Key Freak Caught

Early Wednesday morning on February 10, a man was seen rummaging through a white Mercedes Benz parked on the corner of Tenth and Island avenues in the East Village. He had allegedly broken into the car and immediately fled on foot after being confronted by two men. A chase then ensued and a plainclothes police officer driving near the scene decided to join the pursuit.

According to witnesses, the police officer drove ahead of the suspect, exited his vehicle, and tackled the man. Residents from the area likened the chase to something out of a movie. The suspect was described by bystanders as a chubby adult male with red hair and a scraggly red goatee.

A building engineer from the M2i condominium (one of the men who confronted the perpetrator) said that a huge keyring was found in the suspect’s possession. On the key-ring were “hundreds” of keys and security fobs believed to access nearby condos. It was also discovered that the suspect had a lengthy criminal history and is out on parole. The man is suspected of being involved in at least six car break-ins that have occurred in the area during the past two weeks.

Upon hearing news of the man’s arrest, several residents were ecstatic but remained puzzled at the idea of how he could get access to so many condominium keys and security fobs.

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Pete, you're like a living, 3D/24-7 documentary, aren't ya?


Ya learn something new (but not necessarily legal) every day.


LOL! Exactly. When I sit down to the computer, like I did five minutes ago, I sit down with the intent to check out X number of websites. My usual haunts. I have about 7 of them. Because I share this computer with 3 other people, I'm sitting down with the intent to be on here about 30 minutes. If nobody wants or needs the computer, I'm actualy on it for about 3 hours unless I need to do something else. Something might pique my interest(like bump keys) and I'll spend as long as it takes to gain basic knowledge about it.

I literally have the entire globe at my fingertips.

"I literally have the entire globe at my fingertips."

As do we all. That's why I'm continually amazed at people who use the internet for nothing but bullsh*t. They'll sit and ask some stupid question on a message board, and I'm thinking, "YOU'RE ON THE FREAKING INTERNET RIGHT NOW, MORON! LOOK. IT. UP."


I was thinking you had probably learned about the bump keys during your previous "education," however.


To be honest, I just learned about them three days ago. There was a story on CBS 8.com about a guy who invented a way to prevent burglars from gaining access to places that use the bar-handle style door handles with a wire and while looking at the link to this inventor's website, I learned about bump keys.

I would've made one hell of a cat burglar but ripping off innocent citizens ism't my cup of meat. I don't steal just to steal. When I rip you off, you must ask yourself one question, "Did he find out I ripped him off first?"

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