You Feeling?

Lord Howler played their third show to a crowded Bar Pink. A Flying V and a left-handed Les Paul harmonized leads over driving, Van Halen bass.

“Let's get it on!” Front man Charlie says. “This song is called ‘Fuel-Injected Death.’”

In jeans, Cons, and black Ts, Lord Howler flagrantly carries the torch of old Slayer, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath. Goes well with Annihilation Time and Dead Meadow.

“Smile if you like metal,” a mutton-chopped Charlie growls. “Get yourselves some drinks now, come on!”

The band plays “Laughing Through the Blood” while a stoic cocktail waitress makes her rounds.

After the set, a dude at the bar says, “Anyone can play throwback psychedelic rock. Nobody in San Diego sounds like these guys.”

The Bloodflowers blast forth said psychedelic rock. With front man Rey's undeniably Hendrix looks, Jimi is an obvious comparison. However, the group has a unique MC5 punk energy that sets them apart from the bulk of psych-rock wannabes.

“How you guys feeling tonight?” Rey inquires before playing a raucous cover of “Moonage Daydream.” “You feeling?”

“I make up some of my lyrics on the spot,” Rey tells me. “I'm tired of rock and roll being so proper.”

  • Concert: Lord Howler, the Bloodflowers
  • Date: April 1
  • Venue: Bar Pink
  • Seats: Standing

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