Alisa McVay and husband Tim Lehr left home in a hurry last week after SDG&E arborist Michael Daleo informed the couple that they were "in imminent danger" and needed to leave immediately.

SDG&E, according to area residents, has been trimming trees on only one side for years, leaving the other side to grow.

"I kept asking them to trim the other side," said McVay. "The tree was so big and heavy on one side. They said no.... The tree was leaning against the house, and we were told to not go back inside."

The tree, according to McVay, was leaning against the power lines, putting an "obvious strain" on the lines.

"It looked like the pole was going to get pulled down too," said McVay. "I called SDG&E and told them they needed to turn off the power or cut the lines. If the tree fell, it could cause fire hazards all over the place."

SDG&E sent an electrician out to check on McVay's warning. It was determined on Sunday morning, February 7, that the tree was jeopardizing the power lines along Fernbrook Drive, a side street off of Mussey Grade Road on Ramona's west end.

McVay said as the electrician from SDG&E cut the lines, the tree came down. ("The power lines were all that was holding it up.") The family is in temporary housing at The Riviera Oakes Resort in the San Diego Country Estates.

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