I did previously.

In other words, there's a ying and a yang and 99.9% of the info on Wikipedia is correct. Unless you're lying about some absolute obscure stuff, you have to know that sooner or later someone will notice and correct it.

As for YT, you're absolutely correct, Jerome. YT has gone to the dogs.

This is the reason you can't ride jet skis near the beach or board surfers and swimmers:

"Boat speed limits are regulated by law for certain areas and conditions. When no speed limit is posted, operate your boat so that it will not endanger others. Always keep a proper lookout and never load a boat with passengers or cargo beyond its safe carrying capacity."

"The maximum speed for motorboats within 100 feet of a bather and within 200 feet of a bathing beach, swimming float, diving platform or lifeline, passenger landing being used, or landing where boats are tied up is 5 miles per hour."

(Source: http://www.boatus.org/onlinecourse/statelaws/California.html#speed)

Personal watercraft are considered motor boats, so they are bound by this law. It's impossible to tow-in a surfer without exceeding the speed limit and being too close to swimmers and board surfers.

It's unfortunate that sports activities need to be so heavily regulated, but the priority is public safety and I can tell you from personal experience that personal watercraft riders can be amazingly negligent when they ride around non-motorized craft, such as surfboards, kayaks, sailboards, sailboats, etc. and around swimmers. Power corrupts...

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