The Motor Head and the Stray Cat

"After a while, there's something comforting about Lemmy's single-octave range," a man was overheard saying after the Head Cat show.

It was a valid observation. Pairing the frontman of British heavy metal band Motörhead with rockabilly veterans Slim Jim Phantom of Stray Cats and Danny B. Harvey from the Rockats to play Eddie Cochran and Carl Perkins tunes might seem a questionable idea -- a novelty at best -- but, it works.

In addition to ’50s rock, the trio offered their gravel-voiced rockabilly interpretations of Cream's "Crossroads," the Beatles' "Bad Boy," and Muddy Waters's "Five Long Years." Phantom took over vocal duties on the Stray Cats hit "Rock This Town," and the audience, mostly Motörhead fans, were pleased when Lemmy returned to the mic -- especially the woman who scrambled onstage to kiss Lemmy's boot (see photo).

Of the three musicians, guitarist Danny Harvey seemed to be having the most fun, smiling and playing to the crowd and singing along even when he wasn't on the mic.

  • Concert: The Head Cat
  • Show date: February 18
  • Venue: Belly Up Tavern
  • Seats: general

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