Psycho Willie vs. the Pyrate Punx

Phone messages posted January 31 on YouTube are alleged to be recordings of promoter-performer Willie Carter Tuckerson, aka Willie Psycho, threatening rival promoter Captain Sid of the San Diego Pyrate Punx. A few excerpts:

“If you wanna come and get into some fucking gang shit, then come handle your business, homie.… There’s 20 motherfuckers that I know that just rolled up off of your spot, dude.… I can only control my fucking homies, dude, I can only control them for so long. They are fucking seriously ready to fucking start shit and, dude, this isn’t a game anymore.… You guys wanna bring it up and start some kind of gang shoot, dude, you guys can deal with the homies.”

Contacted the next day, Sid said, “I’m actually headed up to Escondido right now to file a police report [about Psycho’s threats]. I would love for you to do a story on us about this, but I don’t want to throw myself under the bus on this. I just don’t wanna expose what we do too much, ’cause we do a lot of shows in illegal places and don’t want too much attention.”

Willie Psycho provided the Reader with his account of what led to the phone messages, which he admits leaving. “Sid from SDPP and myself have hated each other for years. The dude used to do security at the gutter shows I used to book. I fired him.… Ever since then, the dude has been spreading rumors, acting like a fucking baby, trying to be the king of the punk scene.”

As reported in the Reader in 2006, several shows presented by Psycho with Pyrate Punx resulted in destruction and police intervention at venues such as the Heartland Masonic Lodge (El Cajon) and Brengle Terrace Park (Vista). Psycho alleges that Sid, in an attempt to stop him from promoting competitive punk shows, was the first to issue threats.

“My wife, who has terminal cancer, has received over 20 threats from Sid,” according to Psycho. “He also posted our business number on craigslist in the hooker section, advertising my wife as a prostitute, [and he left] 73 messages on our business line.… You threaten my wife or my kid, you better be ready to lay your fucking life down.”

Both Psycho and Sid have filed police reports alleging threats from the other. At this writing, only Sid has posted related phone messages online.

San Diego Pyrate Punx will hold a free Monday-night concert at the Radio Room on February 22.

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Sounds a little fishy to me, These two a holes conspired together to pull a fast one on The Reader and everyone else just to get press to promote both of their shows. I have the proof, I have pics of these two at the bar drinking together.

Neither combatant contacted the Reader – we came across the allegations online and contacted them both (and others) for followup.

Actually We played a few of Willie's shows, The guy always treats us great, He put us on with national acts, We always got paid, not a lot, but we got something.

You are correct he cares nothing about the gutter punk scene, Which is why he and the promoters worth anything refuse to book it as well. (To much drama and b.s.)

Which is probably why his shows are so much better now, You sound like you probably didnt get what you wanted,or couldnt get booked. Did he kick you out? Yeah he is known for that.

Hey Nacho, or Sidccho, Do you need a tampax? What are you talking about? What headliner? What P.A. My headliners always show up. Prove me wrong:) Give me one example of one thing you have said instead of blabbering on like a little girl.

Are you one of those little band groupies or are you actually a musician at all? The only thing I have left to say is HAHAHAHHAHA

stay PSYCHO!!!!

Willie you are an arrogant, conceited, a**hole, But you are a hell of a businessman. You keep my dumbass band working and touring, Well stick with you.


I think Sid & Willie should just meet by the bike racks after school and settle it like real men, one on one, instead of hiding behind a computer screen. i'd pay 5 bucks to see THAT show!

actually i am a musician that didn't require your services. i do not work with amatuers. and all one has to do is look up past blurts to see your track record. but hey, keep reaching for that punk rock pie in the sky! and by the way, we've been on tour supporting a national act and have played clubs that won't even return willies calls. and we've played house of blues too, without any help from willie. you deal with amatuers, you get treated like an amatuer. that is why we deal with pros. i wonder what will be the next willie article? stay tuned folks! and remember...IT"S NOT HIS FAULT! heh heh heh

Gee Dogg Pound Affiliates,Ice T,Warrant, Lcb amateur etc? Hmm They were real happy when I paid em, So was the club:) So Was i when I got paid:) I know who Nacho is, Just like you know who I am. Where have you been? I dont even book punk rock anymore rarely even play it. At least not in the last 3 years.(Im actually playing real music as are the bands we bok)

Im not a pimp I dont book whores anyway. For the record I dont call clubs, They call me. House of Blues, Is that your claim to fame? I played there a bunch of times,(Unlike you I didnt have to sell a million tickets and whore myself)

And neither do the majority of the bands we book. They get paid, Might not be a lot but they arent having to sell tickets,(Not anymore) We developed a roster of first class bands that you cant even compete with.

They get paid because they draw.:) Why dont you post your band name? Or are you ashamed? hahahahahaha

Punk rock sky? I dont think so ,They dont get paid.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, You wont believe whats coming up next.

Its quite flattering that all anybody can do is talk about me, I rather like it!!!:)

Keep in touch stay PSYCHO!!!!

If this is Todd, Ok Ok I gotta give you props:)

TTYL hahahhaha

Thats old hat Sidropunk rock guy. The only person that cares is you.

Sid didnt Willie beat your ass once at Visions in Esco when you worked there? I was there, hahaha You got tore up, lol

No, willie, I did not have any physical altercations at vishions smoke shop in esco when I worked there. I believe you came in to buy a crack pipe when I wasnt there but you should already know that, you "were there".

willie, why do you post under fake names? Its really weird...

why would you even claim that you have pics of us "at the bar drinking together"? That has literally never even happened.

People who brag about how much money they make off of shows seem very insecure about something. Maybe the fact that you don't do ANY shows whatsoever.

Actually Sid, I rarely post on here, and when I do, Its under my real name. I Don't post under fake names. Why would I? Also, I dont know Jessie very well. I only know him from his thrash band. I never told Jessie that you got your ass beat. You did run like a coward and hid in the back. I was suprised that you were that agile considering your weight. You are always making remarks about me and drugs, thats funny, I dont even do drugs, The best job you can get is at a smoke shop selling crack pipes? hmmm!

Didnt you learn from Whitney? "(CRACK IS WHACK)"

And about a picture, If there are pics of us at a bar drinking Id like to see them. Probably from bucu years ago. Before I grew hair and you grew balls.

Contrary to your statement, we have shows every week in San Diego and all over the southwest, We're still booking away and never stopped, No matter what stunt you keep trying to pull, we will always do it bigger and better than you ever will.

The only shows that I dont book, or play are gutter shows which is all you ever see, Sorry, I like to get paid! You sure do brag about the money YOU DONT make:)--- Or, is that YOU CANT make?

If you are going to badmouth me, at least be able to backup what you say and dont be such a coward, At least be accurate in what you say.

You still and will always have a yellow stripe down your back. You were a coward when you worked for me, After I fired you you are still a coward!!!! Mr Tough punk rock Captain Sid is a "COWARD" LOL

Even your so-called "friends" think so.

If you are not a coward, prove me wrong, instead of hiding behind your keyboard.

well, seeing as to how you are posting under two different names on here to try and save face for whatever reason AND lying about it, i dont think your case is being helped much at all...Funny how "willie" steps in to explain for "jessie" why its not willie posting the second i call willie out on posting under two different names and pretending to be someone else. Youre a fking weird ass dude man...anyone who is reading this nonsense can clearly see that you are posting under two different names here and that youre a crazy ahole, but... keep makin that non existent money on you non existent shows that dont happen, and keep lying about it, youre a real awesome dude...

Honestly, I could care less if you call me a're posting under 2 different names on the reader comment board...pretty cool dude. Smoke a couple more rocks, man.

Lol ok Sid, My last post pretty much stands, You are a coward, With a big yellow stripe down your back. I am very flattered that you spend so much time on what were doing WOW. My plays are way up:)

You blame everyone else for you being a complete failure. How does it feel being a coward? haahhhaha Some of your friends think so, Ill forward you the emails lol.

Prove me wrong?

why don't you sign on as your other name again?

never did pay to play. ever. not in hollywood. not in norcal. not anywhere. including san diego. and no, we didn't have to whore ourselves to play house of blues. obviously that's something you know alot about. keep trying to sell your tickets to your crappy shows! gotta get " paid ", right? i think i'll go see deadbolt at ken's place. or bub's for a P4NP show. enjoy some quality shows. didn't you get run out of o'side ? didn't you get run out of poway? didn't you...well, you get the picture.

Now's as good a time as any to say "sorry I brought it up" ----

you want to see san diegos newest punk band? see NEWS FROM THE FRONT at the Shakedown jan 13 2011 @830pm

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