Compound Stalker

Have you read about a stalker lately? I have (“Mysterious Danish Group Builds Exotic Compound on Baja Coast,” Cover Story, February 4). Mr. Waterman is by definition a stalker. Come on! Attempting to bribe a Mexican with beer to gain entrance to private property? Feeling suspicious when a Mexican doesn’t accept an offer of beer while working? What an unbelievable story of intrusion and bigotry. Mr. Waterman is exactly the kind of person that you don’t want for a neighbor and is exactly the type of person I hate to see in Baja. Mr. Waterman, if you have nothing better to do, stay home. Do us all a favor and stop publishing this trash.

  • Paul Findly
  • via email

Critical List

Mr. Bauder continues to present reasons why it is not reasonable for the City of San Diego to subsidize the Chargers with a new stadium, all the while elected officials and civic leaders persist in promoting the concept (“Football First, Water Last,” “City Lights,” February 4). In my opinion, Mayor Sanders is acting in an irresponsible manner with this. But water supply, as raised by Mr. Bauder, is only the top of the list of critical issues facing our city and region.

Here is my list of significant problems that deserve much higher priority than new stadiums or enlarged convention facilities.

  1. fresh water supply
  2. adequate sewage treatment
  3. aging infrastructure for water and sewer lines
  4. solid waste disposal
  5. local street and road repair

Pro football may be covered on the sports page, but it is a business. As a taxpayer, I resent supporting such a private, profitable enterprise, particularly when so many of our public facilities are deteriorating so badly.

  • Tim
  • via email

Chargers Win 174-114

Don Bauder’s “Football First, Water Last” article (“City Lights,” February 4) should be etched in stone and placed in front of City Hall. He hit it on the button. Mayor Sanders’ 174 words about a stadium for the Chargers compared to his 114 words about water shortages (state of the city speech) is the epitome of San Diego politics.

In my opinion, the mayor’s priorities are blurred by pressure from developers who care nothing about the long-term health of our region. This scenario is similar to the investment bankers who nearly brought down the U.S. economy. They also only cared about short-term benefits.

As stated in Don’s article, it’s the job of the mayor and councilmembers to maintain the city’s infrastructure, not to tell us what football team to support. If private citizens decide to send money to the Chargers, that is fine with me; however, I have no intention of sending money to professional athletes and their owners who earn millions of dollars.

It’s also my understanding that the City of San Diego is currently losing money on the stadium. I wonder how much money they would lose on a new stadium?

This is coming from a guy who thoroughly enjoys watching football. The Chargers have been an exciting team this year, and I have watched several of their games. I would continue to watch their games if they moved to the City of Industry. We could all continue to watch their games. For those who enjoy tailgate parties, I have a suggestion. Tear down the stadium. Sell part of the property to developers, and use the proceeds to develop a park and a drive-in theater. Charger games can be shown at the drive-in theater on Sundays, and people could participate in tailgating. The drive-in theater can also be used for swap meets and a parking lot at other times. I believe that this scenario will generate income for the City, as opposed to losing money as we do now.

I suggest that everyone read Don’s article in the February 4 edition of the Reader.

  • Ronald Harris
  • via email

At Last

Re “Global Warming Is Crap!” (Cover Story, January 28).

Finally, content in the Reader that I give a crap about.

  • Katie Denton
  • via email

Afraid Of Pundits

Re “Global Warming Is Crap!” (Cover Story, January 28).

The article’s opening discussion gave me great concern that man causing global warming does exist and it will only worsen if left unchecked. I have often been fearful of the possible consequences after being influenced by pundits who promote this theory.

Once I read the article’s latter section presenting the cognition of Steve Wampler, and reinforced by Jeff the lawyer’s aphorism (Jeff whose last name was apparently left anonymous) that global warming does not exist, I became inspired to accentuate the positive. To exemplify, I am on a fixed retirement income. Following their advice, euphemistically speaking, I will no longer have to include intestinal release control products such as Lactaid and Beano in my budget.

For a while I lived in shame, believing I was contributing to global warming. Thanks, fellas, for putting this subject in proper perspective and indirectly assisting me in curtailing unnecessary expenses.

Any unbelieving activists out there negating the fact that red meat causes high cholesterol? If so, it would encourage me to audition for the reality Food Channel show for competing barbecue warriors and strive for my claim to fame but not shame.

  • Dennis R. Gafter
  • Little Italy


Two photo credits were missing in “SD on the Q.T.” on January 28. Kelly Davis took the photo of David Rolland, and Byron Beck took the photo of James Holman.

Their Comfort, Their Guide

I enjoyed reading Adam Case’s article “I Seek Knowledge of the Real World” (Cover Story, January 21). Its lucid, candid quality reminded me of Generation X by Douglas Coupland. When Adam recounts driving by Santana High, pondering the student responsible for the shooting that sadly occurred there, it reminded me of an excerpt of a book that I read by a local author entitled Mom’s on Vacation. Adam’s perception that many children “are just steps away from juvie or the ward” is reflected in a dream retold by the author relating that same truth.

I hope that Adam’s time spent with these adolescents proves helpful to them. Perhaps he will be their comfort and their guide. God bless him and all the families that suffer the silence and concurrent noise of mental illness.

  • J.R. Marino
  • Encinitas

Crush Completes Me

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Boy, was I ever missing the “Crush” column (January 21), but it’s back! My world is complete.

  • Tracy Wallace
  • via email

“Crush” appears once a month — Editor

A Christmas Tree! A Dove!

Regarding the “stringer” story titled “Suspicious Sky Light” (January 21) by Julie Methot, who wrote of her unusual experience. Tuesday, January 19, shortly after nightfall I was looking out my kitchen window toward the clear sky. The stars were shining, and a small aircraft seemed to be headed for Montgomery Field (to the southeast). Toward the northeast was a very bright white light, higher than the aircraft but not as high in the sky as the stars. It was not moving and stayed for a while.

Took a pair of opera glasses outside, started to adjust the closeness, first a vertical green line appeared, more adjustment, and to my amazement a green Christmas tree with some red around the top left. Next used a pair of binoculars, and there was a white dove of peace.

Waited about an hour and, using the binoculars again, the green Christmas tree was back. Using the different power it went from the green line to the tree and with all the power way up saw a white ball with white lines of lights going through it.

I could not think of anyone I knew with a telescope, and I was really feeling silly about this. But I went out about 9:00 p.m., and the light had moved to over my roof just like the moon or sun would move.

  • G.M. Thomas
  • North Clairemont

Ms. Thing

Re “I Never Thought I’d Become a Welfare Queen” (Cover Story, January 7).

This lady made me so mad with her judgmental opinion about everyone and everything. Who gives a rip what her education is when she has no manners or when, apparently, the rest of the people who are there haven’t had the opportunity for the education. Ms. Queen seems to be making the most of letting her degree define her. It is not the area where she can get a good job, but it has only been a year. She is one of those people. What a jerk.

  • Name Withheld
  • Via email

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