Record-Release Roundup

Tom DeLonge's Angels and Airwaves due to drop some concept rock.
  • Tom DeLonge's Angels and Airwaves due to drop some concept rock.

On December 29, In Motion Trio — temporarily a quintet renamed In Motion Trio+2 — had a release party at Lestat’s for their album The Barefoot Race. Also new this week is Someday, a solo album by Tony Ortiz, former singer for local ’80s one-hit wonders the Monroes (“What Do All the People Know”).

On Friday, January 14, Rat City Riot’s release party for Better Than Nothing happens at the Ken Club. “Anyone who’s been to a show with us,” says Noah Bricker, “knows they can expect broken glass, smashed tables, blood, and lots of spilled beer.” The album — featuring Fugazi cover “Waiting Room” — will be released by Riot Gear Records in the U.S. and on Germany’s I Hate People Records in Europe. “If any Hasselhoff fans are at the Ken Club, we might dish out one of his tunes we recorded just for zee German edition.”

“Fade to Blue,” the first single from Tornado Magnet’s Bob’s Your Uncle, drops January 18. “We’ve been holed up for the last year and a half, writing and tracking at the Village studio in La Mesa,” says singer-bassist Phil Bensimon, who describes the song as “a walk on the dark side of loss, in the bowels of depression hell.”

January 22, former Bauhaus and Love and Rockets collaborator David J hosts a record-release event for his album Not Long for This World at Bar Pink. The North County resident released advance single “Tidal Wave of Blood” on Christmas eve.

The reunited Cardiac Kidz have two new records, Meet with Me/Live at Lestat’s West and Get Out/Rarities 1979 to 1981, on local Blindspot Records. Also reunited are late-’90s hellbillys Psychosally, soon to release their Demented Angels album.

And, lest you think the blink-182 reunion put the kibosh on the trio’s other projects, Tom DeLonge’s bombastic Angels and Airwaves are taking aim at Valentine’s Day, to release Love: Part II. The record will coincide with a sci-fi movie titled Love, which is reportedly the story of an astronaut stranded on a space station.

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