Will Stab for Beer

On July 30 at about 2 a.m., the clerk working at the 1290 West Valley Parkway 7-Eleven saw a man walk out of the store with a six-pack of beer he hadn't paid for. After confronting the man in the parking lot, the thief took out a knife and stabbed the clerk in the forehead. The clerk then took out a box cutter and slashed his attacker's face. The thief then fled the scene, leaving the beer behind.

The would-be thief was described as a Hispanic man in his late 20s to mid 30s, with a long gash down the left side of his face. After the attack, the clerk said he put a Band-Aid on the wound and went back to work behind the counter.

"I don't care," the Egyptian clerk said. "In my country, I do that [defends himself] a lot.”

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Right On Clerk!

Hope 7-11 doesn't give you grief about "chasing their valued customer away!

Yea, well, let's not be too hasty in adopting the practices from other countries lest we are prepared to accept other things like female genital mutilation, and the worshiping of cows or monkeys.

Don't get me wrong, I think the clerk should have been allowed to shoot the crook with a nice modern Smith & Wesson 45 -- well made American weapon. Criminals should be removed from society, but this idea of "let's do it the way they did it in the old country" isn't going to get it here.

On second thought, maybe someone should not be shot for stealing a six-pack. I would change that to taser. Yea, 10,000 volts usually will cause one to reconsider their errant ways.

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