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Hollywood actor Shelley Malil is accused of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing an ex-girlfriend more than 20 times at her home in San Marcos. The attack happened more than two years ago, on August 10 of 2008, but jury selection was only recently scheduled for next week (August 24–26). Opening statements for trial may begin August 30 at San Diego’s North County Superior Court in Vista.

The victim, Kendra Beebe, 35, nearly died from blood loss on her front porch, according to a doctor’s testimony at a preliminary hearing in February of 2009. Neighbor Charlton Lee was called a “hero” by a prosecutor; Lee reportedly disarmed the attacker of one knife used in the slashing and then wrapped Beebe tightly in blankets, which slowed her blood loss.

Prosecutors said Malil brought the first knife he used in the attack from a set in his Los Angeles County apartment. Beebe’s companion that afternoon, a local musician named David Maldonado, testified that he took this first weapon away from Malil early in the attack. Malil then grabbed a second knife from a counter in Beebe’s kitchen to continue his assault, according to the prosecutor.

Malil, 45, is charged with attempted murder on Kendra Beebe, felony assault with a deadly weapon on David Maldonado, and felony burglary.

Malil was previously known for his role in the comedy, 40 Year Old Virgin, released in 2005. Malil played the character Haziz, a coworker of the starring character.

Photo: Shelley Malil

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This guy needs a long long sentence.......

Fie on Shelley Malil! If he's convicted, the only "comedy" he will be providing is for the other prisoners as he gets worked over in General Population.

Watching him get busted up, like he did Kendra Beebe? That will be good for a laugh among Malil's cellies!

Even if he gets sent to the Special Needs Unit? He still won't be safe. How much you think it will cost to have somebody slip something terminally toxic into his meal?

In prison, life comes pretty cheap...and ending a rival/marked man's life isn't all that costly. For the right price, even someone in "protective custody/special needs" can be taken all the way out!

Sleep tight, Mr. Malil--it's later than you realize! --LPR

Shelley Malil will be paroled, and released from prison, "imminently,"according to a statement from San Diego County DA Summer Stephan, released today August 28, 2018.

The California parole board granted Malil parole in January, but Governor Brown referred the matter back to a full Parole Board for review. At a rescission hearing today, at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, the defendant’s victims appeared via video conference. The hearing lasted about three hours, and the San Diego DA’s Office made argument for rescinding parole. After 20 minutes of deliberation, the board declined to rescind Malil’s parole. The DA's statement included: "Mailil’s eligible parole date was August 14, 2018. The hearing result today makes him imminently eligible for parole."

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