Got It, LT?

Re “Super Bowl Edition” (“Sporting Box,” February 4).

I look forward to Patrick’s Super Bowl result column. Drew Brees not only has a Super Bowl ring now but is also the MVP. L.T., if you want a Super Bowl ring, you know what you have to do…it’s not too late.

  • Geoff Hill
  • via email

Scientists And Sailboats

Re “Global Warming Is Crap!” (Cover Story, January 28).

A record cold winter currently does not disprove global warming, nor does a single record hot summer verify it. We live in a scientific age. How many of us are really forming our opinions from science, from scientists?

The northwest passage is the sea route at the top of North America leading from one side to the other. Eight boats transited the northwest passage last year — a record. Not big ships — small yachts unable to punch through ice, mostly sailboats. That’s about eight more than the entire 20th Century. Let’s not let our political biases determine our viewpoints about a very large topic which should be approached in the spirit of scientific inquiry. Let’s look at actual data.

  • Mark Allen
  • Harborside

Sit Near The Sink

Naomi, you have a great column (Restaurant Reviews), and I read it every week. Are there any restaurants in SD that allow dinner parties to sit in or near the kitchen, similar to what they do in other large cities? Thank you.

  • Kenneth Selzer
  • via email

Ben Sally’s Restaurant (at the Harbor Village Marriott) has a chef’s table in the kitchen, and A.R. Valentien has a similar arrangement that includes a chef tasting dinner at a large “family” table. (I’ve heard raves about the latter.) — Naomi Wise

Shoehorn Missing

Well, what happened to “Shoehorn Technique”? That was a perplexing and wonderfully ironic cartoon, and I miss it very much. What did you do with it? Will it come back?

  • Name Withheld
  • via email

Ben Katchor discontinued “Shoehorn Technique” in 2009. — Editor

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I hope the pompous diva known as LT ends up playing out the rest of his career in Oakland or Denver. It would be VERY fitting.

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