Anybody Who Is Sick

“We got evicted from P.B. for having six of us living in a two-bedroom place,” says Chris Jones. “We built bunk beds to fit everybody. Our crazy-old-lady landlord lived in the backyard. She accused us of attempted murder for owning a dog.”

Attempted murder?

“It was a boxer, the nicest dog ever. She said we gave the dog diseases and tried to make it get sick so it would die. F*ing nuts. The dog is alive and well and still friendly.”

Hip-hop group Outta Control is brothers Chris Jones (“P.P.”) and Zak Jones (“Da Monsta”), plus Timmy Beaman (“Timmy B”), DJ Chrisco (Chris Peterson), and C-Barks (Chris Barker). The band currently lives near SDSU. Outta Control has been playing for more than five years.

Jones says the band doesn’t have a particular style. “We will record anything that we think sounds cool. Hip-hop, rap, jazz, funk, rock, techno — it’s all good.”

He calls Outta Control “a fun, crazy group of West Coast nasty men trying to have some kick-ass times and rock stages all over the place and make enough money to pay the bills.”

Outta Control has performed over 250 shows with bands such as Swollen Members, Living Legends, and Blackalicious. Locally they have appeared at Club 710, Canes, Tiki Lounge, Moondoggies, Satin Lounge, 4th&B, and the Onyx Room.

Jones responded to our queries.

What are you working on now?

“We’re finishing an album called The Difference with Canadian producer Striker, featuring Sweatshop Union, Battle Axe Warriors, and Cory Lee. We just dropped our third album, Daily Dose, which features Mad Child of Swollen Members. We’re hitting the road for the next few months, trying to get radio and press all over the state. We also started a new record label with our longtime clothing sponsor.”

Hip-hop hasn’t really changed for years. Where’s the evolution?

“We disagree completely. Hip-hop has changed drastically, just like all other genres of music. Even the industry has changed a ton. We’d like to help be a part of that change, but it really comes down to the fans. All we can do is make the stuff and put it out there. The fans need to take the industry back, not the artists.”

What do you write about?

“Everything. Our day-to-day lives, families, friends, good times, bad times. The whole nine. Is it the story, the attitude, or both? Hard question, man. Lots of songs are really both. We love writing about parties and stuff, and that’s what we do most of the time, so it’s real. But anybody can do that. I think the songs where you really try and say something or just get crap off your chest really distinguish you as an artist. We always try and articulate our tracks well and think about how the words and music come together to form a final product. And we always make an effort to be lyrical, regardless of the topic. Some of our songs have literally taken over a year to complete.”

What do you think about right before you go on stage?

“‘Where’s my beer? Are there ladies in the front row? Am I getting laid after this? What are we playing? Are we getting paid tonight? Oh well, f* it, let’s do this. Party!’ Then we hit the stage.”

Who influenced your act?

“Music-wise, lots of old rock. The Stones, Aerosmith, Steve Miller, Swollen Members, Kottonmouth Kings…as far as performance, anybody who goes nuts and has fun. The Beastie Boys, Jurassic 5, Tom Petty — anybody who is sick to watch live.”

Any preshow rituals to get in the mood?

“We drink.”

What was the band’s first performance?

“We’ve been playing music together since high school, but we got serious about the group about five years ago in South Lake Tahoe.”

Five things the band cares most about, as an individual…

1) Family.

2) Friends.

3) Honesty.

4) Don’t be a bastard or a hater.

5) A Big Buford from Rally’s.

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OCT gets down live! Thay one of "The Best Of Daygo City" yall!!!!

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