Metal on Metal

Anvil frontman Steve "Lips" Kudlow addressed the audience early in the set: "I just want to thank each and every one of you for being here and making our dreams come true." With a kind crowd response, the Canadian trio launched into the title track from their album This Is Thirteen. The track's plodding riff and slamming drums instigated the mass hoisting of index and pinky fingers high above heads in the universal symbol for "Metal!" As the waves of the last cymbal crash washed over us, the crowd roared approval. The three men onstage looked overjoyed if a bit shocked at the response. It was a rock and roll moment. Kudlow took the time to introduce "the group's newest member, after 14 years, Glenn 5 on bass." The energetic "Bombs Away" followed.

Later in the set, Kudlow fiddled with tuning his guitar, saying, "I hate loose g strings" and lifted his eyebrows to alert the audience of the intended double-entendre.

Kudlow told the story of he and drummer Robb Reiner going to see Black Sabbath in 1977 and that this band Van Halen opened up. "You know, before Rob and I even had the band, we were just kids who listened to Black Sabbath. Well, we're still kids who listen to Black Sabbath. This one was inspired by them. This is called 'Thumb Hang.'" It was a labored effort that lacked Sabbath's swing and the show was getting hung up as well. To the rescue came Reiner, the group's rock, with a solo that included each of his eight drums and as many cymbals. Sticks twirling, Reiner kicked out the jams, his bass drums creating shock waves that made my sleeves ripple.

The band played "Mad Dog," "Forged in Fire," and their standard "Metal on Metal" before bidding San Diego goodnight. The crowd called Anvil back, and Lips promised to shake each and every one of our hands after the show. They encored with "Jack Hammer."

  • Concert: Anvil
  • Date: February 3
  • Venue: House of Blues
  • Seats: general

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Hey Metal Heads,

House of Blues SD has all your favorites coming up...Kreator 3/24, Hammerfall 3/28, Fear Factory 4/11, VNV 4/14, Overkill 4/21 and Mastadon 5/5! Dont miss the chance to rock.

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