Cove Cleanup

The Mariner's Cove Apartments, a complex located on West Point Loma Boulevard in the Point Loma/Ocean Beach area, lost its newest onsite property manager recently. A new management company took over and has done some serious housecleaning.

In an effort to tidy up the property, residents were instructed to remove and clean up their patios and under-stairs areas. A long-overdue crackdown on off-leash and pooping dogs has begun, and residents who flout the leash and poop laws promptly receive letters from the office.

The dumping and storage of junk vehicles continues; there was a crackdown earlier this year, but during the change in management, that effort has been set aside. So, valuable tenant parking spots are taken up by inoperable and expired-tag junkers.

The property manager who was recently let go had sent out eviction notices to many suspected gang-banger families whose kids loitered and caused problems on the premises. Some of these families banded together and got an attorney. They threatened a lawsuit and alleged that the manager had observed a fight by the pool and didn't try to break it up. The manager was given her walking papers and now there is a temporary manager until a new one is hired.

Mariner's Cove appears sedate, with lots of leafy green trees and beautiful recreation areas. But there have been multiple drug busts — a particularly big one in October 2005 made the papers. Many of those drug dealers have been given the boot, but it is suspected that plenty remain.

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