In the Hostage Zone

“She’s going to open her presents next,” I said.

“Do you really think she’s even going to notice if we’re here? We’ve just been standing here, in this spot, for the last half hour.”

“You’re right,” I said. “Vamonos.”

Jane caught us by the door. “What, the childless people want to leave?” she joked.

“That’s child-free,” I said. “You did an awesome job, Jane. You’re a good mom. These kids are loving every bit of it. But these adults,” I pointed to David and myself, “want to go far away from all of this noise, to where nothing but wine, cheese, and silence awaits us.” ■

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With the expanded dining room, the house here has become a kid's birthday bash headquarters. One of my favorite things to do (since I have no kids of my own) is to have them all load up on birthday cake, ice cream, large root beers and whip cream straight out of the can... before sending all with elevated blood sugars home to their parents!

Fun, fun, fun... as long as I leave the phone off the hook afterward.

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