Here, Kitty Kitty

“We were originally called Kitten’s Pharmacy back in the ’90s,” says singer Kathleen “Kitten” Johnson of Pharmacy, the reunited power-pop band she cofounded with bassist Sean Siever. “Sean had a lot of music history and was good at networking; plus, working at Carvin Guitars for over ten years didn’t hurt. But then someone else in the band went out of their way to cause problems between us, and for years [Sean and I] weren’t communicating.”

After the split, Siever worked on various projects involving members of the Beatles’ onetime Apple protégés Badfinger, as well as playing and recording with Arigon Starr. “We finally reconnected last year,” says Kitten, “and I’ve been booking us at the Chico Club and around town.… I think this time we have the right chemistry.” The two new members are guitarist Michael Fairchild and drummer Jayden Fullerton.

Just before Easter weekend, Pharmacy played the local strip club that employs tattooed temptress and reported Bullock/James home-wrecker Michelle McGee. “After we played a set, our drummer Jayden wanted to get a lap-dance from Michelle. While most of the girls there only command about $20 for the tease, Michelle’s fee is now $80.”

Kitten also reports that “the bar was slow due to the holiday weekend, but more people came in when she [McGee] went onstage. She looked really nervous.… There were even more people hanging around outside, and everyone was saying it was the paparazzi. Sean thought some of them might be religious freaks, being Good Friday and all.”

Between songs, Siever addressed the holiday/stripper mashup from the stage: “Jesus was naked on that cross.”

Pharmacy appears Wednesday, April 28, at the Beauty Bar.

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Check the band out at myspace.com/PharmacyUSA

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