Davit's Weird World

“I’m kinda on rock ’n’ roll probation,” says Davit Buck, of semi-defunct San Diego band the Homeless Sexuals, which at press time was scheduled to reunite its 2005 lineup on April 23 at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest.

“If I break any equipment, the other guys will quit again. I do understand their concerns. You work on songs, practice for years, and then onstage the singer runs around naked, smacking his wiener on the cymbals… I even destroyed a guitar amp by climbing on top and spilling beer into it.”

Buck claims he’d try to sing a “normal rock show. It’s hard for me because once the music starts I just black out and go into that weird world. Even at practice the other night, I accidentally kicked the mike into the guitarist’s teeth.”

Due to internal band strife, most of which Buck admits causing, a sophomore album by the Homeless Sexuals remains unreleased. “I’m very shy and polite the other 99 percent of the time. I’m really not sure why I change onstage. I thought I was insane my whole life, and I definitely don’t act normal. I even checked myself into anger-management classes and went to a head doctor. She told me I was just over stressed and pretty much told me to get a divorce.

“But I convinced her to give me Paxil.”

Local blogger Rosey Bystrak at sddialedin.com says, “Anytime the Homeless Sexuals play is pretty nuts, but the first time I saw them at the Zombie Lounge, a chick in the opening band peed on Dave Buck. Allegedly. I was at the bar getting a drink, and I kicked myself because I always miss the good stuff.”

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