Barefoot and Braless

It's all gone — my life as I knew it is over, following a May 21 fire at the apartment I lived at on Louisiana Street.

A policeman was knocking down my door. I could see the look of fear on his face — "Come with me NOW, before this floor collapses and drops us into the fire below."

The policeman pulled me down the stairs — I could feel the heat of the flames, smell the smoke, and taste the soot that was filling my mouth, nose, and lungs. I held my breath and ran. I had to run between burning trees and the flames. I remember feeling my hair to be sure it hadn't caught fire.

I stood behind my building, barefoot and braless in my pj's, watching my apartment and car burn. I was shivering with cold and shaking with fear. People were watching it all burn. Why? Beauty of the flames or a thankfulness that it wasn't their misfortune? I wanted to scream, "All you people go away!!"

I realized the things I had treasured were being destroyed and there was nothing I could do but grieve. Why hadn't I taken an extra second to grab family photos? The words others said to me that night sounded so shallow — "Don't worry, everything will be all right." Don't tell me everything will be all right, I remember thinking.

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What happened then? I’m sweating ~ you can’t end a story like that. RealET

i'm reconsidering renter's insurance now, for when i do become a renter...

I hope all is well Ms. Moir. And that the time lapse between the fire and posting the story is due to the summer fun you're having and not to summer woes.

Wow that is tragic! This is such a great short! I will be getting renters insurance after reading this! Please continue the story, I simply MUST hear more from you. I need to know what happened.

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