My Own Weird Name

“I didn’t know at the time these songs were going to become a record, let alone one with my name [on it],” writes multi-instrumentalist Kenseth Thibideau about his debut solo effort Repetition, which he wrote, performed, recorded, and produced at Singing Serpent Studios last year.

The album, an experimental blend of dream-pop vocals and krautrock rhythms released in July 2010 on Temporary Residence Limited, is an independent declaration from Thibideau. For the past half-dozen years, he’s toured with Pinback, played keyboards for Three Mile Pilot, and played bass for prog-rockers the Sleeping People, all while earning his living composing music for television and radio commercials.

“This was the first time I recorded a bunch of songs that were simple and true to how I felt.... Music to drive through the desert or listen to late at night with headphones on while drinking.”

On December 7, Thibideau took another step in breaking away from other people’s projects when he embarked on his first solo tour — in name, anyway — which kicked off opening for Pinback’s Rob Crow at Spaceland in Los Angeles. Thibideau’s all-star backing band included locals Chris Fulford Brown, Ali Ozkan, Nathan Hubbard, Tim Soete, John Baez, and Emily Joyce.

After L.A., Thibideau and his tourmates will head up the coast for ten more gigs at small venues and taverns — a change from the large venues he’s played in the past.

“It’s my first tour for this record, under my own weird name.... I can pretty much guarantee that there will be no big crowds. I have already made my peace with just playing to whomever attends, whether it’s 2 people — including the sound guy — or 30 people.

“I just hope I can buy my friends, who are nice enough to play with me, some food and motel rooms.”

Thibideau will play a homecoming show December 17 at the Til-Two Club in City Heights

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