Dog City

The Centre City Development Corporation board unanimously approved a site for an interim leash-free dog park in downtown San Diego during their Wednesday, October 21, meeting.

Since June 2, a number of downtown sites were considered for the location, and several downtown-based organizations and community groups were consulted. Finally, CCDC staff came to the conclusion that the ideal site would be on the west side of Park Avenue, between G and Market Streets, on a plot owned by the City of San Diego’s Redevelopment Agency.

"The site is centrally located for potential users; it enjoys great street visibility for safety, and the site is flat, open, and paved only with a thin, relatively easily removed asphalt surface," stated a staff report submitted by P. Dean Coker, the CCDC assistant vice president who heads advance planning; and Mark Caro, senior planner and landscape architect.

The park, which will measure approximately 16,500 square feet, is expected to include separate areas for large and small dogs. It will also include benches, shade, and water fountains for both pets and people. The cost of the park has not yet been announced; however, $500,000 from the agency’s 2010 budget for parks and open space is expected to be available.

The CCDC staff report also mentions that the site “…would be the most expeditious to realize as an interim leash-free dog park, considering level of effort and potential cost to design and build the facility.” The park is projected to be opened in October of 2010.

In an interview, Caro, said, "This project puts a much-needed facility close to a large number of residential units, many of which have dogs. The interim leash-free dog park will also free-up the Park at the Park which currently serves as the de facto leash-free dog park in East Village. The interim development of the site will create an active use at that location and may initiate a use in the historic Remmen Building immediately north of the future park."

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Aren't there enough dog parks in this city? How about using that money for something other than special interests? Whatever happened to just taking your dog for a walk and being done with it?

They built a 30 feet by 30 feet, $750K "dog park" on Mt Soledad Drive, as soon as you go right off of Garnet.

It would be nice if this meant downtown dog owners respected the leash laws in other downtown parks, but it does not, Dog owners seem to think they have a divine right to soil and damage the city in any way they wish and we should all be grateful for it. I think we should put a heavy tax on city dogs to pay for the cleanup of the mess they make. Also, owners that allow dogs to bark on downtown balconies should receive a citation. What the heck are you living downtown with a dog for anyway? Go to the burbs where you belong and your dog can be happy!

. I think we should put a heavy tax on city dogs to pay for the cleanup of the mess they make

Very FEW dog owners do NOT clean up the mess their dog makes, the vast majority (99%) do.

Stop painting everyone with the same broad brush because you hate dogs/cats/amimals/whatever.

"Very FEW dog owners do NOT clean up the mess their dog makes, the vast majority (99%) do."

Yeah, and 83% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Just go to Martin Luther King Park and see the stained and ruined grass that has to be continually replaced. Walk down India Street and look at the corroding lamps and trash containers caused by dog urination. Go to Amici Park and see the piles of excrement left lying on the children's playing field by careless dog owners who illegally use it as a dog run.

You are typical of the blinkered dog owner who believes your animal has the right to drop its filth wherever it pleases. I do not hate dogs. I hate self-righteous anti-social dog owners who are ruining the downtown area.

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