Truro, Nova Scotia

"Truro is a hole," scoffed Timothy, a student from Halifax. "Don't go there if you can avoid it."

But somehow I ended up in Truro – twice. This grim little town was nothing more than a strip of fast food restaurants and ho-hum motels. The town offered only one high point: Giant Tiger, a quirky little department store that offered camping gear at incredibly low prices.

But most vacationers visit Truro to see the "tidal bore." The extreme tides of Nova Scotia cause certain rivers to reverse their flow; a peaceful stream is suddenly washed over by a (literal) tidal wave, and the water level rises along the banks.

At least that's the theory. I woke at 5 a.m. to witness this phenomenon, standing in the buggy cattails of the Salmon River. When the Bay of Fundy finally unleashed its tidal fury, it amounted to mere swirls and gurgling noises, as if the river had caught some hydrologic indigestion.

After a night spent in the spider-infested Tidal Bore Inn, the town had failed to impress me on any level. Truro might not be "a hole," but I was happy to skip a third night.

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Really, you think so? Because I don't think so. I lived in Truro for 18 years & Idon't think your a person who should be writing an article if you don't know what your talking about. For one you stayed in the worst MOTEL there and it's more then giant tiger and fast food. Two were known for more than the highest tides every one tells me how they love the little town everyone is so welcoming. Three atleast you can walk around and night unlike halifax which is where I live now to go to school because since I moved here 3 people have been stabbed and everybody is rude can't drive at all theres like 2 accidents DAILY. Point being don't judge a place till you've had time to experience EVERYTHING.. why don't you write about that !

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