Music for the People

The oldest member of the Enemy is 23, but this three-piece from England displays impressive musical maturity. Music for the People is the band's sophomore effort and it delivers, with high-energy crowd-pleasers such as “51st State,” “Don't Break the Red Tape,” and “Be Somebody,” which was featured in EA Sports’ FIFA 10 soccer video game.

These songs are not roughly produced garage tunes, either. Use of instruments besides the traditional drums, bass, and guitar set this band apart from most trios. Listen for violas, violins, cello, and piano weaving in and out of the album. It's clear, however, that the songwriting will be key to this band's future. The formula on this CD works well, balancing the alt-rock with thoughtful ballads such as “Last Goodbye” and “Keep Losing.”

Despite being only ten songs long, which starts with an awkward 30+ seconds of noise, any fan of English-style arena rock bands such as Oasis or Coldplay are sure to find Music for the People satisfying.

  • Album title: Music For the People (2009)
  • Artist: The Enemy
  • Label: Warner Music Group
  • Songs: (1) Elephant Song (2) No Time for Tears (3) 51st State (4) Sing When You're In Love (5) Last Goodbye (6) Nation of Checkout Girls (7) Be Somebody (8) Don't Break the Red Tape (9) Keep Losing (10) Silver Spoon

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