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The Box has taken the pledge to stop writing Chargers Suck columns, and I think a fair-minded person would have to say I’ve held up my end of the deal. That’s not easy when Norv Turner is the head coach. So, I should warn you I’m making an exception this week. For the greater good.

Sunday’s play-calling was quintessential Norv and says everything you need to know about why he’s been a failure as a head coach everywhere he’s been a head coach (Washington, Oakland, and San Diego). Who else, with the ball on their opponent’s five-yard line, ten seconds left in the half, behind eight points, two downs to work with, would call for a field goal? On third down?

Norv took charge of a 14-2 Chargers team on that bleak, vile day in February 2007, when the Spanos brain trust announced the hiring of yet another incompetent head coach. Turner has managed to turn that jewel of a team into the 8-8 slug we saw last year and through two games this year.

I was thinking about Norv while watching Monday Night Football, enjoying Peyton Manning as he put together another comeback, his 37th fourth-quarter comeback. Indy ran 35 plays in that game. Miami ran 84. Indy had possession for 14:53. Miami held the ball for 45:07. And yet Indy wins off a 48-yard Manning pass to Pierre Garcon with 3:18 to go (a win later sealed by Antoine Bethea’s end-zone interception). And you knew, going into that last drive, Manning would find a way to score.

Someone said that the only man who ever held Michael Jordan under 20 points was Dean Smith, Jordan’s college coach at North Carolina who insisted on playing traditional basketball. Yes, it’s ugly, but it’s only a small exaggeration to say that Norv Turner is the only coach who could keep Peyton Manning from coming back to win a game in the fourth quarter.

In other news, Roger Clemens is on Twitter, writing the same inane bullshit as everybody else: “hey cool stuff. My friends have a place there. I need to come and golf down there!!!” But what’s interesting is he’s only got 878 followers. You could do as well if you’d open an account and accept all the spam that comes your way.

Minnesota beat Detroit 27-13 and Brett Favre started his 271st game, a new NFL record. The nation will now turn its attention to other matters. But listen up, people, the Favre question is still on the table. To wit: Is he all monstrous ego, or is he all monstrous ego who can still play? Check back after Thanksgiving for the answer.

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) lost another tournament. This one is the Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill. Anheuser-Busch will not be renewing its sponsorship, which seems particularly ominous since Anheuser-Busch owns the Kingsmill Resort and Spa. At least they used to before they were bought by not-a-household-name InBev. The PGA Tour played there for 22 years, handing it off to the LPGA seven years ago. It was a big tournament on the ladies’ tour, a $2.2 million payday, voted by the players as their favorite event in 2007 and voted fan favorite by fans in 2008. The LPGA 2009 prize money ($50 million) is $10 million less than it was in 2008. There were 34 events in 2008, 27 in 2009, and so far, only 17 events are under contract for 2010.

Commissioner Carolyn Bivenso recently resigned after 15 of the tour’s best players (Lorena Ochoa, Paula Creamer, Cristie Kerr, Morgan Pressel, Suzann Pettersen, Se Ri Pak, and Natalie Gulbis, among others) wrote a letter to the tour’s board of directors asking that Bivenso be gone. The LPGA is the oldest, continuously operated women’s professional sports organization in the country. Founded in 1950. They’ll make it. TV money will pay the bills, but I hate to see the tour fall so far, so fast.

Something is going on with the 49ers. Their defense reminds me of the Chicago Super Bowl 20 team: every player is after it on every play. The defense is very fast and very aggressive. Day and night difference from what has gone before. Remarkable. The Niners are 2-0 this season, have won 6 of their past 7 games, 7 of 11 since Mike Singletary took over as head coach.

Looking at the NFC West, the Niners have already beaten two division rivals — one was last year’s NFC champion, and they beat those guys at their house. Arizona won the division with a 9-7 record last year. San Francisco can win this conference.

And here’s a little something to take home with you: The Raiders have won three of their last four games.

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I'm gaureenting that the Chargers will lose against the Miami Fins this week because the running game isn't just there like two years ago. ..... Like I said the Raiders are taking the AFC WEST!!!



I have to eat my post about it, too. I didn't think the Chargers would win. Although the running game had nothing to do with anything. The injury to Chad Pennington was probably the turning point.

I was going to go with the Chargeless on Sunday until I watched the sports report on CBS 8. They said that the Chargeless has NEVER beaten Pittsburgh at home in the regular season. 0-13 in 40 years. That clinched Pittsburgh for me.

BINGO refried! I said that to my roommate as well. I can't or won't say the Chargeless would've won or loss had Pennington not been injured but it's a pretty fair bet that the game would've stayed close. I'm actually taking the Chargeless to win and the Packers to lose in my football pool next week.

First off,I'm no Chargeless fan. I can see both sides to Norv's thinking. On one hand,you want 3 points(ALMOST guaranteed). On the other hand,if you go for the TD and ram it down the Ravens throat 5 seconds from Halftime,the fans are estatic,the team feels good during the halftime pep talk. It's a win-win situation. I REALLY hate it when fans talk about what might have been had a coach gone with this play or that play. Take the Norv conundrum for example-HAD he gone for it and scored,there is no way to be able to tell the second half score. The Chargeless might have lost 24-78. Who knows?

The Raiders game is another example. There's no guarantee that the Raiders would've won had that TD not been called back.

Rivers and Sproles earned a little bit more respect for their performances. Although Rivers looked like his douchebag self whining about everything like he usually does. And don't get me started on LaDanian"My vagina hurts,coach"Tomlinson. He makes a great cheerleader for the Special Olympics sandlot team known as the Sandy Eggo"I like to say SUPER like 75% of Hillcrest"Chargeless.

Second,there's ALOT more parity in the league this year. With that said,can we get off the Super Bowl bandwagon around here? I've lived here 4 years and ever since the Chargeless crawled out of the cellar,that's all I've heard from their obnoxious fans. Winning the Lombardi is one of the toughest things to do. The NFL isn't going to just hand them to a"talented"team because they like to suck off Sandy Eggo along with ESPN.

It wasn't the Chargers offense (nor bad play calling) that lost that game, it was the inability of the Charger defense to stop the Ravens on the ground, especially in the first half. And they'll lose to Miami, too, if they play that way again. Miami will run the ball. And thus far, the Chargers don't seem to be able to stop the run.

True,refried. But to a point. With LT,Hardwick,Vasquez and one other player who I forget,the O-line is pretty banged up. The Raiders may have lost that game in Oak-Town but they gave the Chargeless football herpes-the gift that keeps on givin'. :-D

The O-Line,D-Line and playcalling are all FUBAR. With the impending loss and possible blackout,the Super Bowl Nazi is looking at the Chargeless and thinking to himself"NO LOMBARDI FOR YOU!!!!!!!". Again,I might add.....LMAO! God himself must hate the AFC West.

Pete, I'll make a bold prediction here, the Dolphins will beat the Chargers. Then, they'll go to Pittsburg and lose. 1-3, going into the bye week. The fans will be rabid, calling for Norv's head. But because they play in the weakest division in the history of the NFL, they'll go 9-7 and make the playoffs, only to lose against whoever wins the wild-card.

No superbowl, no new stadium, and in a few years, they'll be off to Los Angeles, back to from where they started.

If I'm wrong, I'll own it, and if I'm right, I'll try and maintain a smug yet controlled attitude.

LMAO! I'd say you're dead on target. ;-D I noticed a recurring theme not unlike what you described in this last bastion of football glory days....LOL! This town cracks me up when it comes to sports.

Had Favre been traded to the Chargeless instead of the Packers,this town's head would've collectively exploded. I'll never forget asking Chargeless fans who they were picking to win Super Bowl 42....I had some of the weirdest looks. People looked at me as if I had two heads and was inquiring about quantum physics.

I didn't even read the whole article, you had me at sentence number two. Let me say this as a chick with no in-depth knowledge of football, just a passion for my Chargers, and I have witnesses that I've said this from the first game I saw him coach here:

FIRE F^%^&&%%%^$$%^&**G NORV TURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will NEVER get why he was offered that extension last year!

I got a few things to say about Phil Rivers too, but that's a story for another day. Let me just repeat:

FIRE F&#^&^#%&^#G NORV TURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice one, Fish.

Since I hated Marty, I tried to hang on and give Norv the benefit of the doubt for a long time. But he's doing some really bad things. He needs to go.

Pete, you're completely wrong about WHY Norv didn't go for the 7. It had NOTHING to do with the crowd, and the half-time pep talk. Trust me, he would've loved the 7 points. It's the conservative nature (something I hated about Marty at times). He figured if they go for the play, what happens if there's an interception that's run back? What happens if there's a fumble? What happens if Phillip gets sacked and the clock runs out? THOSE ARE THE THINGS that were in his mind, when he went for a chip shot taking the guaranteed 3 points.

I think it was a bad decision, as Rivers has been in the league long enough to know the deal. He could drop back. If Gates isn't open at the back of the end zone within five seconds, he can throw it out of bounds. That would give 'em 5 seconds for the field goal on 4th down.

Marty used to do this thing that bugged me, where there would be 25 seconds left in half, and he'd have the team just run out the clock, instead of taking a few shots at the end zone. I never understood that (although the same examples i just gave, apply to that as well).

I was actually at the first Monday night football game of the season up in Oakland. And let me tell yall this, we lost but we put a hurtin on a great amount of great players. Anyway this is just the beginning of what you Powder Soft Blue fans will be viewing for the rest of the season. On the other hand my PIRATES are on the charge to take the AFC West this year oh yeah we have won 3 out of the last four games...

On the other hand my PIRATES are on the charge to take the AFC West this year oh yeah we have won 3 out of the last four games...


You want to put your money where your mouth is girly man....I have a C note the Traitors go, at BEST, 8-8 (but most likely will be unbder 500-AGAIN).

I think the Chargers will be lucky to break 500 also.

First can you be a Pirates fan and a Raiders fan? Shouldn't you like the Steelers and Pirates? Or the Angels and Raiders? This is exactly why Charger fans get annoyed by you people. You like the Raiders for the wackiest reasons.

And although the Raiders clearly beat the Chargers in that game...they have the worst QB in football. And as Surf states above...they won't finish better than 8-8.

I hate san diego for the simple fact that too many out of town clowns move here and then trash talk the local team. All the fair weather fans are ready to throw in the towel they bought last season when the Chargers made it to the play offs.

I hate you all ADAMNT

We trash talk the team because it moved here from L.A. in 1961 and with the exception of a steroid tainted AFL bubblegum ring hasn't done a goddamn thing to give the citizens or fans of Sandy Eggo a reason to be proud. Does Ryan Leaf,Moses Moreno,Eli Manning,the firing of a coach who took your ahole of a team to 14-2 and a plethora of ridiculous arrests mean anything to you? Wake the f* up and smell the maple nut crunch! And a gold star to you if you got the maple nut crunch reference. :-D

ATTENTION FANS OF THE SANDY EGGO CHOKERS!!!!! WIN A SUPER BOWL,THEN TALK S***! Up until the last few years you've been cellar dwellers. If your football team were a person,it would be the 525lb monster in your mother's basement. Football,like sex,gets ALOT better and easier to have once you lose your virginity. 1963 wasn't you guys popping your cork. That was just a warm-up. Unfortunetely,it was 46 years ago and that warm-up has obviously cooled down.

Pete, go with your gut, but I would not take the Chargers next week. I'm trying to remember the last time that San Diego beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh... nothing comes to mind.

PistolPete your a clown gtfo of SD no one wants you here.

Too bad it's a free country. I'm not leaving for awhile. I just read that there will be no black out this week. I wonder which corporate sponsor bailed your a**es out this week. Sycaun? CBS 8? Who knows? Who cares? The Dolphins are going to spank what's left of your pathetic team anyway. Only now,I get to see it live while I drink 75 cent beers and smoke during the game. :-D Watch what happens come Sunday,douchebag.

PP: Shall we bring up the Cubbies now or later? No wonder you left!

I wonder if that name is "adamant" or "Adam Ant", the singer of such fine tunes as Strip, Goody Two Shoes, and Friend or Foe?

PP, those arguments don't make sense. You act like the Chargers moved to town two years ago or something. The Raiders are more of a joke, going to LA, then back to Oakland. Even though they may have a Super Bowl, back with Madden and Plunkett (or was it Stabler?) who cares? The only thing that matters are the last few years.

Nobody is knocking the Clippers because they came her from Buffalo as the Braves, then changed their name, then went to LA. They make fun of them because Donald Sterling is a nut, that ranks up there with Steinbrenner and Jerry Jones... and even with all those #1 picks, couldn't get a winning team put together (and who fires the legendary Elgin Baylor?)

My RAIDER NATION will get the job done this year just watch,, oh yea by the way, J Board we have 3 RINGS! If I'm not mistaken the Sandy Eggo Waffle Chargless have 0 yall would agree right??? I'm calling 9-7 1st place in the AFC West and the chargers will be in 3rd place... hahhaaha ------> YOUR GUYS'S RUN IS OVER WITH ENJOY!!!

Oh, brother. Dude, if Al Davis dies, you'll finally get another shot, but until then, you're stuck with a senile owner and a losing team. Raider Nation? Ha! Raider Elimination. Raider Abomination. Raider Stagnation. Chargers win the division because your team sucks, along with the Broncos and Kansas City. Come back when the Chargers lose in the first round of the play-offs.

Ahhhhh.....the Cubbies. :-D Chicago's lovable losers. I'm not a baseball fan so I don't really follow the Cubs.

Josh? You sound like my roommates. The ONLY reason you'll hear a team like the Chargeless say"That was in the past"is because the Chargeless have no past. I'm by no means a Raiders fan but I give them a mutual respect because of the three Lombardis they have AND the fact that their fans may be obnoxious gangbangers but you'll NEVER hear them say that their team is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The Chargeless won't get any respect until two things happen- 1.-The fans quit being so obnoxious and just let the team do something and 2.-They fin' do something You're right. Nobody IS knocking the Clippers because of those reasons. The Clippers get knocked because they suck and they knew the Whale's Vagina had a really sty fanbase.

Actually refried,the Raiders have one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL.

Listen, I hate defending the Chargers. They do so much that annoy me. And I hate the fans getting mad at someone other fans or taunting that other teams do, but then try to make excuses for Merriman and his dance, or Seau when he did his goofy lightning bolt after a routine tackle. I agree, but fans are like that with their teams in each city.

And, to say the Chargers have no history, let me give you this off the top of my head: Johnny Unitas QB in his last year (arguably the best QB of all-time). Dan Fouts, Hall of Famer. Air Coryell (a coach that should be in the Hall of Fame). Kellen Winslow, John Jefferson, Chuck Muncie, Natrone Means, Louie Kelcher, Little Train James...Lance Alworth (one of the best receivers of all-time).

Sure, there's no Super Bowl win there (and the year the 49ers embarassed them in the Super Bowl, they weren't even the 4th best team in football)...but there's certainly some football history to be proud of.

The Clippers weren't an original NBA franchise, Pete. Actually, the only original NBA franshice in San Diego was... wait for it... the Rockets. Now in Houston, but still with the original name.

How in the hell did I misspell franchise that badly?

Can someone explain to me why Michael Bennet didn't get more carries in that game?

Josh, One request. Don't lump Johhny U in with that group. He was one of the best ever, but by the time he got here in 73, he was done. He was benched in 72 by the Colts after 4 or 5 games and never played another down for them. I remember when he got to SD. He was going to be the mentor for Fouts, but he had nothing left and I think he got benched after 3 or 4 games. So you really can't refer to him with those other guys. I know this will be considered blasphemy, but by way of comparison, Ryan Leafs stats were better than Johnny U's in his last couple of years.

Gringo, a couple of Clipper/Rockets trivia for you. When the pre SD Buffalo Braves had the initial draft, they passed on hometown player Calvin Murphy because the didn't think he would make it in the NBA; he's only about 5'9" and went on to become a Hall of Famer. So I guess bad draft moves have been folowing the Clippers from the start. Maybe we should call it the Calvin Murphy curse. Most people probably know that Pat Riley was the SD Rockets first draftee. That wasn't to bad; he seems to have done ok for himself. Their first pick in the 2nd year was Elvin Hayes, the Big E, who happens to have been an All Ameican at ....the University of Houston. Remember that game in the Astrodome, Houston /UCLA? That was the Big E who shut down Lew Alcinder after UCLA had won almost 50 in a row. So what happens when the Rockets move to Houston? They trade Hayes after 1 season because Tex Winter doesn't like his fundamentals. Ten years later Houston brought him back,. He had 3 finals appearances and 1 ring and Houston had zip. I guess you can take the team out of San Diego but you can't take San Diego out of the team.

I love all the hoops talk. Well, sure, Pat Riley did okay for himself as a coach, winning those rings with the Lakers. But he wasn't a very good player.

Did you hear that Calvin Murphy (who had a free throw record for the longest time, and was very angry when it got broken)...I believe he got arrested and did jail time for child molestation.

And yes, I realize Johnny U was at the end of his career. But my point is this. Pete was saying the Chargers had NO HISTORY, and to me, that is certainly history. Having, perhaps the best QB of all time, with his last season, while a future Hall of Famer (Fouts) is in the wings, is certainly interesting football "history".

It's like Jordan playing for Washington, or Hank Aaron and Willie Mays...didn't they both have a season with another team?

I guess we have different interpretations of team history, Josh. I think to use the word history in the your context, a player needed to really make some kind of contribution to the team's success. And like I said, Johnny U was done when he got to SD and really didn't contribute anything of significance. Kind of like Namath going to the Rams. He also only made it thru 4 games but played a little better than Johnny U did. You are correct about the Hammer and the Say Hey Kid. The Braves wanted the Hammer to break Ruth's record as a Brave, but by then he was having "difficulties" in the field; bad knees I think. About a month after he broke the record, the Braves traded him to Milwaukee, where he could DH and not have to play in the field. He played ok, but nothing like his Braves years. Mays on the other hand, was traded for money becuase the Giant's owner was going broke. He played for a couple of years but only in about 1/2 the games. I have 2 lasting memories of Willie Mays with the Mets. One is of him falling down after swinging and missing a pitch. Not because of how hard he swung but because of how bad he swung. The other is of him falling down in the outfield trying to run down a fly ball. Sey Hey has said several times over the years that he played to long and should have quit sooner.

OK. I concede Josh. The Chargeless have LOCAL football history. Doesn't every team? The Chargeless are in two special groups:Group 1-Those that have made it to the Super Bowl and Group 2-Those that have never won the Super Bowl. Seeing as the Chargeless have a roster full of talent,are granted an automatic 5-6 wins per season via their s***ty division and can't make it past the playoffs,I'll put them in Group 3-Those have dwelled in the cellar for song long,they may never get back to the Super Bowl.

I also LOVE the excuses local fans give me regarding this team of Special Olympians...In regards to the blackouts:"It's the economy". Really? The economy is THAT bad here in multi-million dollar condo on the beachland? REALLY? I think that excuse is more tied in with the other excuse I hear all the time:"Football isn't all there is in the Whale's Vagina in the fall". Thanks numbnuts. I didn't know that. If you're out parasailing off the Torrey Pines Cliffs,you must not care enough about your team. The Q holds 71,294 fans. Lambeau Field holds 72,928 fans. How is that Lambeau Field can sell ALL of their home game's tickets a week into pre-season every year? You can't say that there is a different economy in Wisconsin. It's the same one that's in California. You guys have 1,634 seats less to fill than Lambeau Field yet this Sunday will be the 2nd week in a row a corporate sponsor had to bail you guys out from looking like national douchebags. I'm starting to think the term Fair-Weather Fan was coined right here in the Whale's Vagina.

As for Johnny U being the greatest? Sounds good and all but if you compare Johnny U with Favre,I think Favre would win by a c***hair.

"You can't say that there is a different economy in Wisconsin. It's the same one that's in California." You might want to run that past Don Bauder, Pete. I'd bet money he'd tell you otherwise.

How is it any different? Home prices and rents are less in Wisconsin than California but only because the Cost of Living Index is lower. The minimum wage in Wisconsin is $7.25 an hour. The mimum wage in California is $8.25 an hour. The average rent paid in Wisconsin is roughly $600 a month for a two bedroom apartment. The average rent paid in the Whale's Vagina is roughly $1,200. You can't claim it's the economy if you choose to live in a place that charges double the rent but only pays a dollar more. You also have to factor in that there are ALOT more people making far above the minimum wage in the Whale's Vagina than are in Wisconsin. Saying it's the economy is just fanspeak for"Our team really does suck but I don't want to admit it".

I wasn't defending the Chargers, and I wasn't saying "It's the economy." The point was that ours is a somewhat different economy that is at least said to run counter-cyclical to the rest of the country. Agree or disagree, but that is a widely held view.

The Chargers probably do suck, but I wouldn't know because I don't give a hoot in hell about sports. I do know that they can use the stadium they've got or go find another one. I won't miss them.

Ok. Fair enough. I've always respected your opinions. As for the Chargeless leaving,they've cleared one hurdle already.

It also seems that the Chargeless have hurt tummys :-(

My RAIDER NATION will get the job done this year just watch,, oh yea by the way, J Board we have 3 RINGS! If I'm not mistaken the Sandy Eggo Waffle Chargless have 0 yall would agree right??? I'm calling 9-7 1st place in the AFC West and the chargers will be in 3rd place... hahhaaha ------> YOUR GUYS'S RUN IS OVER WITH ENJOY!!!


Blabber mouth-put $$ where mouth is or go home.

Raiders will not get to 500-and will be in last, or second to last, place in the AFC West.

If the Chargers want to keep the stadium they've got, fine. Let 'em stay. If not, they can leave. I'm more concerned with, say, music than sports, but if blink-182 or Jason Mraz tells the city, "Build us a dedicated venue with XYZ amenities, or we're moving to L.A.," they can go to hell and I wouldn't miss them.

Then again, I live in El Cajon and don't have to pay a cent for the Stadium, so what do I care.


re Calvin Murphy, I think that was 5 or 6 years ago, but he was found innocent. He has something like 15 kid by 10 different women(even more than Shaun Kemp lol) and I think it was some of his daughters from some women other than his wife. btw, the difference with Jordan was he came back to basketball having left with another 3peat and still playing at the top of his game. He has said his decision to leave after the 98 season had alot to do with Jackson, Pippen and Rodman leaving or the expectations the were leavin. Remember he was already part owner president of basketball operations in Washington. He came back because he could still play. Completely different situation than Unitas, or Mays and Aaron for that matter.

I'm gaureenting that the Chargers will lose against the Miami Fins this week because the running game isn't just there like two years ago. Maybe because you guys ran LT a little to much in the past. Marty and past coaches never gave him a breather, even though LT never plays in the preseason it's because he doesn't disclose whats really bothering him. And anyways the Broncos always start off the season with a run but they could never could sustain the momentum. Like I said the Raiders are taking the AFC WEST!!!

It's too early to tell whose taking the AFC West. With the exception of the Broncos,the entire division sucks. As for predicting a win,I'll admit I took Miami only because they looked good against Indy on MNF but you'll never see me saying"I guarantee....".

Ok I'm have a vision that the Raiders will take the AFC West lol. Miami did do good against Peyton and Company but the Chargers are nothing like the Colts there like night and day. Norv just doesn't know how to call plays when the play really counts trust me I know that bg of s** messed up a number of games for the Raiders.

I agree that SD fans are weak. Once, the Rolling Stones sold out every city they played but San Diego. And with the sports teams...The Clippers were only drawing a few thousand fans. Now, no matter how bad the team is, it's an NBA team. We could watch Norm Nixon and Bill Walton, playing against other NBA greats. And nope, not enough fans to even make money!

Raiderfan...if you want to bet on who does more this season (meaning how far they go in the playoffs), we can make a $500 bet going to the persons favorite charity.

But I once made a bet with a Raider fan for $25, and they never paid. Now, I'm not going to say all Raider fans are like that...but....

"I know that bg of s** messed up a number of games for the Raiders."

Never were truer words spoken. "I KNOW! Let's get rid of a coach who took our team to a 14-2 season and we'll replace him with a piece of s*** doofus from our rivals(who we've beaten NUMEROUS times)!!!!"

I would bet but I don't an extra $500 dollars to bet even though it's going to a great cause. And I agree fans like that give respectful Raider fans a bad rep like the ones who go to the game to start trouble. It's a darn shame that they would buy a ticket just to fight, " it ain't fight club!"

I would bet but I don't an extra $500 dollars to bet even though it's going to a great cause. .....


Go home junior-with tail between skinny legs-this is for adults.

Raiders are laying nothing but eggs this season. Al Davis has alzheimers but still wants to coach the team. It's over, your dreams of Raider dominance, until AD kicks the bucket.

I went to high school with two brothers, Ronnie and Lonnie Bennett. They are Raiders fans, and great guys. I ran into one of them when Tim Brown was at Harrah's Casino about 8 months ago. Geez, how can a guy as classy as Tim Brown been a Raider for so long?

Sure, Josh. Sproles is the 6.6 million dollar man. He's a tagged player, one-year contract. He could break a huge play at any time. I pay someone 6.6 million, I'm putting the rock into his gut.

Bennet is cheap, slow, steady, and entirely expendable. He'll get you a couple of yards, maybe five. But he probably isn't going to do anything spectacular. Sproles might.

The Raiders used to be a team of second chances-they provided that second chance to so many goof balls, and that is what made them special.

That was before free agency-when yo either played for a team your entire career or you were forced to sit out of the game.

Now the goof balls can go anywhere for a second chance, jsut look at M Vick and T Owens.

I grew up a Raider fan, had that silver and black running through my veins. But after that slimeball Al Davis carpet bagged out of town to LA, that was it. I followed the Raiders for a couple more seasons in 82 and 83, and then faced the facts-the team abandoned their hardcore loyal fan base for greed.

I have a strong feeling the Chargers are going to do the exact same thing Al Davis did.

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