Life, Guarded

On Saturday afternoon, February 13, lifeguards responded to a call of a man in need of assistance after his kayak capsized in the ocean near Redondo Court. Bicyclists, skateboarders, pedestrians, and runners froze to witness the attempted rescue.

According to one of the students from a local surf school, their lesson was cut short when they were ordered out of the water to clear the way for lifeguards. She said that she saw a guy in a kayak overturn where the waves were breaking and then saw only the kayak floating.

Soon after, one of the surf instructors made his way out to help. The sound of sirens on the beach pierced the light breeze, and nearby lifeguards rushed to the scene. At this point, neither the kayaker nor his vessel was visible from the beach. As an onlooker questioned, "How did they get here so fast?" three lifeguards rushed into the water.

Within a few minutes, lifeguard Mike Manley emerged from the water, dragging the boat to shore. When asked about its occupant, he pointed to the surf and said, "See those two little heads out there? That's one of us bringing the guy in now. Strong rip currents made it tough after he capsized, but he was wearing a life jacket."

Soon afterward, two lifeguards came out of the water, the rescued man walking right beside them. Upon seeing this, the sound of applause erupted from those on the beach. After his close call, the survivor embraced friends and thanked the lifeguards before heading over to his boat.

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