The Animatrix, Titanic, Castle in the Sky

Alethia Espinal
10th grader, Waldorf School of San Diego

The Animatrix is a movie with several short animations, each by a different artist. The animations are based on The Matrix universe from a “back story” point of view. I think it’s brilliant to have ten different artists animating short-yet-captivating stories that broaden the Matrix universe in a creative and original way. The Matrix would be incomplete without any of the ten. My personal favorite is the animation “Beyond,” by Koji Morimoto. Yoko, a character from the animation, took me to my own secret runaway world through incredible scenes and the magic of anything being possible in an artistic and poetic way. The loss of Yoko’s world to the authorities is something that the little girl inside me knows as a painful process of growing up. I highly recommend this movie to any Matrix/anime fan or just anyone who wants to escape from reality.

The Animatrix
(USA) 2003, Warner Brothers
List price: $14.98

Molly Rhiannon Stone
10th grader, Waldorf H.S.

I’m the biggest fan of the blockbuster movies Titanic and Pearl Harbor. These films feature great love stories and historical moments that keep you deeply involved. James Cameron, the director of Titanic, did a wonderful job. The scenery and the acting were spectacular. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet play the lovers. Not only was the movie amazing, but also the music was great. The music, composed by James Horner, was filled with heartfelt emotion.

Michael Bay did a perfect job directing Pearl Harbor. Like Titanic, the scenery and acting were amazing. Pearl Harbor starred Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, and Kate Beckinsale as three lovers during the time of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Hans Zimmer did a spectacular job composing the score!

(USA) 1997, Paramount
List price: $14.98

Pearl Harbor
(USA) 2001, Touchstone/Disney
List price: $19.99

Maki Suzuki
10th grader, Waldorf H.S.

Imagine one of the oldest stories in your village is about a majestic castle in the sky hidden among the clouds and protected by lightning. That’s what I believed ever since I saw Castle in the Sky at age three. The film made me want to be adventurous. Another amazing part of this film is the music. The theme is sad but hopeful. Even though it’s simple, it still makes my heart squeeze.

When I first saw Princess Mononoke, I was so worn out with excitement and wonder about the forest gods that ruled over nature that I couldn’t sleep. As I noticed the world around me more, I started to view this film differently. The theme music is very heartwarming and deep; it brings you to a state of peace. Most of all Miyazaki’s films have some deep occult secrets that are powerful to me and will forever capture my heart.

Castle in the Sky
(Japan) 1986, Disney
List price: $29.99

Princess Mononoke
(Japan) 1997, Disney
List price: $22.99

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