Sticker Shock

Residents of Cortina, a townhouse community with over a hundred homes located on Westview Parkway in Mira Mesa, have expressed their shock and frustration with the possibility of stricter parking rules around their properties.

In a letter addressed to homeowners, a community manager advised members of the Cortina Community Association of a proposal to adopt new parking rules. Among the new rules is a directive that requires residents to obtain parking decals from the management company. It states: “Resident vehicles that will be garaged or parked within the Cortina community must have a current Cortina parking decal.”

Homeowners, in response, have expressed displeasure with the idea of needing a decal for the purpose of identifying themselves as residents, especially when they are parking in their own garages.

“There really is no parking problem!” explained a homeowner. “Seems like they're trying to inconvenience everyone and make money on fines...at least the management company is.”

In the past, Cortina residents and guests were free to park in any of the open spaces surrounding their homes. An estimated 100 parking spaces are scattered around the community. Further, the rule changes will implement the enforcement of overnight parking, which restricts the use of community parking spaces to guest-permit holders between 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The proposed rules state that parking decals are not considered parking permits; therefore, resident vehicles with decals, unless granted an exemption, are not allowed to park overnight in the outside spaces. According to the proposed changes, homeowners are entitled to one guest-parking permit for the spaces outside their homes, but its use will be limited to four calendar days within a calendar month. Residents are also expected to make a formal request for additional temporary permits if they are expecting extra guests that will be staying after 10 p.m.

“I'm not going to request permission to have a party or to have my family stay with me for a few days or allow my car to be registered in my own garage,” said a property owner. He explained that guests come and go to visit his wife at their home during all hours, and it would be a huge inconvenience to keep requesting parking permits each time they come. “Of all things to deal with, I'm not going to write the board for permission to park when my wife is dealing with cancer,” added the resident.

Once the new rules are adopted, the fine for each parking violation will be $200.

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You can read the latest updates on this issue at the Cortina homeowners' website: http://www.cortinaresidents.com.

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