Allied Waste Takes Steps to Acquire Miramar Landfill

On October 29, Democrat Toni Atkins, who won her race for California State Assembly, received a $2000 contribution from Arizona-based Republic Services, parent of Allied Waste, which is interested in taking over the City-run Miramar Landfill, a move opposed by the Sierra Club and other environmentalists. Meanwhile, La Jolla attorney Patrick C. Shea has registered with the City as an Allied lobbyist regarding the fate of Miramar, which may be sold to help ease the City’s financial crisis. A former mayoral candidate, Shea once urged bankruptcy to cope with the City’s money woes…The San Diego Police Officers Association PAC dipped deeply into savings in support of two failed campaigns in November. Though the PAC raised just $11,835 from the beginning of 2010 through September 30, the group spent a total of $139,677, $92,539 of which consisted of “funds from the investment account” of the association itself, according to a state disclosure filing. During that period, $51,875 was spent on a campaign for Prop D, the half-cent sales-tax increase soundly rejected at the polls, and $6452 went to support Democrat Howard Wayne’s losing bid for city council against Republican Lorie Zapf. As part of its efforts on behalf of the two campaigns, the association paid Tom Shepard’s Public Policy Strategies $27,134. Shepard is a longtime political advisor to San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders, who backed Prop D.

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Although she is not Councilmember, I hope Lorie Zapf continues to support neighborhoods over BOTH Big Unions and greedy businesses by doing what is right for SD, not just what is good for the Pension fund!

The Police Union made two expensive bets and lost both times; but hey, they are supported by a large number of very well paid members so although they can afford to take the hit, many folks like Lorie Zapf will not forget what they did! If I were them, I'd expect to lose much more than $139,677 real soon...

Correct me if I'm incorrect, but I believe that Lorie Zapf took over Donna Frye's seat on the city council.

Yes, Donna is now riding on the City Pension Train.

Her support of Prop D, was her going away present for SD!

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