Winter Swim and a Twist

On Saturday, January 30, as I walked to my worn-out Toyota pickup in the parking lot at the Ocean Beach Pier, I heard screaming, yelling, and swearing coming from the direction of the seawall. A man had taken his clothes off and gone swimming by the pier. People yelled at him to put his clothes on. He ignored them.

Lifeguards were waiting for the man when he waddled ashore. Words were exchanged, and soon there was a brawl taking place. Somebody threw a can at lifeguards and yelled profanities at them. Lifeguards called for San Diego police backup, due to the crowd that had gathered and the conduct of a few. Lifeguards assisted San Diego police in taking the man into custody.

At one point, four police officers and two lifeguards were struggling to subdue the man, who wore only large, loosely fitting green boxers. Multiple officers were assisting or doing crowd control. Tasers were used at least twice with no effect.

The move that took the offender down was implemented by a female police officer. She grabbed the man's testicles from behind with two hands and twisted hard. The man went to the asphalt and got several bumps and bruises.

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What's wrong with swimming in yer skivies? Has this town finally lost it's marbles? O_o

Mr. Grant,

If your going to report a story, you should tell all the facts and observations, instead of sensationalizing it with just one of the many photographs you took that day. As I was walking back to my beat-up Chevy pickup (same time as you were) this is what I saw:

The young man in question was fighting with 3 life guards and several SDPD officers. Also, there were two other men arrested who were actively interfering with the police and lifeguards.

The "naked swimmer", as dubbed by one local TV news outlet, was also not some fun-loving nudist or college kid doing it on a dare, he was obviously violent, and on drugs/alcohol.

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