This Could Be a Problem

On behalf of the Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association, executive director Dody Crawford appeared before the Encinitas City Council on August 18 to request that the council reconsider the installation of a public bench in front of a liquor store located on South Coast Highway 101 between E and F streets.

As a result of the “Pacific Station” project, a bench formerly in front of the Barracuda Grill restaurant is being moved to accommodate new traffic-lane configurations. The bench is expected to be relocated directly in front of the Cork & Keg liquor store.

“The bench, if it’s placed there, will be facing the front door of the liquor store,” said Crawford. “The [nearby] merchants there are very upset because they’ve noticed that benches, usually, are the only a place for vagrants to sit and drink alcohol and harass people as they walk by.”

Crawford said merchants would prefer that something else be placed at the designated location, such as a bike rack.

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A possible solution to appease both sides: The installation of a public liquor rack. You wanna be a first class city, you have to be innovative.

It is a sad fact that we now "Plan" to preclude the homeless much more than we do to provide safe comfortable access for our Senior and all others that have problems standing SAFELY for long times... even during the daylight hours.

Yet another reason why the myth of everyone using mass transit will remain a Planners dream, instead of becoming our new reality.

Folks will increasingly value their time, safety and personal space. This dooms "Public" transportation, which will become known as "The Poor" (form of) transportation, used as ones last resort, except perhaps by youthful riders eager for adventure and or lots of free time. As the sun goes down, expect to see less folks venture out. As ridership drops the quality of the "buses" will also slide toward third world status as municipally owned equipment becomes more expensive to operate and keep "Safe & Clean".

A pile of leaves in the sunshine is much more comfortable.

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