Morning Swarm

On January 14, officers from the San Diego North County Regional Gang Task Force, the Carlsbad and Oceanside Police Departments, the San Diego County Probation Department, and the FBI awakened documented gang members at 6 a.m. in order to serve the first of 11 warrants.

Six suspects found in Vista, Oceanside, and Carlsbad were taken into custody and more are being sought outside the North County area. They were booked on charges of narcotic sales, transportation of narcotics into jails and prisons, transportation, possession, and use of illegal firearms, planning assaults on rival gang members, and conspiracy to commit murder.

Lieutenant Derek Clark of the Regional Gang Task Force said a two-year-long investigation focused on top-level gang members on the street and in prison. During the investigation, numerous firearms and other weapons were seized, along with illicit narcotics, primarily heroin.

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