Turf Stank

Downtown residents are celebrating a change in greenery around Fahrenheit, an East Village condominium located on the corner of Island and Tenth Avenue.

After being installed approximately three years ago, fake turf placed on the sidewalk around the mid-rise has been the cause of ire and concern for residents — not for being green but for smelling bad. On Thursday, August 26, work crews put the finishing touches on a sidewalk overhaul that included the turf's replacement and newly planted bushes.

The building’s HOA initiated the project after years of receiving complaints from homeowners who said that the constant dog traffic and lack of maintenance on the turf resulted in a smelly sidewalk area.

“Three years ago, someone had the bright idea to install fake turf on the sidewalk because it would never need to be watered,” recalled a downtown resident. “Their reasoning was — the grass that was previously there always turned brown from all the pet traffic. They never realized that the fake grass would actually be worse because all the dog pee stunk up the place.”

Business owners who occupied storefronts at the ground level of the building also witnessed the effects of the stinky turf. “The smelly turf attracted a lot of flies and gnats, especially lately since it’s been so hot,” explained a business owner. “Some days, it gets so bad that customers would complain of the smell.”

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Synthetic Turf may need no water But it contains smelly dog dropping and other stuff like gum...

Natural grass is, well, natural...

I ♡ Real Grass, even though it requires water...

If SD can allow new folks to move here and live here, then I should get to maintain my lawn...

  • PITA -

Mindy, Reply to #2 About, cleaning up, #2

On real grass, a shovel or bag does the heavy, stinky lifting Then a squirt, from a hose to make sure nothing's left, that needs sifting

On fake grass, the synthetic "turf", is not self repairing And when folks, don't take care of it, it is not well fairing.

Something else to keep in mind, is the amount, or times the Grass is used because like any toilet, that is not flushed, it will soon be abused!

That is the reason for all those yard signs that say, "keep off of the grass" because taking care of anything over used, it is, "a pain in the ass".

p.s. If you are interested in this stinky subject, you might enjoy: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs...

water and Clorox cleans very nicely...to smell disappears...of course we're back to using water that way but....

Reply #5 ? about removing #2 Do you think using a towelette would make cleaning up after a "Brown Duck", has been scrapped up and bagged by the dogs owner?

If so, then they would become an entirely new "Product"

Pet Wipes, "the quicker Pet dump picker uppers"...

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