Help Is a Ping Away

Last week, sheriff's deputies rescued two surveyors who’d become lost while working on a Stewart Canyon landfill project.

On December 30, James Plunkett, 30, and Jason Wold, 25, were placing markers in the area when, due to thick cloud cover, they got lost southwest of the Pala Indian Reservation.

Sheriff's communications dispatchers had Verizon Wireless “ping” Plunkett's cell phone, which narrowed the search to about one square mile. Deputies were then able to establish voice contact with the surveyors. They cut through tall brush and trees to reach the men, who were wearing light clothing and were becoming exhausted.

According to a sheriff's department press release, neither man was seriously injured, but both were cold and wet.

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I, for one, welcome our new location-monitoring overlords.

Gregory Canyon Landfill project, not Stewart.

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