Teen Dream

The third album from Baltimore duo Beach House should be renamed Instant Dream, as track one, "Zebra," doesn't waste time in putting you into a hypnotic state. Victoria Legrand's tough but gentle voice is backed up by an electronic kick-drum beat, light tapping on the high hat, Alex Scally's simple guitar lines, and Legrand's droned out keys. Legrand's vocal on the chorus is compelling and draws the listener deeper into their trance work.

By track three, "Norway," the beat intensifies and consciousness nears. The basic kick-beat found on the first two songs changes and is magnified by the dull banging on a floor tom. Scally's guitar riff is busier, complex. Legrand's voice turns mean and raspy but elegantly so.

"Walk in the Park" takes the catatonic listener to the carnival. The pouncing on the keyboards and the electronic beat from the drum machine reminds me of the feeling you get exiting a high-speed carnival ride. "In a matter of time, it would fit in my mind," sings Legrand in the chorus.

Throughout Teen Dream, Legrand's voice mesmerizes. The music plays second fiddle to the vocals on all tracks except maybe "Lover of Mine," yet even then, Legrand's voice shines.

  • Album title: Teen Dream (2010)
  • Artist: Beach House
  • Label: Sub Pop Records
  • Songs: Zebra, Silver Soul, Norway, Walk In The Park, Used To Be, Lover of Mine, Better Times, Ten Mile Stereo, Real Love, Take Care

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