Crazy Crime

On Wednesday, October 27, a shirtless man attacked a green waste container full of palm fronds in the 1100 block of Grove Avenue. An 11-year-old boy walking home from school with his 10-year-old cousin witnessed the event.

“I saw this man grabbing the stuff out of the trash can and throwing it around. His mouth was moving, but I didn’t hear any words. After throwing everything on the ground, he ran down the alley.”

Three San Diego sheriff cars responded to a nearby homeowner’s call. As a deputy interviewed the homeowner, he was nearly hit by debris being blown out of three palm trees on the property by high winds.

The homeowner told the deputy, “I’m not going to clean it up. I already paid someone to clean it up.” As more debris flew from the trees, the deputy told her, “It is pretty windy, and your trees are nicely pruned, but fronds are still falling, but we’ll see what we can do.”

The deputies drove around the neighborhood and did make contact with a suspect, but the palm fronds are still in the street.

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YEAH! I love it when the cops try to "bully" a citizen into doing their work and the citizen tells them to bite it. When the trash container is put into the street, as far as I know, it is no longer the residents responsibility because the intent is that it is no longer wanted, hence, anyone can go through it (trash pickers, DEA agents, etc). You bet if it were something of value, or to help frame or solve someone of a crime, the police would be all over it. WAY TO GO CITIZEN!

Citizen: "Uh, hello, 911? Yeah some crazy dude just attacked my green waste bin." <30 mins later> Police: "So, uh, are you going to pick this mess up?" Citizen: "F*** no! I already paid someone to pick up my trash for me!" Neighbors, watching: "god I hate that guy..."

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