Lions in Fancy Shoes

“We haven’t played locally for over six months,” says Kristofer Towne, singer-guitarist for a Scribe Amidst the Lions. “We’ve been busy working on the first in a concept trilogy of releases.” The Last Sting Trilogy will unfold over three maxi-singles, planned for release over a nine-month period and available on vinyl and in digital formats. “We’ve decided to take a full-length album and break it up into three different parts. Each chapter comes with some bonus songs and lots of music. We want to bring back the golden era of records and B-sides.”

The concept behind Trilogy involves politics. “ ‘Money and the Mouth’ is the first chapter,” says Towne, “followed six months later with ‘Land and the Law,’ and three months after that, ‘Climax and Conflict.’ Lyrically and conceptually, we’re talking about the evolution of the American Dream — the massive impact that this country has globally helped shape the modern world we live in, for better or worse.… After WWII, this country was a leader to the world, and to be a leader again we need to act by example and with honor.

“As a band and individually, we’re a little antiestablishment, very anti–Big Brother, completely anti-oppression, and most definitely antiwar. This entire project is dedicated to a unified ideal or vision that delves into those feelings.”

A Scribe Amidst the Lions will debut The Last Sting Trilogy at the Casbah on Saturday, February 6, topping a bill that includes the Burning of Rome and Astra, with River City in the Atari Lounge. “People can expect to see a new band member, never-before-heard songs, special guest musicians — strings, maybe some brass — and probably some fancy shoes, too. Yeah, definitely some fancy shoes.”

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This band rocks!!!! They're my favorite. Go see them live. You won't be sorry 'cause they'll inspire you!!!

Does anybody listen to music in San Diego anymore? This band is crap-tastic and god-awful. Saw them at The Radio Room. Horrible. The Reader should spend time writing about music that people can listen to..that is the idea isn't it?

That's strange and funny because this horrible, crap-tastic band just sold out the Casbah last night.

Jajaja! Great stuff... but you can't please 'em all!

Yeah you're right, it just could have been worded a little bit more tactfully. But oh well..you have to respect each person has a right to their own opinion.

to Sofie: Of course people listen to music in San Diego, hence why bands still go out and work harder than most of us realize. If you didn't like this band from hearing them once that's fine, it's your option to rip on them if you choose. But I can't even begin to tell you how flawed you are for saying that a scribe amidst the lions is a band that people can't listen to because I listen to them A LOT and so do others and I guarantee you that we are all people.

to Scribe: The show at the Casbah rocked my socks off. Everything about it was amazing. Thank you so much for continuing to do what you love and I wish you all the best in the world. MUCH LOVE

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