Cabs vs. Coach

After more than 30 years, the Mexicoach shuttle bus to and from downtown Tijuana to San Ysidro is threatening to end service to the international border because Yellow Cab drivers in Tijuana are allegedly vandalizing their buses and harassing their passengers.

As tourism in Tijuana has dwindled to nearly nothing, competition for the few tourists who do make it to the city has grown intense. Taxi drivers are “encouraging terrorism because of envy,” two Mexicoach leaders, Juan Padilla and Fernando Amilpa, told the daily El Sol de Tijuana newspaper. Padilla and Amilpa said that the taxi drivers have destroyed Mexicoach buses and intimidated bus passengers. In one case, according to Mexicoach, a Korean executive was beaten up by Yellow Cab drivers during a dispute over whether to use Mexicoach or take a Yellow Cab.

“We view with sadness that the authorities do nothing because of political pressure regarding these people and, well, we see this as no benefit to the city,” Padilla told the newspaper. The labor union that represents Yellow Cab drivers is one of the most powerful in the city. According to Mexicoach, the cab drivers “terrorize” foreign visitors who refuse to board their taxis and opt instead for the shuttle-bus service. The taxi drivers, according to Mexicoach, harass people walking along Avenida Revolución as they pass by Mexicoach buses parked on the street ready to load passengers.

Padilla told El Sol the problem of damage to their buses and threats to their passengers has become so severe that Mexicoach is considering terminating its shuttle service “because of the fear represented by the Yellow Cab drivers.”

“Our companions are going to end up under-employed and these people are to blame because they have not received a tough hand [from authorities] and act with impunity,” Padilla told the newspaper. Padilla and Amilpa said the intimidation by the taxi drivers — in addition to vandalizing their buses — includes following the shuttles along their routes and “practically kidnapping” the buses, trying to block their passage along city streets.

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sounds like my visit to hawaii. you cant use public transit if you have any kind of luggage . my girlfriend n i were shopping , we had purchased so many mementos to take home to friends n family that we needed another suitcase to take them on the flight home. so we took the bus to walmart . bought a suitcase. and went back to our bus stop to go back to our hotel. the bus drivers wouldnt let us board cuz of the luggage. we showed them it was empty and that we just purchased it . they would not relent . forget a taxi . we walked . we vowed next time we go to hawaii . possibly next october . we aint buying a thing n we aint taking any tours .

Nice, PP. Just remember, my people continue to roast the likes of you on a big sharp stick. Slowly, over a good hot fire. Aloha!

My apologies,SD. I've never been there but from what I've heard,it's not like the tourist brochures make it out to be.

yeah dont go with the brochures. just get there and take public transit. and you will see the real hawaii. and its beautiful. the people are cool . the water is so clean . san diego even lajolla looks like mud compared. the air is so clean and smells of flowers.

Did someone pod-nap PP? An apology? (Sputter, sputter). Well! And guess what? I'm biologically Hawaiian, but have never been there, either, though everyone else in my family has been, including my mother (obviously). Keep it up, PP, and I'm going to have to conclude that you are indeed human :)

Whyigota: Several cousins and an aunt were moved enough by the scent of plumeria to all get the same small tattoo of this flower on their bodies. We are talking about some pretty conservative folk, too, but they are beautiful flowers, aren't they? :)

hey PP, i can think of worse things to give yourself for christmas than a trip to hawaii! maybe i'll punish myself with that bahamas trip i've been thinking about!

:-D I've heard the Bahamas are pretty shweet to visit. My parents took a cruise there a couple of years back and loved it.

Yes SD,I do on ocassion apologize for the things that I say. I am human and as such,I can be a real a**hole. I was in a really bad mood when I saw this article. My friends know that me being me,I couldn't just go to Hawai'i as a tourist. I must weave myself into the social network to fully experience the places I visit. I've been told about the good(tourist) and the bad(myself). Maybe I'll visit there this Xmas to see for myself....

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