That's So Un-Punk

“Vinnie Udo did not start Diatribe,” says guitarist Julius, who cofounded the influential all-vegetarian, antiwar punk band with bassist Sean in 1984. “[Vinnie] provided vocals for the band for approximately one year.… He was fired from the band in 1986. I hold the trademark to the band name, and I also composed all of the band’s songs.”

Udo, aka Vinnie Fono, recently announced he was resurrecting Diatribe, with himself as the only former member of that band. “None of the other three original members were asked if they wanted to participate,” says Julius. “I emailed him. He did not respond to my request to not re-form the band, [so] he and two of the other parties he listed as members of the new Diatribe have been served with cease-and-desist letters by me.”

Contacted via email, Fono says, “Julius is against us doing this because he has nothing to do with music or the scene.… The band broke up shortly after I was kicked out. He says he composed all the songs, but when we started, I was playing drums, developing the songs, and doing the vocals. We never had any kind of agreement. We were an anarcho band, anti–big-music corporations. When we toured, we didn’t use contracts.

“As far as him having the trademark for the name, I’ve checked and have not found any proof to that claim.… He is really being un-punk, unlike how we started out.” Fono — who later cofounded the Shitgiveits — will debut his new Diatribe at the Radio Room on February 26.

Julius says he may relaunch Diatribe himself. “It would depend on the willingness of the original members,” he qualifies, saying he’s still in touch with them. So would he ever consider a reunion that includes Fono?

“It would be unlikely.”

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Jay-Can't you come up with your own story ideas instead of recycling mine and trying to pass off as your own? I wrote about all the Diatribe drama in Locals almost a month ago. Same with the story on Felicia. Lazy.


Both Vinnie and Julius can confirm they contacted me awhile back with their respective stories, before anything about it was published anywhere.

I wasn't aware the situation was subsequently mentioned in City Beat, but then certain bylines cause me to skip reading.

Now that I look at City Beat's purported "coverage" via comment link, I see Vinnie wasn't even quoted (only Julius).

Our Blurt account is clearly far superior and better balanced. Better to tell the WHOLE story, instead of rushing to press with a one-sided superfluous account --- posting a link to a poorly written blurb, by way of comparing to an excellent Blurt, is yet another flawed move by the party responsible for both embarrassing misfires.

Actually, Jay you're wrong on almost all fronts. Both accounts were written about in Locals Only over a two week span. First Vinnie, then Julius:



They weren't included together because I had a hard time reaching Julius before Vinnie's story went to press. I think your argument, that you weren't aware of any other press, is actually more representative of how well you actually follow the music scene here. I know you don't actually live in San Diego but aside from that, I would surmise that if you don't actually research the subject matter beyond just contacting the main subjects, then you're not much of a reporter at all. For example, rather than stop at the blurbs we already wrote, CityBeat did a fuller, much more thoroughly researched article in this week's issue. We had someone write it who's actually involved in the punk scene here. We have quotes from fans as well as the members of Fono's new band. The fact that Julius wouldn't go on record for the feature was his choice:


But let's be realistic. I don't actually believe for a second that you weren't aware of this. And if you actually don't read any other San Diego publications other than your own or bylines that you don't like, then you're even lazier than I originally thought. What I DO believe, however conspiratorial it may be, is that you DO read other S.D. publications including CityBeat. And since you don't live here, don't go to shows here and don't even actually "overhear" anything here, it's just easier to poach stories from other publications, perhaps flesh them out a bit more, and try and pass it off as journalism.

I don't see why he is so insistant that they were a "anti big-music coorporation" band and trying to act like a big-music corporation and say that vinnie has no legal right to continue his band that he starded years ago. thats totally what big music corporations do and he is turning into what his band was originally against. On the flyer for the show, it CLEARLY states that it is diatribe with the singer and a new lineup, there is nothing wrong with that. Look at discharge, how many singers have they gone thru, whattabout battalion of saints? their current incarnation only consists of the original singer and a whole new lineup. Ones opinion may differ than the other on this but I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with what vinnie is doing, especially if it CLEARLY states on the flyer what the current band consists of and I will go out of my way to book them and have them play our shows cause I dont believe in all that copyright and infringement and "I own this name to this band" bulls. I think if vinnie was in the band, no matter what, he has every right to continue it whenever and with whoever he wants. This aint mainstream corporate media band bulls, this is San Diego underground, and one of its legendary local bands that haven't been heard for years and years that should be heard by our generation of kids.

Plus...look at how many bands there are in this world called DIATRIBE...i think that dude should go out and sue all those bands first cause theyre the ones makin money off the name diatribe, not him!

Again, both Blurt interviewees can confirm that I was already talking to them long before ANYthing ran in City Beat - in fact, the Reader's own Local Music Database has been dealing with the dispute for well over a month, due to two separate parties claiming ownership of the band name, both having contacted me about our Diatribe page (which ALSO appeared online before any City Beat account).

Tho Seth flatters himself with the assumption that I read the work of all purported local music writers, in actuality I skip accounts whose byline indicates someone whose "work" rarely merits my attention.

Following the link to the new "fuller, much more thoroughly researched article in this week's [City Beat] issue" was amusing - tho Jim Ruland's writing is better than that paper's previous mentions of the dispute, it's a laughably biased and one-sided account, told strictly from Vinnie Fono's POV.

I laughed hardest at this quote, which is the WRITER's words, not Vinnie's! "No one knows why Julius is trying so hard to stop Vinnie from playing as Diatribe..."

Uhhh...the Reader knows why. And the Reader reported why. First. In Julius' own words.

Because only the Reader got BOTH combatants to speak for the record, each directly addressing each other's allegations, one by one, quote VS quote. In an account favoring neither side. THAT's what you call journalism.

As to WHY only the Reader could come up with the WHOLE story, well, following any of those City Beat links just provides proof after proof as to why ours is the only paper both guys wanted to talk to.

Each CB link only serves as free advertising RE how superior the Reader's coverage was in a SINGLE Blurt, compared to THREE different articles in another paper. Even taking all three combined, I maintain the Blurt account is far superior ---

BTW, tho I doubt the relevance, I maintain two residences - one in San Diego, and another out of state, as the needs of my 77 year old father have required me to be away from San Diego more often lately. In fact [shameless plug alert] I'll be back in SD in around three weeks - come see me at the Ruby Room on March 29 for the Overheard and Famous in San Diego art gallery show, celebrating 15 years of Reader comic strips, with performers Bart Mendoza, Collage Menage, Wendy Bailey, and the Cathryn Beeks Ordeal performing....

Nice plug at the end, man! Unfortunately, I'll be too busy pissing in pools to attend.

BTW, the Diatribe page from the Reader's Local Music Database -- http://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/diatribe -- ALSO includes what the OTHER two original Diatribe members (Sean and Gary) think of Fono's new version.

Neither of those two original members were ever referenced in any of the three City Beat attempts to "cover" the story. Yet again, the Reader coverage is more complete. And balanced.

In a city with few pop culture publications, a notable story is bound to be covered in more than one newspaper. I could list a half hundred local music stories that the Reader reported before any other local publications, only to see lesser inferior "reports" later appear elsewhere.

Do we then crow "Aha! Those other writers must be copying the Reader!"

No. Because we know our coverage is usually first, and almost always superior.

Only the insecure (and/or inferior) fall back on calling out "copycat," and only a fool would then post links that weaken those selfsame specious claims.

City Beat is often a very fine paper, and several excellent writers have come up among their ranks - of course, most of the "excellent" ones no longer write for that paper (fer instance, the previous administration over there was INSANE to take Rosey Bystrak off the local music column).

Sure, City Beat sometimes gets the story first. Sometimes, they even get it right. This time, tho, the Reader clearly comes out ahead.

To belabor the point any further would only be kicking the other fighter long after he's fallen flat onto the mat ----

Yeah, I'm really hurt, Rocky. I have no problem admitting that your coverage is more thorough, but it's "olds," not "news." All my articles would be f***ing Hemingway if I had a month and a half to write them.

I can't speak for why CityBeat took Rosey off that column. Happened before I got here. I'm guessing it was because she can't write very well, was a pain to edit and only wanted to talk about bands she liked. That is, she's a blogger, not a journalist and to give her credit, she's never claimed to be one. So the fact that you admire her not-so-hard-hitting, only-talk-about-bands-I-like fluff that runs on her website, kinda just proves how low your standards are for what is journalism.

In any case, I'm tired of this so you can have the last word if you want. Otherwise, I'll see you in hell soon, buddy.

I never mentioned Rosey's personal blog, so there's no cause for Seth to cough up such coarse criticism of it and her - I only referenced her stellar all-too-brief stint as a City Beat columnist. That paper's loss is Sound Diego's gain, since she's anchoring a major online local music endeavor with them ---

Aww, Jay told Rosey on me. That's so un-punk.

Hey SidropiniX. You don't know the full story. If you want to know the full story email me. I sent you a private message with my email. We can even discuss this by phone if you want to know what is really going on. Better to talk to the source directly than get info secondhand.

Hey Seth and Jay: This whole situation is really out of control. There are so few people who care about this story so I really don't know why everyone is spending so much time and energy on it. Slow news month or something? :-) I mean really, feature stories in the CityBeat, play by play accounts in the Reader? Please give it a rest guys.

Siddro punk guy, Why is it you seem to always be in the middle of some drama? I mean really, We played one of your half cocked metal shows, It was pretty pathetic and we didnt get paid a dime.

All you did was badmouth people. What do you have to offer to anything besides booking at The Metaphor (That has no permit) and some dive bar? You dont have the proper permit to book anything yet you are always causing some kind of drama?

You know nothing of Diatribe or the history of real punk in this city. All the people you talk about from what I can tell are doing a lot better then you are.

Not many people really care about "Punk Rock" except people who dont really matter or have any influence in anything.

Metal Rules!!!!!


The most Sid can do is talk head and post some videos lol. What has he ever done besides get his ass beat hahahahahhaha.

I dont even like Willie, I think the guy is a complete dick, I will say, Sidney came out looking like a coward on this one. Run for your Runts!!!!HAHAHAHAHA

willie, why do you have to post under a different name? Why dont you just post as willie psycho? How many personalities do you have? And also, its pretty sad that on a friday night at 10:30 PM that youre sitting on the computer, posting under a fake name on the reader site trying to save face for yourself...

your a weird dude, man.

And yes, I do know vinnie very personally, he is a personal friend of mine and I have been playing with/going to/supporting/influenced by many of his shows over the years and I will continue to do so for as long as I'm doing shows.

Actually this is Jessie, You should know me we played two of your shows. I dont care for either one of you, But You spammed our band trying to badmouth someone that books and pays us.

Then we played your deal, It was nothing to write home about. Thought you were an alright guy, Until you starting sending us stupid stuff.

Ill forward your mail to him and you guys can hash it out. I havent been entertained like this in a long time.

SidroponiX: I understand you are a personal friend of Vinnie but you don't know the whole story of what has gone on. You only know what Vinnie tells you. Vinnie wrote none of the songs. All of Diatribe's music and lyrics were written by someone else. That means that any band he tries to start against the wishes of the original band members to play Diatribe's music is nothing more than a tribute/cover band.

Vinnie has also done things like tried to sell Diatribe's music to two different records labels without contacting any of the original members who played on the recordings and who wrote the songs. Even Vinnie's friends know this isn't right. It's things like this that has done that have caused the backlash against Vinnie trying to start the band up again.

hey malleussatanicu, whats the matter, can't make up a band name that has supposedly played for us? Suddenly your silent after i asked you to be more specific about whatever band your supposedly in that played for us?? Looks like you went from posting everyday on here to not posting at all when asked for specifics on what your band is called...willie...

DIATRIBE guy: are you bringing in ANY kind of royalties or profits whatsoever off of diatribe? Do you have a copyright on the name? is vinnie's rendition of diatribe getting in the way of yours? Do you know how many bands called diatribe there are in this world?

If vinnie wants to make a tribute band to his old band with new members, who cares? I dont think he was fooling anyone when on the flyer for their show he CLEARLY stated that there was a new lineup and that the singer is the only original memeber. Did u know that there are 2 cro mags touring right now? Did you know that there is also two slaughter and the dogs? This comes from band members coming, going, and keeping the name going and forming their own bands. As s***ty as it is, it happens. Agree with it or not, were anarchists, you know against the mainstream corporate music world , against copyright laws and all that stuff...

I see your point of it being s***ty for you to have written the songs and others to be playing the music but in my opinion when you write songs for a band and everyone in the band performs them, the songs become property of the whole band and unless theyre makin a million bucks off of your music and yer gettin screwed over than let em do their thing, plus if it really did end up in court, how much money do u really think youre going to get out of vinnie or anyone else in the new rendition. I mean what youre really fighting for in the end is credit for writing the songs and I dont think vinnie or anyone else in the band is denying you that...

If I was you I would probably be more flattered than anything else that theres people out there who found the music that you wrote so good that they wanna continue it and bring it back for a whole new generation of punks to experience, thats pretty awesome in my opinion. Plus, it dosent really seem like you're doing much with the name anyways...

side note: I just did a search of bands called diatribe on the space and theres like 70 of them

SidroponiX : The thing is you don't just start playing shows without at least running it by the original members and asking them if it's cool with them. Even if the answer is no, you at least ask before you do anything. That is a a basic courtesy and to not do so is Vinnie just saying "f-you I don't care what you think." Well if you tell me to f-off, guess how I am going to react?

Then you don't sell the band's music to record labels without asking the people that wrote the songs and played on the recordings. We caught Vinnie doing it once and Sean and I both told him, don't do that again and don't do anything with the music we recorded unless you run it by us first. Then guess what? He sets up another f-ing record deal without telling us. You have to ask yourself, what the hell is wrong with this guy and who the hell does he think he is? When you have this kind of behavior by Vinnie what kind of reaction do you expect? We should thank him? He should be apologizing to us and then asking how we can work things out, not the other way around.

As for there being a lot of Diatribe's, there's only one Diatribe that is advertising themselves as the San Diego punk band and that is playing my songs. That's the difference between this Diatribe and the others.

The music was never tried to be sold to any label,it was put out for free by someone who loved the band and punk in general.You should be happy like all the punks around the world who really like Diatribe.

There you go again Julio.... Vinnie did run it by all three members and has every single e-mail you sent and Gary sent and Sean sent to prove it, including your rediculous 10 point letter/threat to not start the band back up. Don't you get tired of B.S.'ing people? He also has all the e-correspondence with Get Revenge saved and he never once asked them for money like you demanded from them. Get Revenge is the vocalist for Life Crisis' label and he is a friend to us and has let us know all the corporate BS you put him through. Give it up Julio and quit trying to post anonimously like your other people and then making up the facts as you go along. Your not fooling anyone.

Punkmar or should I say Minister of Disinformation: You had nothing to do with the original band so this is none of your business. Stop trying to piggyback onto something you had no involvement in creating.

Going over this 10 years later, I am appalled by my spelling errors on my comment..lol. We as Diatribe have had a fantastic 10 year run. We spoke face to face with Sean and Gary and got their blessings to continue and that meant the world to me. We have toured and played in the U.S. and Mexico. We've been on International compilation records, put out multiple singles, splits, and an Lp. Turns out Julius was lying about several things, but that is all water under the bridge at this point. We've really worked our asses off and have accomplished great things, while keeping the radical anarchist spirit of the band. [email protected] y anarquia desde San Diego a todos.

Punkmar77: It's really pretty sad you felt a need to chime in 10 year later continuing to make shit up and accusing people of lying as if you are the authority on something you literally no part in. If you weren't there you don't know what the truth is. You had nothing to do with the original band, and latched on the the notoriety of the band like leech 20+ years after the fact, essentially playing Diatribe cover songs. You should have just started your own band. You could have just as easily played Diatribe cover songs that way if you liked the music so much.

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