Bypassing Bylaws in Golden Hill

The Greater Golden Hill Maintenance Assessment District's (MAD) oversight committee is getting a makeover. The Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation (GGHCDC) will replace 8 of the 12 members serving on the volunteer committee with fresh faces.

The GGHCDC will do so through an appointment process, not in an election as was done when the MAD was formed in 2007.

And while GGHCDC officials say they are following the contract they have with the City, some residents believe it's a hack job and that CDC officials, with help from the City, want to remove the unwanted board members who have worked tirelessly to trim away extra fat from the MAD's budget.

Evidence of that trimming came back in July, when several members of the MAD oversight committee successfully lobbied San Diego's city councilmembers to cut next year's assessment ($488,000) in half, claiming that rollover funds from previous years should be spent before new assessments were collected.

It's because of their effort, says Barbara Houlton, an member of the MAD oversight committee that supported the reduction, that the GGHCDC is reconfiguring the oversight committee - her position included.

"[The GGHCDC and the City] were infuriated that we got the city council to reduce next year's assessment by 50 percent, and they are determined to get rid of the people that were instrumental in doing that," says Houlton during a September 17 phone interview. "The City and the [GGH]CDC are in agreement that this oversight committee is a major pain."

"We were expecting one-third to be replaced by a vote," adds Houlton. "So, the oversight committee has turned into an appointed committee instead of an elected one."

But for Pedro Anaya, executive director of the MAD program, nowhere in the City's guidelines does it state that community elections are required for oversight committee members. "The implementation of an election by property owners was something the CDC chose to do initially to establish the committee. Having an election for the initial selection of the [oversight committee] was at the discretion of the [GGH]CDC."

In a September 16 email from Luis Ojeda, program director for the City's Economic Development Division, to Barbara Houlton, Ojeda agreed, adding that the bylaws established by the oversight committee shortly after it was formed don't have any bearing on anything.

"Bylaws are not statutory or legal in nature since the [MAD oversight committee] is not a recognized legal entity, it is an advisory committee," writes Ojeda. "Although the Greater Golden Hill CDC Executive Director may not have the right to make the nomination process decision, the Greater Golden Hill CDC Board of Directors does. The process was approved by the Golden Hill CDC board of directors at the August 20, 2009, board meeting."

Despite the GGHCDC's decision to appoint new committee members, Barbara Houlton says the issue isn't over. She points to a lawsuit filed last year by residents claiming that the city illegally pushed the MAD on the community after voters had rejected it the first time. That case, which could potentially overturn the MAD, will be heard next week.

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Comment #1 has NO talk of violence. The citizens "revolution" Mr. Hunt urges is completely reasonable when you consider how your friends downtown have screwed San Diego.

Comment #7 has the inevitable "illegals" bashing we find everywhere in San Diego, largely as a result of talk-radio bigots like Roger Hedgecock. I tend to ignore these rants, since they're so misinformed. But it really was a disgression from the main point that your beloved CDC is deeply corrupt...and you are defending that corruption. The "illegals" rant is a red herring.

Comment #15 is personally attacking you? So your name is Pat Martin? Why don't you use it instead of hiding behind a pseudonym? What are you hiding?

Comment #16 also names and shames you. Did you miss it? And...if you want to see some personal attacks, check out the responses I get from the downtowners when I call them on their corruption. Jack McGrory had the nerve to call me a "terrorist" because I testified to the council that he was bankrupting the city twelve years ago, Jim Madaffer, the notoriously unethical worm behind the theft of Grantville redevelopment money called me "disgusting"...if you can't take personal attacks, I wonder if you've ever actually done a single worthwhile thing in politics. It comes with the job, you know. Sure, you deserve credit for the "Trash Tigers", giving kids trashbags and encouraging them to clean up the neighborhood and your work for "Tiger Tales" encouraging literacy. But that's window dressing in a town where corruption has destroyed our good reputation and will soon destroy the quality of life for our communities.

Comment #17 was your first comment? I guess some other Pat Martin masquerading as GHsupporter wrote posts #3 and #4 then, hey?

Pat, you're just dishonest. According to online sources, "The CDC just this month presented its first “Lifetime Membership” to Pat Martin."

Pat, you are turning out to be an example of what's wrong with San Diego, accepting an award from scum like Ben Hueso.


If he tried to shake my hand, I'd spit in his face. That's because I truly love San Diego, and truly hate those who are doing their best to plunder my beloved city to pad their own political nests.

The CDC's illegal move to block citizen input is just one example among many. If you love San Diego, as I'm sure you do, you'd stop defending that move and join with the rest of us who are simply disgusted with what's going on...instead of hobnobbing with the very people who are so very bad for San Diego.

PART 1 of 2...

I’ve been offline for a number of days, and am disappointed (though unsurprised) to find that not a single person on this list can enumerate projects that they would like to have seen the MAD tackle successfully. There is no evidence whatsoever that the people who shout so loudly about how corrupt and incompetent the MAD is ever wanted it to work in the first place. All I see here is more of the same---attacks on the people involved, (& “apologists” like me) and grandiose, revolutionary, and anti-tzx rhetoric—but no substance and specifics on the failures themselves, or practical specifics about what we can do to fix the problems.
Let me just clarify a few things. I am well aware of Joe’s investment in this neighborhood, and the care with which he has made it; he is a talented person that I appreciate as a GH neighbor---which is why I find the tenor of his remarks so distressing. Secondly, I do not have an argument with people who say that the MAD is a duplicative tax, for services that GH should already be getting from the city. Is it inherently unfair that we need to do this? You bet. Does LaJolla get treated better than us by virtue of being rich and lily white? yes again. Does the city tolerate code violations that are enforced elsewhere? Yes! Do cops tolerate crime here they would otherwise investigate elsewhere? yes again! Do not for one minute think that I am not pissed off about all of this. I am. I am also pissed off that whenever serious fire seasons come around, SD is saved by the fire trucks and brave crews of higher tax cities (like LA and SF), so that San Diego’s anti-tax zealots can live in their back-country homes at the expense of others. So I view anti-tax wing-nuts to be egregiously self-righteous welfare queens—well-heeled white people who are experienced in elbowing their way to the front of the line and shouting, “me first!” But unlike the rest of the self-pitying whiners on this blog, I actually made an effort to attack the fundamentals of SD corruption in the elections that counted the most—working for candidates who, however flawed, were at least genuine and authentic in their desire to reform things in city hall---and who tried to get more city services overall, and to have them more equitably distributed to neighborhoods such as GH. These efforts failed, for a number of reasons: low voter turnout, low voter information, flawed candidates, lack of organization and money, and of course, the ability of key special interests to buy campaigns in areas of low voter turnout.

Part 2 of 2.....

Consequently, I have enthusiastically supported the MAD as a practical alternative. Since I already believe SD residents should pay more taxes to get more city services, I figured that for $100-200 per year, we could get some of the basic services that are unfairly denied to us, and have some say about what these were through some measure of local control. Has this failed as a practical alternative? Well, that’s what you folks seem to be saying---but it also seems like nobody wants it fail more than you. Despite big investments in the neighborhood (like Joe’s), you spend all your efforts in Patrick Henry-style propaganda about the evils of the tax itself. And you can’t articulate anything you actually want to do with the money, or any tangible way you wanted to make it work in the community.

OK, then. The MAD doesn’t work and you’ve given up hope on the people involved to make it work. But you’ve also sat on the sidelines when city elections really gave you the opportunity to attack corruption in city hall. From comments on this blog about the nature of politics, it is also clear that most of you are unwilling to exert yourselves to find and recruit good people to run for city government. Despite all the bluster and 18th century rhetoric---none of you actually believes in a political system where you need to exert yourselves by organizing, and persuading people with a positive message and program. All you have is your heavy bundle of self-pitying personal resentments, and sense of entitlement. And you figure that by screaming, threatening, and stamping your feel, you will get your way. By all means, keep it up! see where it gets you.

My advice is to organize a community coalition across racial and ethnic lines, work hard on candidate recruitment, meet on a weekly basis and come up with positive, concrete ideas that people believe in, find cheap ways to disseminate these ideas, find similarly-minded organizational allies, get people registered, get people organized, and most of all, get people to the polls. All of it is hard and time consuming work, but ultimately, it’s the only hope you have of being an effective voice of good governance, at any level. Right now, you are still a bunch of self-regarding, whining, nihilists without a positive message. And as I’ve said before, if that’s what you want, then just join Lomas 26.

That’s all I have to say on this matter.

What an absolute crock of crap and pack of crooked, collusional idiots. In the last oversight committee meeting, I coined the MAd as an acronym for Monies Available for Debauchery. Now I'm coining the GGHCDC acronym as representative of "Greater Golden Hill Center for Deception, Corruption, and Collusion." Oops sorry CDC, I threw in an extra “C” but given what you’re trying to perpetrate, I think it fits, don’t you!!!!!

So this is obviously the blueprint of how these arrogant swaggering crooks must do it from district to district and deceive the public in the following way. One, they initally ramrod the MAD in against popular vote through City land area and a weighted City vote. Two, they initially allow a MAD oversight committee voted in by the public to make us think we have a say and appease us. Three, they then later let us know that the oversight committee has no legal authority and that the CDC can do whatever they want….you know the old fox in the henhouse thing. Four, they then replace the oversight committee with their own proponents when the oversight committee actually does what they were really elected to do….represent the people. That about right Pedro??

I wonder how many of the CDC proponents that will be shoehorned in belong to the Friends of 32nd Street or some other loose organization of money-grubbers hellbent on using our collective money to support one of their pet projects versus the community at large?? Hey Friends, I heard your replacement trees were stolen…you know the ones that were supposed to replace the native flora you ripped out and didn’t like. So I’m wondering, will you now use more of our money to replace them, costing us even more??? Further, I wonder if the entity they paid $5,000 of our money to to design a $300 logo was one of the CDC's members friends or family?? You morons really are about as transparent as a pane of glass. And given my contacts in the governor’s office, I'm in discussion with the State Attorney General's office as we speak regarding your blatant and unscrupulous attempts to enact and wring more money out of residential homeowners who already pay for taxes for the very things the MAD supposedly encompasses. You bastards want a revolution. Guess what. You just got one.

Shades of 1776. Hey GGHCDC, did you know that the slogan "No taxation without representation" began in the period from 1763–1776 that summarized a primary grievance of the British colonists in the original Thirteen Colonies.

In short, many in those colonies believed the lack of direct representation in the distant British Parliament was an illegal denial of their rights as Englishmen, and therefore laws taxing the colonists (you know like the ones you're trying to currently perpetrate), and other laws applying only to the colonies, were unconstitutional.

It's obvious that you all don't care about the precepts of the U.S. Constitution but you'd think that maybe you'd learn from history. Well history does have a habit of repeating itself now doesn't it and well, we all know what happened to England back then, don't we. Itsa comin' and ya best get ready.

The oversite committee consists of 15 positions (not 12 Dorian) as determined by the engineers report. These positions were divided into three groups The positions up for nomination were drawn by lottery for 1, 2 or 3 year terms. This will ensure that in the future 1/3 of the committee will be replaced each year.This will provide for continuity in the committee. Anyone serving in a position up for nomination may be nominated to serve again. Nominees will be chosen by a committee of 7 representing various community groups chosen from a list in the Engineers report. Each of these groups will appoint their own representative. A letter will go out to the entire community asking for nominations,

The job of the oversite committee is to facilitate the proper running of the MAD, not to try and obstruct and remove it. Elections do not insure that good representatives end up on the committee. They ensure that the most vocal end up there by turning into local politicians. They may have been voted on but they don't represent the community. I know several people who voted for current committee members because they recognized their name who are now very unhappy with their votes. Those committee members have acted as obstructionists for two years, making positive progress difficult and more expensive than it should be.

No other oversite committee has ever been chosen by election.

Many oversite committees are appointed strictly by the board of the managing organization and some consist strictly of board members of that organization.

The GGH MAD is accepting nominations for any qualified member of the community and the panel revewing the nominations consitsts of various community groups, not just CDC board members.

Golden Hill Supporter - you are correct that "No other oversite committee has ever been chosen by election." but that is not the issue here. The issue is that when the GGHCDC came around trying to gain support for this idiocy called the MAD, they told the property owners that we could all rest assured that our interest would be safe because we would have an oversite committee of ELECTED residents to ensure that our voice was heard and everything would be on the up and up. We were assured that our assessments would never go up unless approved by this ELECTED oversite committee which would represent the residents. The elected folks on the current committee have done a very fine job, the best they could given the nonsense the GGHCDC has been pulling at every turn. This MAD has been nothing but a waste of time and property owner money. $5000 dollars of our money just spent to pay for a logo design that will go on stickers and refrigerator magnets (at what cost???) indeed!

And, Golden_Hill_Supporter, as far as "The GGH MAD is accepting nominations for any qualified member of the community and the panel revewing the nominations consitsts of various community groups, not just CDC board members." that doesn't provide any comfort for the property owners given that the "various community groups" all have ties to the CDC and share some members in common.

Gosh, almost forgot, the property owners were also promised that 100 percent of the funds collected to go into projects to better the community. Well that wasn't true either - about 30 percent of the funds go into administration. Thankfully some of those "obstructionists" you speak of were able to eliminate some of the outrageous waste.

The Greater Golden Hill MAD is a travesty and nothing more than some special interest groups picking our pockets to support their pet projects.

The existing MAD Oversight Committee has 12 members. 15 are defined, but three positions are unfilled. This accounts for the discrepancy in numbers. The CDC will keep three members, including the current chair, and fill 12 positions.

The legal requirement is for an "independent" committee. A committee appointed by the GH CDC to provide oversight of the GH CDC doesn't look very independent to many people.

Golden Hill Supporter?? Huh??? How bout Golden Hill CDC Plant!! Geezuz. Obstructionists??? More like patriots who are, or soon to be were I guess, guarding against special interest city criminals using our money for basically whatever they want. Why wouldn't they as we really have no say and never have. And please, do you honestly think that given how the MAD was enacted in the first place that we could expect an honest election of new committee members. Not!!! Absolute power corrupts absolutely and it certainly has and continues in this case. Government is supposed to work for the people. Instead it has and is evermore turning into a rampantly growing, self perpetuating, ten headed-monster fed by an ever increasing demand for taxpayer dollars to support its uncontrolled growth. Where will it end?? I'll bet the CDC's insatiable demand for MAD money will equate to a guaranteed annual 5% raise of our MAD taxes from here on out. And nobody will there be to stop them!!! And ever increasing and duplicative taxes is significant for people who own a home on a fixed income and must utilize health programs that Obama wants to now eradicate. Eradicate...so he can cater to the whims of the parasitic, expanding illegal Mexican horde whose 18-year per anchor baby welfare-supported stipend has and is both far outstripping and has destroyed most funding mechanisms in California on multiple levels. All for the sake of a vote. Maybe if the San Diego public would vote out the ridiculous pensions that virtually worthless city workers amass and vote in for themselves (huh???), the city would have more money (way more money actually) and wouldn't need MAD's at all. So really the MAD's are really nothing more than fiscal chicanery to compensate for corruption and self-promotion at the highest levels of city government. And that's part of the global U.S. governmental mentality and corrupt macrocosm that you're supporting with this MAD microcosm. Is that really where you want to be?? If so, I feel sorry you because you've been blinded to the much larger truth.

Anyway, I applaud all of the outgoing MAD advisory committee members who dedicated thier time and effort against corrupt and virtually powerless odds to conserve our very valuable tax dollars. Thank you all. Job well done.

Friday September 18, 2009

As a newly elected member of the GHCDC I would like to state that my main reason for wishing to serve on the committee is an unquenchable desire to make Greater Golden Hill an even better place to live in than it already is.

Integral to the current level of quantifiable progress is the voter approved M.A.D. whose fiscal agent is the impeccably managed and motivated CCDC.

My husband and I, veterans of civic action groups, are impressed with M.A.D.’S can-do attitude, which, it seamlessly does if not fettered by ulterior impediments and those with personal not community agendas. So both in fact and in gratitude we define M.A.D. by the aptly felicitous acronym of: Making a Difference,

Rhetorically may I ask? Is the GHCDC trying to kick off members of the committee who are cantankerous? No (they are not). Is the city trying to get rid of them? No (they are not).

May I add that the process for new nominations includes letting the members who are let go by a lottery system to re-apply for another appointment.

Facts [Uncontested and irrefutably positive) ü If (today) I see graffiti I call M.A.D. (Making a Difference) and the graffiti is gone often the next day (that is huge and in Master Card talk: priceless). ü If I see an abandoned couch I call M.A.D. (Making a Difference) and the couch is gone and recycled often the next day (and not under the freeway in a homeless encampment). ü Weeds in the gutter? Call M.A.D. (Making a Difference). ü Sweeping? They (Making a Difference) manage to sweep the entire Greater Golden Hill Area in the span of a month (every month).

Finally, as a resident who has lived in Golden Hill for 33-years, and who once upon a time used to carry a 5-gallon bucket of paint in our station wagon so we could continually paint out the scourge of graffiti, and who as a founder of the Golden Hill Trash Tigers, picked up trash for 20-years alongside of a group of often 100-kids of all ethnicities, having M.A.D. (Making a Difference) is a Godsend, and a capstone in the arch of civic integrity.

In closing the glue that holds the GHCDC together is a mutuality of civic mindedness, a band of brothers and sisters, who sacrifice their time and efforts for the common good not for personal enrichment.

By Pat Martin

"Eradicate...so he can cater to the whims of the parasitic, expanding illegal Mexican horde whose 18-year per anchor baby welfare-supported stipend has and is both far outstripping and has destroyed most funding mechanisms in California on multiple levels."

Dude, stop going all Roger Hedgecock, blame the politicians not the Mexicans. Don't be a bigot.

refried, as long as we are waxing philosophical: Why is a libertarian slash anarchic rhetoric so often accompanied by an unabashed hatred of people that so clearly demarcates and supports the kind of political and national boundaries they wish to 'eradicate,' in favor of a self-policed state? :)

SD: I had no idea it was limited to politics. Generally, I attribute it to irrational fear, and fear seems to transcend political preferences.

I didn't mean to claim it is limited to politics; on the contrary, am asking why it so often does get expressed in the guise of some political concern.

The CDC last year had 30 members; this year 45. The City has given them $1,240,000 in MAD funds collected from all of the property owners in Golden Hill. Expect to see the Golden Hill Fountain repaired, expect to see South Park Businesses beautified. Expect more lawsuits. The City has structured it so that future lawsuits will be filed against the GH CDC, not the City. Works for them!

In Soviet Russia, when the central leaders of the Communist Politburo did not approve of elected Oblast committees, committee members were exported to Siberia and positions were then opened for being "filled". If you wanted 4/5ths of the ukranian vodka production for your own city's supply, but only got 1/10th...well...after a few trips to the hurt locker, guess what: you got your 4/5ths of corruption.

Obviously, the CDC is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, because Golden Hill is not located in Soviet Russia.

Last I checked, when an elected official--which is what the MAD members are--is unlawfully removed from office, which is what happens when an elected board member is removed from their elected position, their power of speech, as granted to them by their electorate and THUS the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, has been infringed. In essence, the CDC, an appointed body who ignores it's own oversight board has LESS of a legal leg to stand on as it begins an assault on the fundamental principles of EXISTENCE IN AMERICA. Imagine the ramifications: you and your mob buddies don't like an honest mayor? Out he goes in favor of one who will look the other way.

When the original MAD board was elected, a guideline was created. ooops.

If the GHCDC engaged an attorney, they need a better one. In fact, I would go so far as to say the GHCDC, an appointed body, probably ought to have their own positions vacated by the city in exchange for one less likely to cause friction in the community. If 12 out of 15 ELECTED oversight positions, and thus 80% of the GH population, are not in favor of APPOINTED GhCDC actions, is MAD really the problem--or the GHCDC?

Remember GHCDC who you work for.

Pat Martin asserts that neither the CDC nor the City wanted to get rid of "cantankerous" members of the Oversight Committee. Her statement would be more convincing if she could back it up.

The CDC drew names to see which five of the original Oversight Committee would be invited back. Two of the five reappointments were CDC supporters, the third is away for months at a time, and the other two were slots that had been vacant from the beginning. The CDC thus gets to appoint not 10 but 12 new members. From the CDC's viewpoint, this result is the equivalent of drawing to an inside straight, hitting a home run with the bases loaded, and winning the lottery by buying a single ticket. As miracles go, the CDC will only top this when its executive director walks on water.

The CDC is not at all a representative body. It consists of self-selected members with definite ideas about how they want to improve the neighborhood. Some of these ideas are pet projects they want everyone in the neighborhood to pay for. The original Oversight Committee managed to scotch or limit some of these. Expect the new committee to sink money into the canyons, repair a park fountain, undertake projects in Balboa Park (not part of Golden Hill at all), duplicate city services, and rent an additional office for the CDC.

Pat Martin "newly elected menber" of the CDC? What a gas, Pat. You've been in the CDC since the dinosaurs roamed Golden Hill Park. Remember when Bob Filner invesigated your use of the CDC newspaper "The Cornerstone" for supporting a protest and boycott of Planned Parnethood's fundraising tour of the old houses in GH? That's right, Pat, you used your nonprofit CDC boardmenbership role for political puposes, because you are a rabid anti-free-choicer. There is a huge record of lies, greed, self-interest, tax-dollar grubbing,and political bullying by all of the CDC old guard, such as Kessler, Willetts, Poppe, and Mclellan-Lydon, going back decades.

I am extremely disturbed by the violent tone of Joe Hunt’s rhetoric, and by the similarly violent, more bigoted tone, of the others who share his views. We have seen similar things on a national level, where those who don't like an election outcome start threatening their perceived opponents with bloodshed, start spreading hysterical lies, start screaming insults, stop listening, and start trafficking in race hatred (Why do anti-tax arguments always devolve to witchdoctors with bones in the nose, gorillas, and wetbacks?). We've already got a local gang involved in violent activities. We do not need a gang of panicked, ignorant, and angry white people with guns, who equate any form of civic involvement, or any form of taxation, to an affront to their basic freedoms.

Really, Joe, who exactly are you threatening--and for what? Your $200 MAD assessment? Haven't you invested 200 times this much already in your community? Let’s put things in perspective about what is really at stake. We're talking about grafiti, mattress pickups, garbage cleanups, etc. You're too smart to be acting like an ignorant, racist wing-nut, so cut it out.

What we really have here is a small group of white anti-tax zealots, in a community that is 80% Latino, pretending that they somehow represent the majority. Well, in the only really democratic vote we had, managed by the county board of Elections, the MAD was approved by a solid majority of people in our district. If folks want to volunteer to be on the oversight committee, great---and if they want to be hyper-watchful about spending, even better!

But that does not mean these people have the right to undermine and destroy the MAD itself, or to stop worthy projects from being funded. It's like what we saw in the Bush years from a similarly ignorant man who blindly hated government and taxes: He put "Brownie" in charge of FEMA, and Chris Cox in charge of the SEC, and millions of people continue suffer as a result of their incompetence.

Well, tax whiners, hear this: you weren't democratically elected, you don't have a God-given right to sit on an oversight committee, and you absolutely do not have a right to destroy the work of our MAD, which was democratically approved in a real vote. Your removal from the oversight committee is not only a good thing, but it is legal.

By all means, work hard in the next election to overturn the MAD. Persuade the people of this district why gang tagging is a good thing, or why it is nice to see mattresses piled on street corners, or garbage strewn in vacant lots! Make the case! While you're at it, maybe you can suggest closing our fire station, with all those freeloading city workers, and cutting down on police coverage, so they stop hassling your fellow libertarians in the Lomas 26 gang. (Like you, they believe in the right bear arms, and the right to use them on people they don't like.) Make this case honestly, and see where it gets you.

Hey now! Someone played the race card. So now its us, latinos, against the white man.

You are quite mistaken--if ANY oversight committee does not believe the implementation in its area of oversight is a) ethical b) prudent and c) legal, then it has both a moral and a legal mandate to do what is necessary to ensure transparency. I've read the code and what is suggested here is a clear violation, to the point it seems like the GGHCDC / MAD doesn't even care they could go to jail.

It's unfortunate because our community does deserve to have better then wasteful spending of our community resources. People keep saying "Look the mattresses are gone." I can think of a million ways the year should have gone, that didn't cost buku bucks and still pick up mattresses.

Instead we have a bunch of talentless no-hopers in the GGHCDC / MAD sucking up to the man, unable to see the future and unwilling to partake in discourse to get there. How is that hope and change? Do I think I could do a better job? Yes. Especially in these uncertain times, all I'd need is $30k, a pager and a white truck. You see graffiti? You page me and I'm out there painting. I wouldn't need to soak the community for money, raising the cost of living.

The Dow jones average fell from 14,000 and change to just under 7,000 LAST march. Think about this for a minute: half the wealth of America evaporated in 15 months. This impacts everyone. Bank liquidity, business owners, tenants, homeowners all face a money crisis. What job is steady in these times? Most of us here don't work for the city, and our jobs are all on the line for the next 2-3 years. So what does the GGHCDC / MAD do? Make our lives tougher. Taking money OUT of our community and putting it into other people's pockets--who cares what ethnicity they are. What does the MAD oversight committe do? Give a half million dollars in cold hard cash BACK to our community.

How do I know those fumbling through the show are a bunch of talentless no-hopers? Because the oversight committee shouldn't have been the ones taking the lead on that--that is exactly what I'd expect an honest GGHCDC / MAD to do. Remember: Rome fell when citizens became subjects. The political class ceased to really care, and started doing their own thing. Thats why I'm passionate. I want Golden Hill to be the best community it deserves to be. So I wonder: am I citizen, or a subject to the kings that want to be?

There is no "next election" for MAD. It is forever. And the City of San Diego cast 30% of the original winning vote. GH supporter: Interesting that the Lomas 26 are on the side of the original MAD Oversight Committee. I didn't know that. What odd allies!

It's sad. When the MAD was approved, real estate could only go up, and property would be clean, green, and safe. Now it is in foreclosure. It's a different world.

Couple of points for the reality-blind "GH supporter": The CDC used/uses the Republican-thug-tactic-Bush/Rove regime playbook perfectly. In part, this is why, after 8 years of federal corruption, the CDC is viewed so harshly. The people who oppose them, self included, are very progressive Democrats who would gladly pay much, much more than the ripoff assessment to the General Fund. Do you get that!!!? Progressives are NOT anti-tax. Are anti-privatization and anti-waste and anti-dishonest-nonprofit-corporate scams! San Diego's budget would be in fine shape if we could just have a sensible tax base for the General Fund, and stop creating private-tax fiefdoms courtesy of the Republican -dominated "nonprofit" corporations so cherished by the rightwing City government/voter base.

The CDC group has always employed and continues to employ Rove-style PR, using their cronies' PR companies (such as Mary McLellan Lydon and M Cubed Strategies) and their cronies in the City to put forward propaganda to say exactly the opposite of the truth. They have been closely aligned with the CCDC and Nancy Graham, and I'm sure they miss Nancy, who mentored them in the years before she was discovered to be a crook and fled San Diego. CDC has milked the system for decades, getting HUD money, State money, Federal money, grants from San Diego Foundation, local CIP monies, etc., with nothing to show for all the dollars they've grabbed to "improve the quality of your life," except for their braggodocio about all the great things they've done FOR YOU, the poor, stupid, resident who cannot help yourself. I suspect you don't know this because you are too young and haven't been around long enough to understand the kind of game they play, and how they use the low-income, Hispanic, and renter community, in particular. The CDC is/always has been upper-class white rental/business-property owners, Mills Act (low-tax-paying) owners, and real-estate agents/brokers who give money to and vote for Republican politicians. They are NOT for the community. They are for themselves. Period. [cont]

[cont] The longtime CDC members work the local media with propaganda, too. Just as one of a hundred examples, pertaining to a specific desire especially of the CDC members who own houses and properties along 25th and A, right near the Russ Street stretch bordering Golden Hill Park: Last year the longtime CDC member Bonnie Poppe contacted Ken Kramer of "About San Diego" and got him to do a segment about the "Golden Hill fountain," which is just an ugly pile of hideous nonindigenous rocks 4 feet in diameter. That ugly thing was built in the early 1900s and was a "fountain" for only a few years, before it was abandoned as useless and ugly. Poppe, on the Kramer segment, said that the fountain would require "$100,000 to restore." Kramer was dumbfounded, as well he should have been. What CDC/Poppe really want is LANDSCAPING. Water-intensive landscaping. And lots of related maintenance costs for watering and a water fountain that YOU and I can pay for forever, no matter how dear the water costs. Right behind the CDC's members' houses on A Street. How nice for them!! And this awful water-spouting thing with lots of LANDSCAPING (where right now is only summer-dead grassy weeds, maintained by the Park and Rec department, because GH Park is part of Balboa Park and belongs to the taxpayers of the entire City, NOT just GH) would require security, no doubt, and would be vandalized and need repair, no doubt. Maybe good bathing for the poor homeless. Lots of good ways to make sure all the assessment money is spent. That's the plan. Create ridiculous maintenance situations and have the CDC collecting your taxes forever to pay for it all.

There are many more stories to tell about these crooks and schemers. Want some more, with names and dates? Good stories about Atkins, Vargas, Inzunza, Hueso, Ojeda, and some of the newcomers who've jumped on the money bandwagon.

To Honest Government. I would like to clarify a few of your statements. I was on the CDC Board for three years almost ten years ago. Hardly "since the dinosaurs roamed Golden Hill Park".

Also, you were correct to say I was on the CDC Board when I organized a Prayer Vigil across the street from one of the homes which took part in the Planned Parenthood's fundraiser. It was determined that even though I was a member of the GHCDC Board, I was allowed to orgnize the Prayer Vigil. That being on the GHCDC Board did not preclude me from organizing on other issues in the neighborhood.

WOW! GHsupporter, on your comment #17:

That was the biggest pile of "thugly" rhetoric I've seen yet.

"Let’s put things in perspective about what is really at stake. We're talking about graffiti, mattress pickups, garbage cleanups, etc."

Let's really put this into perspective: those are all things that we already pay for through our property taxes and all anyone had to do was call the city to report it (I know, I have, and it was before your little MAD fiasco was forced on us by a rigged majority vote from the city itself!).

And what the heck does being dem, repub or independent have to do with this anyway? You speak as if only white people are repubs and all the rest are dems, and as if that really matters at all in this issue! What I'd really like to know with your quoted statistics

"What we really have here is a small group of white anti-tax zealots, in a community that is 80% Latino, pretending that they somehow represent the majority."

is this:

given that district 8 was gerrymandered to include parts of the city down by the border (nowhere near Golden Hill) so that it would create a solid Latino voting bloc so Hueso could get on the City Council, and it also include Logan Heights (predominantly Latino) but yet the GGHCDC MAD is only the area involving the parts of Southpark (district 3) and Golden Hill (district 8) that are around Balboa Park, AND what is the composition of Latino/white/black property owners who were actually eligible to vote on this MAD? I will bet you it is nowhere near 80 percent Latino. BTW, what percentage of the GGHCDC is Latino and is it representative of the 80 percent you quote? And Pedro doesn't count :)!

And what the heck is this about a "next election"? There is no next election and you know it! And regarding your statement:

"Well, tax whiners, hear this: you weren't democratically elected, you don't have a God-given right to sit on an oversight committee, and you absolutely do not have a right to destroy the work of our MAD, which was democratically approved in a real vote. Your removal from the oversight committee is not only a good thing, but it is legal."

Wow again! WE THE PEOPLE did not have any kind of a vote regarding all of you in the CDC who are spending our money! And WE THE PEOPLE who are funding this MAD have no say in how the money is spent now that we all know the truth which is that you lied to the people when you initially told the people that the oversight committee would be elected by the people to bring their voice into the spending. The GGHCDC which is not elected by the people controls our money and makes the decisions as to what our money is spent on so you bet your thugly little behind I will stand up and I will speak my dissent to this abortion of democracy called the GGHCDC MAD!

GH Supporter,

Please don't equate me with violence, racism, weapons, or a militia mentality just because you don't like the overwhelming majority of comments that see through the smoke and mirrors of the CDC and MAD as do I. Despite having both a U.S. special forces and intelligence background, I am a pacifist at heart but a patriot always against disparity, such as exists here with the denial of fair representation on the already lame duck MAD advisory committee with no legal power. Truly a conundrum wrapped in a dichotomy wouldn't you say??? Unfortuneately, you all didn't bank on the fact that the very patriotic, soon to be former MAD AC committee members did exercise thier rights to represent the public and circumvented the GHCDC's plans by approaching the City Council and getting our MAD assessment for next year reduced by 50% based on a preponderance of unspent MAD funds. I applaud thier efforts and so should you. Sadly, I would have thought that the GHCDC would have done that but of course as I said above, that's a crock.

I didn't buy in the City to pay an additional HOA fee that is duplicative with taxes I already pay and for services already covered. As the one responder said, if we weren't subsidizing city employee pensions and other factions, these MAD's likely wouldn't even exist. As such, I view them as enabling a much larger problem and one that seemingly has no end...and now one with no control, representation, or checks or balances.

Trust in our leaders comes from a demonstration of trust by our leaders. And I have seen little trust from our leaders regarding this issue here at all...period!! Shades of Kessler or have you forgotton about that. As such, I and many others do not trust how our money is dispensed and for what programs, such as replacing native trees in some canyon for the benefit of a few or spending 5K on some logo that could have been done for $500. From the beginning, the Golden Hill MAD campaign was biased and continues to be a covert travesty of deceit. Really, you should be more concerned with folks like Kessler who are the real problems and are an example of municipal corruption that now has outstretched it's tentacles and has gained seemingly virtual unilateral and publicly unrepresented control over MAD tax levies that can and likely will be annually increased by the allowable 5% margin. And next election?? Huh?? What election??

The real issue here is continued growth of a corrupt municipal corporation via unneeded taxation without representation on an already overtaxed-weary population that is further squeezed to the hilt. Perhaps one day, we'll be paying so much in duplicative taxes for others, we won't even be able to afford our mortgages.

We can and will make a difference by dogging the CDC's every move. And when I'm done discussing this issue with the SAG, the CDC's accountability, or lack thereof, will be open for all to see.

The Doobiest. Comment No. 18. Right on sir!!!! Neither race nor the people are the problem. But rampant governmental corruption is as well as those that would use such position and power to foster thier own goals and facilitate thier own gain...at the expense of the very people who elected them. Take note GGHCDC!!!!!

The Doobiest: Bravo to you:

"Remember: Rome fell when citizens became subjects. The political class ceased to really care, and started doing their own thing. That’s why I'm passionate. I want Golden Hill to be the best community it deserves to be. So I wonder: am I citizen, or a subject to the kings that want to be?"

I'm afraid this local MAD is a microcosm of exactly this and we are becoming "subjects" on the local, city, state and federal level. Re-reading the last comment by GHsupporter, it is obvious that we are just subjects to the GGHCDC/MAD and they want no one to question them or what they are doing with our money (i.e. shut up we know what is good for you).

I too am very passionate about my community in Golden Hill and I, like you, want my community to be the best it can be. There is a lot of potential here, but that is not being addressed by the GGHCDC/MAD. They have their pet projects which benefit a few (please see comments 20 and 21 by HonestGovernment). I walk by Golden Hill Fountain almost every day and so far I've been treated to men "making love," people doing drugs, a few friendly homeless and a lot of trash. It is really a beautiful part of Balboa Park with great trails and I would hope that the city would revitalize it and keep it safe in conjunction with what it is, part of Balboa Park. That is an issue for the entire city, not something a few property owners in Golden Hill should be responsible for, it is a public city park.

Of interest to one or two of you out there, would be my recent sightings of the "hand street sweeper crew," I was informed at one of the GGHCDC/MAD meetings that the "enhanced" street sweeping was sweeping that would only be done in the business districts (shouldn't the businesses be paying for that?) so I was rather surprised this last week when I was leaving for work and spotted one of the Urban Corps sweeping the corner of my neighbor's yard. They are not the most tidy of people, but gosh, that is for them to sweep in front of their house, why should I be paying for that?

PS – Urban Corps – used by the city for graffiti removal and cleaning etc and now hired by the GGHCDC/MAD to do exactly what they were already doing paid for with our property tax dollars and now funded by MAD money so the city now has more funds for… what?

Bread and Circuses.

GH Supporter (Comment No. 17):

Just sitting here sipping a vodka tonic and had a brainstorm tonight and thought I'd share it with you. The simplicity of it was staggering. And that simple thought is....Corruption fears truth and does everything it can to suppress it. So on that premise, if the GGHCDC didn't have anything to hide or fear as to how it was spending our money, why would it be ejecting the majority of the MAD AC committee members who are there to represent both the people and to provide a check on allocation of MAD funds as was originally promised TO THE PEOPLE??? Can you answer that for me????

Better yet, why don't you come out from behind your email shroud of secrecy and let us all know who you are. I doubt you could or have the guts as you likely have self-motivated political motives that contribute to some opportunistic agenda versus really doing what's best for your community. I know who you are anyway but as you can see, my identity is and been clear from the start. I have nothing to hide and I'll debate you anywhere and anytime on this issue and in front of any public forum. Though in this case, the truth is not rocket science now is it and is quite clear. But covering the truth is much more difficult. As you know, I'm a confident, powerful, and accomplished public speaker and call a spade a spade. And the spade here is black with deception. Btw, my extended experience comes from decades of direct knowledge with central intelligence and national security which absolutely eclipses the transparent neighborhood travesty you and your cronies are trying to perpetrate on the people of the fine Golden Hill community of which I am a proud member. Oh and one other thing, my political resources and influence stretch far beyond San Diego and California and will be brought to bear if necessary. And you can take that to the bank!!!

Uh Joe, that is an unfortunate choice of metaphor, made worse by your subsequent Freudian slip of a color choice. Maybe it was the vodka tonic speaking, yer honor? :)

".As you know, I'm a confident, powerful, and accomplished public speaker and call a spade a spade. And the spade here is black with deception."

"My identity is and been clear from the start.... Btw, my extended experience comes from decades of direct knowledge with central intelligence and national security...."

Then presumably you realize that this is the internet and that it's not a certainty that your name is Joe Hunt.

My name is Ethan Hunt, and I work for the IMF.

That is top secret.

For the greater good of greater Golden Hill, I think we'd all better carefully chew and swallow these transmissions.

I would prefer not to have to swallow #s 7 and 27, so we'll leave those to Agent Hunt. :)

Oh, stop it! This isn't about race, it's about money. The Golden Hill CDC is going to spend it, and they are going to spend it without an elected Oversight Committee. The promises for independent oversight were campaign promises by the City to get the MAD approved. There's almost a million dollars to spend this year, starting now. The California legal requirement that each property owner receive specific benefit will be a distant memory, along with the dinosaurs that roamed Golden Hill.

SDaniels (Comment#28),

It's interesting that you brought up the race card not me. Trying to subvert the truth of what's really going on. You've never heard of calling a spade a spade?? Where have you been all your life?? And maybe you should pull out a deck of cards and check the colors of the suits. You'll see the spades and clubs are black. Aside from that, this has nothing to with race locally and everything to do about local CDC covert activity, collusion, and cover-up as to how taxpayer dollars are being spent. Read Nostalgic's #33.

Russl (Comment#29),

That's the beauty of it. You never really know who is who do you?? Fortunately for us, the GGHCDC's deception is open for all to see. Thanks Dorian!!!


No that’s TV-land! Although in a way you’re right as one could consider the GGHCDC as the fictional IMF. Trying to create an impossible mission by keeping the taxpayers in the dark through various forms of deception and disguises adopted to confuse and confound. Well they almost pulled it off. Almost. Unfortunately for them, that tape didn’t self-destruct in 5 seconds and the San Diego Reader got ahold of it. Sorry Jim (CDC-Phelps), you probably shouldn’t have accepted this mission.

Although many of these comments have rightly taken the CDC to task, we can't ignore the city employees who enable and abet the CDC -- specifically members of the Community Development Agency, who approve all the CDC's actions, whether ethical and legal or not. Scott Kessler, at one time GH CDC president, later worked for this city agency, although rumor has it he was forced out for irregular activities. He was a key formulator of the MAD, even choosing, at a community meeting before the MAD vote, which citizens' questions to answer and which to ignore. His successor, Beth Murray, and his chief henchman, Luis Ojeda, carry out his philosophy by refusing to second-guess any of the CDC's decisions. Presumably they are trying to relieve pressure on the city's general fund by shifting as many expenses as possible to the MAD.

GHsupporter, you've ignored my post completely.

  1. I've been working on San Diego political campaigns for over two decades. I think I have more than earned the right to an opinion.

  2. The issue isn't particular projects being shot down. It's the illegal dissolution of the oversight committee. This is just plain wrong, anti-democratic, bad policy, and a fraud perpetrated by city insiders who are so arrogant that they reject any and all criticism, no matter how valid, as "obstructionist".

  3. You continue to rely solely on personal attacks. Instead of dealing with the others' quite reasonable arguments, you accuse them of racism, ignorance, and indolence.

  4. You attack others quite fiercely, but are too cowardly to use your real name.

I think we can safely dismiss any and all future comments you may care to write. Earlier I urged people to work together with you in common cause...but now I advise them to stay far away from you.

Calm down, Agent Hunt. I did not bring it up, one of your detractors did, right before you employed your (yes, banal) metaphor. You can't blame me for calling out a double linguistic whammy. Now proceed with your argument, and I'll try to abstain from 'subverting' any more truth :)

"It's interesting that you brought up the race card not me. Trying to subvert the truth of what's really going on. You've never heard of calling a spade a spade?? Where have you been all your life??"

A lot of interesting comments since I last checked in, and of course, the usual complement of bizarre paranoia and stupidity.

 Welcome to all who have recently discovered that San Diego is a corrupt city, with lots of key decisions made by unseen powerbrokers behind closed doors.   Too bad you couldn't have directed your passions into standing up to the Inunza/Vargas crime family when it counted, or into getting Donna Frye elected mayor when that opportunity arose.   But there is always the next election:   and there really ARE  periodic elections here in San Diego.

If Ben Hueso runs for state rep, and you really believe in transparent and honest government, then run for his seat in the next election---be the next Donna Frye, but learn from her mistakes. Then you'd have some real power to reform how the GH CDC is run. Alternatively, get organized with like-minded allies around the city, and put together a citizen's initiative (via petition) to reform the way the CDC’s are governed. Put forward a positive agenda of the sort of spending and accountability reforms you'd like to see...but of course, that would actually require having a positive agenda.

The problem, as far as I can tell from this website, is that all you have is your self-pity, grievances, paranoia, and petty hatreds---which are a tough sell, especially in Spanish. Look through the comments here, and all you find is a lot of animosity directed to some groups of people--and to lots of individual people in our community. The fountain? It's bad because it benefits the evil person X. Landscaping and shrubbery? It's bad because it's the pet project of old person Y. And so on.

Despite all the visible, obvious neglect of our neighborhood, the crumbling infrastructure, the lack of code enforcement, etc., there is not a single instance of one neighborhood improvement spending initiative that is actually supported by the anti-tax wingnuts on this site. Not one. Your only idea seems to be to just give the money back! "Let the grafitti stay!" seems to be your rallying cry.

As with so many libertarian, anti-tax types, it simply seems beyond your imagination that a positive program of multiple small improvements can emerge from a self-governed community of imperfect individuals. Your ideology and petty hatreds seem to rule out the possibility--because it's all about YOU. And if you don't get your way, you'll have your own revolution!

A well-functioning MAD would almost inevitably mean that money is spent to benefit people you hate, or ugly shrubs are planted by tasteless people, or someone else's priorities get favored. Get over yourselves. I just can't wait to see the column of tanks you'll be sending from DC, Joe, to join your libertarian comrades in Lomas 26. "Viva la revolucion," as they say here in the 'hood.

GHsupporter, in part I strongly agree with you.

I've walked precincts, called voters, held signs, stuffed envelopes, and volunteered at numerous election events. It's damned hard work. You don't always (or even usually) win.

Since I can tell you're a long-time voter, I'm positive I've knocked on your door at least once and might have even spoken to you in person.

You're right that it's annoying to hear negativity from folks who might not have put in the thankless hours trying to elect better candidates.

What you say about having a positive agenda is absolutely correct too. It's too easy to just criticize.

Yet interspersed with your wise council is some baloney too.

You wrote:

"a positive program of multiple small improvements can emerge from a self-governed community of imperfect individuals"

We all agree with that. It's obviously true. But you're missing the bigger point. Without checks and balances, like a functional oversight committee with real powers, those "imperfect individuals" are not subject to the "self-governed community" at all.

That's what people are pissed off about. San Diego has a long and shameful tradition of putting unaccountable insiders into positions of power which they go on to abuse.

The residents, some of them obviously really angry about this, are not opposing improvements to their community. On the contrary, they are rightly resisting corruption in their community.

GHsupporter, surely you DO support having an independent oversight committee with real power, don't you?

See, you all should make common cause for the most important principle at state here. Open and honest government that's accountable to the folks paying the bills, not insiders.

GHsupporter, you acknowledge this problem. Every other person posting here about their outrage over the current situation agrees. It's time for change in San Diego, before it's too late.

Please work together to get that change, and some genuine representation in our city, rather than seeing the same liars who've gotten us into this mess continue to run us into the ground.


Fred Williams

GHSupporter makes me laugh.


When people off La Jolla Shores see graffiti in their neighborhood, do you think they have to pay an assessment to get it removed? So La Jolla, Point Loma, etc get to spend their tax money ONCE. Us? We get to spend it twice. Because I'm latino? Because I'm too stupid to see what the city is doing? What am I really being told here--by both city AND GGHCDC/MAD? that because I'm part of a stupid club?

And the tax--that can increase by 5% a year. No wonder they are so pissed about this! Totally messes up their plans I bet. I too would not be happy if I was planning on a $30k raise in 10 years. That right suckas, I learned how to add. $60k x 5% x 10 years = $90k. So some ahole is going to make $90k a year telling people how to plant trees. Do you they think I'M GOING TO GET THIS KIND OF RAISE? HELL NO. I might get 1-2% a year, IF IM LUCKY. And my cost goes from $77 to about $120. GREAT! Like I said, $30k and a white truck.

That is the problem. It's not about Spanish, Black, White. It's bout the city, GGHCDC and MAD thinking we're too stupid to see what we are up to, making us pay TWICE what wealthier (probably whitey too but I digress) folks don't. How does that help our community? I say go put an assessment on Point Loma for the GGHCDC anti-graffiti work. We've got it hard enough as it is.

GHSupporter, please open your eyes.

ps. great posts joe.

I've been a GH resident for almost as long as I've been a US citizen. Democracy was new to me so I have to say the elections taught me almost everything I know about politics. I'd like to provide the perspective of someone who doesn't know a lot of politics and just want a good life here in GH.

In my eyes MAD was probably one of the best things happened to GH. This is a neighborhood with such charm and character but largely neglected. I agree that the City should have paid (using our tax money) to maintain this area better, but for anyone who's been here for more than a year you know that's not happening. This is not new; it didn't happen in the past several decades either. GH was not unique in this. What's unique about GH is there're residents and property owners now who want to make this area much better. Whether you consider the vote on MAD legal or not, for people who cared enough to voice their opinions, most of them said yes to MAD. Other than the first half year of MAD, I've seen a lot of changes there in GH that are positive. The streets are cleaner now. Graffiti is removed really quickly. Street trash bins are well maintained...... Why can't we just forget about whether the City should have paid for all these or not, and simply ask ourselves: Do I think all these improvements worth the assessment fee I pay each year? It's absolutely worth it to me!

On the other hand, since GH is a really old neighborhood, I'm not sure if anyone has looked into how much tax the city has been collecting from GH compared to other suburban neighborhoods. I know when we bought our house, the previous owner was paying less than $600 of property tax a year! I wonder how much the City could have done with that much money in their pocket. I know that was probably pretty unique but older neighborhoods most likely don't generate as much revenue. It depends on the residents --- people like us who live and breathe here --- to keep the neighborhood up. I was really surprised to hear MAD ended up having a surplus in the past two years, which means all the improvements that I was excited to see actually cost less than what I paid for. I hope MAD could do more next year and many years to come.

"I agree that the City should have paid (using our tax money) to maintain this area better"

" was really surprised to hear MAD ended up having a surplus in the past two years, which means all the improvements that I was excited to see actually cost less than what I paid for."

HEAR HEAR! I agree with newbieInGH. I too am for an assessment reduction -- $2 per household should be enough to paint and clean. I hope to see MAD follow newbieInGH's advice! If the current job market holds up, I will even be available for appointment to drive the white truck and keep things just as clean. I live a simple modest life. Free market! Who's with me?

Don't know about sweeping your yard though. Draw the line on that one. GGH ain't Venezuela!

Please be aware that the elected Oversight Committee presented a list of legal and authorized projects to the GH CDC, which was ignored. This list was restricted to projects which provided specific benefit to all property owners, as required by law.

An example is: street sweeping in the gutter between the sidewalk and the street. This was supported by both sides, but required WORK to implement. Instead, projects which the City of San Diego agreed were city-provided activities WERE implemented. Trimming Palm trees is an example.

Activities such as repairing the Golden Hill Fountain were defined to be of general benefit by the California State Supreme Court, and overturned. These were not supported by the Oversight Committee. Many projects are of general benefit to the community, but these projects are defined by law to be supported by taxes, not maintenance assessments.

for the record:

Violence and revolution were suggested in comment #1, and in a number of subsequent posts.

In comment #7, racism was mixed in.

Personal attacks reached their nadir in comment #15.

My first post was comment #17. The only person I directly named was Joe Hunt, and I made it clear that I found his rhetoric to be unworthy of the intelligent and talented man that he is.

GH Supporter,

Why don't you answer my question above in #27?? It's pretty simple really and akin to what Fred Williams stated in #40. Btw, I'm not a libertarian nor do I belong to any other specific party as bipartisan politics doesn't work in this country because of constituencies and opportunisitic agenda's by unscrupulous politicians on both sides. Just like the current issue. I vote the issue not the party and this current issue stinks and you know it despite your bleeding heart MAD rhetoric. Don't tread on me (us) and no taxation without representation. You remember those don't you?? They were coined by patriots and founding fathers, folks with scruples far and aside from the collection of crooked City kooks and thier supporters we're dealing with here.

As far as hardware, I don't need tanks anymore and never did. Then as now, I've done my bit for king and country 100 times over and have made a difference. Like the others in this forum that oppose your warped view of reality, I'm a patriot first and foremost and call a spade a spade (oops sorry SDaniel) and will stand up to anyone or anything that represents corruption because I've seen more than you ever will and vowed to defend my country from invaders both foreign and domestic. Sadly, I and the others here must carry and apply that same mantra to internal domestic issues such as this. I use words, intelligence, and ideas to expose disparity and have the confidence and always operate from a position of strength not weakness. None of the folks here who oppose your viewpoint are in the wrong. It is you who are. As Fred Williams basically said, if you're not part of the solution, do you really want to be part of the problem??

I'm really amazed at your bent lines of reasoning and illogic to support this entire mockery of justice. To let you know, hate, petty jealousies, and what others may get over others has nothing to do with the issue. From the beginning of this entire article and MAD debackle, the issue comes down to a blatant attempt on the part of the CDC and City to increase duplicative taxes unfettered and take our money, oust any public representation when we were told otherwise, and disregard what is right. As was said above by Goodlead, they need these MAD's to relieve pressure on the City's general fund (likely because of the exorbitant cost of maintaining City employee pensions) and as such the MAD's enable the central issue of rampant governmental growth. I am proud to be a GH citizen and am personally investing over 150K improving my property to contribute to revitalization of the area. My wife even goes out and removes grafitti herself to save money rather than call the city. As I've previously said, it's all smoke and mirros and really comes down to an issue of trust and the line of City clowns in charge of this program leave zero room in that department. Open your eyes!!!

Oh SDaniel,

Please come out of IMF TV-land. I was a "research analyst" not an agent. But we don't need agents to figure out the blatant disregard for taxpayer rights here now do we??

NO! You're right, Joe! Blatant! That's it. I'm outta "IMF" TV-Land for good. You are much more my style of agent.

PS: If you stop naming me, I'll go away :)


Golden_Hill_Supporter GHsupporter and Pat Martin

are three different posters.

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