Ducheny Closes Senate Officeholder Account

Former Democratic state senator Denise Ducheny, who’s already drawn heat for her appointment by the Senate Rules Committee to a four-year term on the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board — a job that pays $128,109 annually — has closed the books on her senate officeholder account. The fund allowed her to collect money from a variety of corporations with interests before the legislature and use it for official trips, meetings, dinners, campaign consultants, and the like. In Ducheny’s case, the fund paid her husband Al’s campaign-consulting firm, the Southern Group, a regular four-figure stipend, which during the last half of this year totaled $20,540.

In her last year as senator, Ducheny collected a total of $46,324 for the account, $26,525 of that during the final six months. The cash came from an assortment of special interests, including the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians ($3000); Hilex Poly Co., LLC ($2500); Sprint ($1000); and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club ($1000).

Eating expenditures included $220.19 at Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Sacramento; $83.68 at La Bella Pizza in Chula Vista; $132 at Original Pete’s Pizza in Sacramento; and $475.22 at Aioli Bodega Española, also in the capital. Travel expenses included a September 28 trip to Hermosillo, Mexico, for a “Border Legislators Conference” and a September 2 trip to La Paz, Mexico, for an Institute of the Californias meeting. Both were made on Volaris airlines out of Tijuana and cost the fund a total of $1094.14. In La Paz, $351.17 was spent at the Hotel Marina on September 8.

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This politician's eating expenditure tab paints the picture of living LARGE. Hopefully, the one item for $475 was not for only one meal, although it does seem to have been pork by any measure.

While I was a 1990s student rep in Sacramento, my City College student government travel and conference budget committee limited me to roughly $10 per meal. If I was still hungry, then that came out of my pocket, not out of student government. Denise Ducheney can speak to her own expenses as to when she was on the SDCCD board of trustees back then... but I bet old habits are just that with her.

I wonder how much of the tab in those restaurants were for Al and Denise's booze.

When she was first running for the college board, they came over to my place in Clairemont to be introduced to fellow student government members.

A few years later, after I lost my run for her seat on the board, and Denise had taken an Assembly seat, I was at a Christmas party downtown and Al actually put me in a headlock over a political disagreement.

Don't get me wrong, I like and admire both of them on a personal level, and like to have a drink myself...but I don't consider either of them ethical or moral people, just self-dealing opportunists who feign concern for the plight of their fellow Californians while actually advancing mostly themselves.

Now she's got another plum job, Al continues to do his weird thing, and nothing has changed at all for the poor and downtrodden they once claimed to represent.

Using an office holder's account to support your husband's political consulting business...I guess that's just how things are done in San Diego.

a job that pays $128,109 annually —

And which meets once a month for less than a few hours.

Maybe we could get a2z to figure out who is making the most money per minute and then post the list of these PORK Wieners for all to see!

Example:Denise Ducheny +$128109 / (12 months x 120 minutes) = $88.96 per minute!

No wonder these folks like to have power lunches & Dinners. --> That way they don't have to pay for their own meals.

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