Bullet for a Brother

In a contretemps that the TJ newspaper La Segunda referred to as a confuso incidente, a patrol team of the city police shot a member of the state investigative police after he failed to pull his vehicle over at their behest on Sunday night, February 7.

The officer, with the sex crimes unit, remains gravely wounded (though stable) after being hit in the back by at least one shot, fired at him during a high-speed chase along Bulevar Federico Benítez.

The soon-to-be-wounded officer was driving a Ford 150 pickup when he reportedly was signaled to stop by city police. The state police reportedly throttled the pickup and took off at a rapid pace with the city cops in pursuit. When the city cops gained ground on the pickup, they opened fire, wounding the state official.

An investigation is under way to determine why the incident occurred between the two police organizations and if excessive force was used by Tijuana cops.

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This was not a traffic stop gone bad. "Patrol" isn't looking for vehicle code violations. Mr. State Officer was up to something, and whatever it was, the City cops didn't like it. Smells like dirty cops chasing another dirty cop.

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