Thirsty Guy

Sometime after 4 a.m. on August 15, neighbors were awakened by loud voices outside a house on Upas Street that had hosted a party the night before. One man repeatedly told a second man to vacate the premises, and the second man refused.

After a lull, neighbors were awakened again at about sunrise, this time by loud pounding. The second man slowly banged on the house, demanding to be let in and cursing about being locked out. Occasionally, he tried a different tactic. “I just want a glass of water,” he pleaded. “Leave it outside the door for me!”

Sometime after 6 a.m., a half dozen police cars arrived on the scene. The man, assuming a joyfully defiant tone not unlike that of the possessed teenager in The Exorcist, shouted that he would not cooperate with the officers or the medical personnel who arrived thereafter. After several minutes, however, the man agreed to cooperate in exchange for a glass of water.

Officers used the opportunity to cuff the man’s hands behind his back and put him on a stretcher, facedown. The man was covered in blood from head to toe and had a substantial forehead wound that seemed self-inflicted, perhaps from all the banging.

“Is that the most blood you’ve ever seen?” the man asked. “I’ve seen a lot more blood than that,” an officer said. The man was placed on an ambulance that departed for Scipps Mercy Hospital.

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Not a good way to start the day

covered in your own blood hoping it's not a flood

giving all those neighbors, a fright by keeping many up, all night

sadly frustrating, just what some folks do living together, so close to the Zoo.

Saw most of this go down from my bedroom window. The kid eventually broke the door to the house and was able to make entry. Shortly thereafter, you could hear shouting and a scuffle, followed by what sounded like a large amount of glass being broken. Poor kid, he must have been so close to that desperately desired water only to see his hope slam and shatter on the floor.

The residents were able to force the kid back outside shortly before the first squad car showed up. Two officers wrestled with the thirsty kid and ended up tazing and then cuffing him before other officers arrived.

I don't normally enjoy being roused from a slightly inebriated sleep at 6am, however, being that I had nothing to do that day, I got a kick out of the spectacle and witnessing my first tazing.

I moved into North Park 2 weeks ago, this city has no shortage intrigue and I anxiously await future events to come.

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