More Than a Catfight

On February 6, two women were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and battery at the Jumping Turtle Bar and Grill in San Marcos.

According to a sheriff's department press release, deputies responded to a call from a security guard at the restaurant who said "a large fight" had broken out, involving at least 20 people. He also reported that a large knife had been pulled on him. A second caller — with sounds of a raging crowd going on in the background — instructed the dispatcher to "send as many cops as possible."

Every available deputy in the city (a total of 15) plus the fire department was dispatched to the scene. The first deputies to arrive found a stabbing victim lying on the steps. He said that he had walked into the middle of a fight upon leaving the men's restroom and wouldn't identify his attackers if he could have.

A female security guard, who had been hired to protect the featured rap artist, received a facial injury after being struck with a bottle. She identified the women who assaulted her, but witnesses refused to come forward to support her claim. One patron, however, did say that a gang name had been shouted during the brawl.

A third victim told authorities that the fight started while she was in the women's restroom with the security guard and the rap artist. According to her, patrons became angry because they could not enter the room. When the door finally opened, the victim was struck and kicked several times, then pushed outside where several other people continued to attack her.

A fourth victim was questioned by deputies at Palomar Medical Center. He received multiple stab wounds to his abdomen and arms when he tried to break up the fight. He didn't realize he had been injured until he got outside.

Irene Cardenas, 32, of Escondido, was booked into Vista Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Her bail was set at $30,000. Valerie Valadez, 32, also of Escondido, was cited for battery and released.

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