Friends Are Like Jewels

I was walking my dog around University Heights and saw a party setting up at a house near Adams Avenue. I dropped my dog off and headed back over. I walked in and a few women looked at me strangely. I asked who lived in the house, and they introduced me to the gal. I saw a few disco lights going and, out of the corner of my eye, a naked blow-up doll. I asked the woman if I could crash the party and she said no. I explained what I do, and she firmly said, “I don’t know you and don’t feel comfortable with that.”

I went back home and took my dog to the park.

There was a woman named Jan I overheard talking about a party. I asked if I could follow her and crash it. She said that normally wouldn’t be a problem, but this was a “celebration of life” for a guy named Robert, who only had a few weeks to live.

She called the people throwing the party, and they gave me the green light.

I got my girlfriend, and we brought a chocolate cake.

MapQuest didn’t note that the street ended at a school, and I had to drive around it via three different streets before the original street continued. But, I finally found the place.

I was told Robert had cancer on his nose and it had quickly spread. I spotted him right away, wearing a Phantom of the Opera–style mask. He had long black hair and reminded me of a Mexican Jim Morrison.

He was in good spirits, shaking hands and thanking people for coming. He talked about how great his life was and how he felt blessed to be having this party while he was still alive. When an older lady with all gray hair walked in, I heard someone say it was his mom. She started crying, and I almost lost it as well. She quickly regained her composure.

My girlfriend and I looked at a collage of pictures. We especially liked a painting of Robert. He came over and told us about it. He said he’d paid a friend who had gone to a New York art school. He pointed out how she made a collage on the side, as he often used to create collages and other types of art.

Robert wore shoes with skulls and flames. As fast as he was walking (combined with his long hair), it was hard to read the sentences written on his shirt. At one point I told him he had the only T-shirt that nobody ever read completely. I saw the words “sole” and “body of the male.” He turned around so I could read it. It was a long story about seahorses and love.

He mentioned how amazing seahorses are and how it’s the male who gives birth. I said, “I’ve heard that, but it seems a more logical conclusion that the scientists just labeled the wrong ones male and didn’t want to admit to the mistake.” He laughed and said, “No. It is the male who gives birth.” He then explained it in more detail.

When I complimented a guy’s pendant — a turquoise scarab beetle — he pointed at Robert.

“He gave it to me years ago. And I never take it off.”

Robert told me he worked with jewelry, and we met a cute older lady who did some work with him. She told some interesting stories about reading fortunes by looking at gemstones. I told her about some pet psychics and how I thought it was BS. She believed they were real, and as I started to talk about it, my girlfriend leaned in and whispered, “Okay…chill out.”

I did agree with the last thing she said: “Friends are like jewels. The more you have, the richer you are.”

An African-American woman named Debra saw me grab some Hershey’s Kisses and pointed to her husband, who was passing out brownies she made. I asked if they were funny brownies, and she said, “The only thing here funny, honey, is me!” We talked about the desserts she’s made. At one point, she broke out this amazing operatic voice to sing a few verses of something.

A couple who owns Café 2121 brought some delicious cookies. They have a cute kindergarten-age kid named Elmar, who told me he has a number of different girlfriends. My girlfriend said, “What a coincidence. So does he.”

Elmar wanted me to guess their names, and it got tough with some of the foreign students. When he said, “I have a few boyfriends, too,” his dad looked shocked. I replied, “I think a lot of people at this party do, too.”

There were guys at the party with AIDS whom Robert had met at a medical marijuana place.

An attractive sister of Robert’s was dancing to one of the songs and joking with the many people she knew. At one point I saw her crying as she talked with someone about Robert. He came over to me and said how wonderful she is. He added, “This isn’t a sad day. I’m so happy right now.”

The backyard had a canyon view and many different sections. One area had a bar with a five-foot-in-diameter sculpture of lips behind it. The homeowner told me the lips were hanging at Foggy’s Notion, near the Sports Arena, for years. He had an artist repaint them, which cost more than he’d anticipated ($800).

There were stairs that descended to a lower level, where I noticed a mariachi band was performing. Robert danced and sang along. I said, “You can’t possibly know the words to this tune.” He got a huge smile on his face and said, “I know all the songs.”

He got a few other people to get up and dance, and they were having a blast.

I talked to Sundi, who lives with and has helped take care of Robert during his battle with cancer. She told me many stories about what a great guy he is.

And as Robert went back upstairs, I overheard him talking about his 15-year battle with the disease.

I made my way out and listened as people tried to figure out who blocked a car with their Porsche. I glanced over and saw Elmar saying bye to Robert. He asked a question about his mask. Robert politely answered him, and then there was a moment of silence. The boy extended his arm up to him, and as they shook hands, he said, “I hope you feel better soon.”

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Thanks Josh. Great write up on the party and you gave Robert a wonderful and happy surprise with the article and videos!! As you know, we had talked at the park many times and I knew Cotton's (your dog) name but not yours. When you over heard me at the park talking about the party and then asked about it..and then told me who you were and asked if you could come...I was quite surprised to meet a "celebrity" :)ha ha

God works in mysterious ways.....does he not?? You made Robert very happy and I thank you again.

Thanks, Jan. It was great hanging out with you at the party, too. I was embarassed that I was scarfing down all those Hershey's Kisses, though. I'm a big when it comes to sweets.

Anyway...I was honored to be a part of this celebration. Robert is such a nice guy.

I must admit, I was hoping you were going to make an exception and not crash, what I would assume is, a very personal, private and sad occasion. But I'm glad you're not a chicken like myself and instead gave a very touching account on how Robert chose to, while he still could, throw a celebration for himself, those who love him and welcome strangers as his life is sadly coming to an end.

Nice piece, Josh. BUT, I have to rib you a little for the stache' talk in the video. Again, more manly sounding advice.. stick with a goatee. HAHA! Joking!

Well...you know what happens? You got the flip camera going, and you're walking by people. So as crazy as it sounds, I catch myself off guard. I want to say something to the people, other than just filming them like I'm a zombie with a camera. So, you wear a Raiders shirt, I say the Raiders suck. I mention Jarmacus Russell or Ken Stabler. I see a Beatles shirt, I made say "Ob la di, ob la da." And I think about it a few minutes later, and it's not really funny (or heck, even all that entertaining sometimes).

Have to say this to " Crissyst".......I saw you upstairs alone with your Raiders T-shirt. If I were you I'd be hiding too!! This IS Charger country!! You seemed to be an OK guy until you mentioned you were born in SD but are still a Raiders Fan because of the Silver and Black or is it Black and Grey? Same thing. ha ha My best friend is a Raiders Fan...so I forgive you. I had to leave the party early (6:30) but Robert was having a good time. I was glad to see him happy..but I have never seem him sad when we see each other. He lives across across the "street" from me so we say Hi and talk a little. He did say he liked the Reader's story. My circle of friends enjoyed the story too. Also....I think Robert's lucky to know when his time might end..we all have to go sometime. And I hope I know, because I want to have a party too before the lord calls me to heaven. (I hope that is where I am going.) This was not a sad occasion...it was a happy one for Robert and I hope he enjoyed it.

Robert sounds like a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Josh, that was a really cool documentation of Robert's party. He sounds like a really interesting guy.

2 words though: steady cam.


  • Joe

(#7) Naw, man, Josh's going for that artsy, shaky, "this has got that ragged, unsteady, so you know you can trust it" look like on TV commercials and The Office. The steady cam would ruin it.

You're quite the humanitarian there,fumber. Have you raped and sodomized any kittens lately?

LOL! My friend always asks me if I have any kittens or puppies to sodomize when he comes over because my voicemail message is:You've reached the cellphone of God. I'm too busy saving kitty cats and puppy dogs but leave a message and I'll return your call as soon as I can.

I don't know exactly where I found it but someone did a study on the political affiliations of all major mass murderers. Guess what party the majority belonged to? Yep That's right. I guess it's a requiem to anally rape dead cats when your party anally rapes the pocketbook of the taxpayer all in the name of good,Christian morals.

Yeah, but the problem with that stat, is that many of them find Christianity when they are on death row. So, that's becoming a Christian by technicality, and headging bets on hopes of hopping into heaven.

Regarding the shakey camera...when I'm talking with someone, I can usually try to hold it still. But I've found people feel uncomfortable with me looking at the camera as they talk. So I look at them, and I'm holding the camera, and not sure of where it's going. But yeah...if it adds that documentary look, and people think I'm this arty filmmaker, I'll take it.

and fumber...your mom always has the same look on camera, too. It's as if she isn't happy I brought the camera with me, but...oh well.

He mentioned how amazing seahorses are and how it’s the male who gives birth.

So this is how Fumbler came into the world.............

Fumber is delusional, did he even see the brother? The brother was so honest and open about what an awesome guy his brother is and the tennis lady? Yeah, she seemed real uncomfortable with your filming / NOT!

Great piece Josh, I think you did a great thing by crashing this party and forever memorializing what a bunch of friends can do for their pal. Really enjoyed it.

Josh,I wasn't talking about mass murderers reverting to Christianity. I just meant that the majority of mass murderers were Republicans before they went off the deep end. Re-read what I wrote.

Okay, my bad. Although...really, if you want to talk about "murderers", do you really think there are more Republican murderers than Democrats? Seriously?

Do I think so? No. But like I said,I've seen research on the political backgrounds of major mass murderers and the majority were registered Republicans at one point.

"do you really think there are more Republican murderers than Democrats? Seriously?" See: Bush/Cheney/WMD/LIE/hundreds of thousands dead over a personal vendetta, including more than 4,200 US troops, while the perpetrator of 9/11 languishes in a remote area of Afghanistan or Pakistan. Seriously!

Duhbya-never talk politics or relegion- it only adds up to trouble (unless of course the person with whom you are talking shares your viewpoint-then it can be a rant fest!).

SurfPuppy619. That is great advice that I usually adhere to. I made an exception in this all too blatant case, admittedly straying somewhat off topic in the process.

It was a good line though, Duhbya. Although, you realize that going to war is not "murdering" someone on purpose. Trust me, I hate Bush, and even I wouldn't go there with HIS war and all that.

Fumber is delusional..

By cold666pack

Just in, Columbus discovers America!

LOL...Fumbler is beyond delusional.

Thanks, Josh. Both points made/taken. I will now bow out (somewhat) gracefully.

The Prosecution of George W.Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi is the book I'm currently reading.

Bugliosi always writes interesting books, but he does them way too late. He wrote one on JFK and how it was a lone gunman. The only problem was, that subject was covered nicely in the book CASE CLOSED, by Gerald Posner. What's with Vince???

Out of curiosity....do comments get deleted? Im noticing a few are missing since I read this the other day.....anyone know whats going on?

No clue TAM. Usually when comments get deleted,the admins let the thread know.

Hey Tam, what comment did you think got deleted? As PP says above, when a comment is deleted, the number still appears. And it says something like "comment removed by administrator." There's never an explanation. But for people that have read the thread, they usually know why it's been deleted.

If you post a comment, you have to make sure that you press, not only PREVIEW COMMENT, but then POST COMMENT.

No where in the comments is one missing and still have a number by it. It was definetly posted a day or two after the article was published. Hmmm.

If you post a comment, you have to make sure that you press, not only PREVIEW COMMENT, but then POST COMMENT.

I have done this before-forgot to press "post comment" button.

When a comment is removed it always says "comment removed", always. Fumbler's posting history can confirm this.

Good point, Surf.

Again Tam, what was the missing comment in regards to?

It was nothing of MINE that got deleted. Josh knows what im talking about. Not cool to play dumb.

Tam1079, the only one playing dumb is YOU, and you were born for the part.

Tam, what in the world are you talking about? I have absolutely no clue what it is you are talking about.

Seriously, you have to learn how people act when they are being deceptive. If I had some part in something being deleted, I wouldn't even be talking about it. I would just hope the issue went away. By me ASKING what it is...well, it's bringing the issue back, isn't it?

we need SDaniels or Anti in here with their troll spray. seriously...wtf????? great writeup btw, Josh. sounds like a good party. i wish Robert comfort in his last days.

Fumbler, grow up.

By russl

You have asked for the impossible russl.

Ohhh so we are all grown ups here and call names now huh? Im specifically reffering to the comment by a lady named Sundi who questioned the article and some of the facts in it. Which...I have the same questions. Overall great article to the general public, but quite offensive to those of us who know Robert. Unfort Josh you never took the time to even talk to Sundi or Robert during the party. Maybe its because you were to drunk...and yes you WERE drinking. So....don't try to say you didnt...its like saying the sun doesn't shine in SD. So I ask agian....where did the comments go that were from here? Can't handle critiscim? Or just like squashing free speech?

"I would just hope the issue went away. By me ASKING what it is...well, it's bringing the issue back, isn't it?"

Why yes...yes it is, and it will get brought up over and over if I don't get a real answer. LOL

Tam, none of us know what you're referring to. Would you please explain?

Josh knows exactly what im talking about. I'll let him explain it. Please do Josh...tell us.

Tam, see #38. How about putting it right on the table, whatever this is you don't want to talk about, and let Josh admit it or deny it or plead ignorance.

Josh knows exactly what im talking about. I'll let him explain it. Please do Josh...tell us.

By TAM1079 6

EEEErrr...Baby Einstein, you can read can't you;

"Hey Tam, what comment did you think got deleted?"

By JoshBoard

tam, you obviously don't know josh very well...i have never seen him refuse to debate something...ANYTHING for that matter. why don't you just enlighten ALL of us...there are no comments missing from this particular article. the reader web administrator will always say that the comment HAS BEEN REMOVED. i don't see that here ANYWHERE, do you? are you quite sure it was this article? perhaps the reader web admin him/herself would like to jump in anytime here and clarify if it is such a big deal to you. i am sure by now we are ALL curious..

Tam, just an FYI posts rarely seem to get deleted on this site (however I have seen one case where something not so risque was taken down) and Josh has absolutely no control (or influence) of what stays on or gets taken off these forums, it's all on the website administrator. Also, anytime I've seen one be pulled down, something along the lines of "Comment Removed By Website Administrator" appears - although I guess I'm not positive that's always the case.

Tam - are you possibly referring to the letter in the letters section? Although that doesn't appear to have been written by Sundi. If Sundi sent a letter or email to the Reader, we wouldn't see it online (unless they publish it, in the hardcopy). For it to appear here she'd have to actually come to this site, create a user name, log in and post (as you did)....do you know what her screen name is?

I had many conversations with Robert at the party. I believe I even wrote about a few of them in the column (re-read; we talked about his shirt, we talked about jewelry, and he told me about many of the photos in the collage we were looking at…among other things).

I talked to Sundi multiple times. The first was when I called for directions and she screamed at me (Map Quest has them wrong). At the party, I approached her, as she was screaming at someone else for putting pineapple on the wrong part of the table. My girlfriend even commented “Yikes. Maybe we should avoid her.” When I did talk to her, she told me about the antique store she used to work at or own. That was a 10 minute conversation. She also told me about how wonderful Robert was. I told her I loved her backyard and how I’d have a party here every weekend with a yard like that. She responded that they used to, but don’t have as much time. And then she explained why they wanted to do this party for Robert. She concluded by saying “But this isn’t about me, it’s about Robert. Go enjoy yourself, and don’t worry about me.” My girlfriend witnessed this, as well as another woman named Jan, who was sitting nearby.

A few days after the party, Sundi felt the need to contact Jan via email. I read this email and was disgusted. Sundi went on and on about how I never talked to her and how could I possibly write a story about “Robert” without mentioning her. She cursed and said vile things, including the fact that I should not write about Roberts family as they “did nothing but show up, I did it all.” Uh, okay.

I ignored this, and turned in the story as I usually would. With my observations about a variety of things, not just all Robert. And he seemed to like the results. He posted it on his Facebook, and many of his friends family posted that they enjoyed it. I even heard from many of his friends and family, that thanked me for such a wonderful article.

Sundi then felt the need to post another vile letter on his website about how horrible the article was. That letter was toned down, though.

As to whether or not I was drunk, well…I had a can of Dr. Pepper and one glass of wine. Not only did I hold a conversation with Jan (and did three videos…judge in those if I sound “tipsy”, but an older woman who no longer drives, was asking people if they could give her a ride home. I volunteered, but told her I wasn’t leaving for another 30 minutes. She said that was fine. We walked a far distance to where my car was parked, talking the entire time. I drove her from this location to a building in Little Italy, and I’m sure she can contend, that I was sober. My girlfriend drove (she drank cranberry juice), but we had a conversation the entire drive back to Little Italy.

Again, Tam, I have no clue what you think was deleted. Nothing was from this site, unless you are referring to Facebook. And Sundi controls all that.

"I talked to Sundi multiple times. The first was when I called for directions and she screamed at me (Map Quest has them wrong)." Dude, there's no future in using MapQuest. From now on, try Rand-McNally.com (http://www.randmcnally.com/rmc/directions/dirGetDirectionsInput2Pt.jsp?com.broadvision.session.new=Yes&ns=1&cmty=0). It's more accurate more often. Everyone I know seems to have a "MapQuest" story.

Tam, please tell us finally what you're referring to or else admit a mistake; it's no big deal. It happens all the time around here. But unless you're incommunicado, this is starting to amount to playing games.

I would also like Tam to answer, if after reading what I wrote above, he/she feels it's appropriate behavior by a party host. One that put on a wonderful party, but felt the need to want the story to be about her. And to, instead of letting Robert bask in a piece about his life and his big day, make it all about her.

Oh...on a side note to your conspiracy theory about "missing posts", two times in the entire life of this website, have I asked posts to be removed. One was for one of the women on her that complained about someone always bugging them. I sent a message to the administrator on her behalf. The other time, I think it was fumber, but can't be positive. Someone of that ilk. They posted on a thread of mine, and just insulted me for no reason. I asked the administrator if it could be removed, as it doesn't even talk about the topic at hand. Because, I have no problem with someone not agreeing with me, and heck, even calling me a dope for having that opinion. Or for someone saying I was drunk, or got something wrong, whatever. But if you post just to try and "stir things up" and not add anything but a bunch of insults.

Ya know what the administrator said to me? I read what he wrote, and it is mean spirited, but we don't want to get in the habit of just deleted something because a writer doesn't like it.

So, even an employee here can't get stuff removed!!!

"I think it was fumber, but can't be positive. Someone of that ilk." There is NO ONE else of Fumbler's ilk. He represents the gold standard of idiocy. He is in a class by himself. He stands alone.

It's pathetic that this is even all an issue. The column gets across the point that Robert is a beautiful human being. I especially like "He got a huge smile on his face and said, “I know all the songs.”". Robert is ill and the petty arguments that are being brought up here and the letters section is a complete disgrace to follow a celebration of life party which was thrown for him. Nothing negative was in the article, sadly however much negative has been written afterwards. Everyone involved (expect Robert, who I'm guessing knows nothing of any of these exchanges) should probably learn what matters when someone you love is fighting a much more important battle. WOW.

Ok...I'll finally drop the bomb since you just don't get it Josh. You talk about her being vile. Why did YOU send those Vile letters to her and Scott? Hmm? Remember those letters you wrote on facebook....answer about those? She most definetly did post a comment on here, and I had read it about 2 days after the article was written. It was not rude at all. It just pointed out some facts that were wrong, and or offensive. So agian Josh....why the vile letters you wrote to them personally?

OK...you had a glass of wine. I thought your girlfriend and you said you didn't drink? Hmmm...another lie LOL

THCJ, you are absolutely right. tam, you are turning what was a story about a beautiful, fun celebration of life into something ugly. why is that? and why are YOU speaking for these people? can't they speak for themselves? most assuredly, they can. maybe you should leave it between them and josh.

These are close friends of mine, and I find it highly disturbing that someone who is a published journalist can send personal attacks emails to someone and get away with it.I don't want to have to go the level of posting them here. But if Josh brings it to this level Im more than happy to oblige. Agian...this requires JOSH to answer this, not the peanut gallery.

hmm...peanut gallery...well this is a public forum, which allows ANYONE to comment, even you.

Comments are and have been deleted without notice. It has happened on one of my threads. Some innocuous comments were removed.

Yeah, I think thats the same one I saw get pulled...was totally bizarre. I can't see them pulling Sundi's questions/comments though, but I guess anything is possible. I just know that the writers here have no pull on what gets removed from the site so if they were for some reason pulled, Josh isn't why.

Cuddle: me saying I had a glass of wine and someone else saying I didn't drink, isn't a lie. She didn't realize I had a glass of wine. Had we, or I, lied...I would've stuck with her lie and said "Nope. I didn't drink. Not a drop of alcohol."

Second, Tam...you bring up a VERY GOOD POINT. It was lame of me to send a personal attack to her on Facebook. Very unprofessional on my part.

But you know what? When I saw that Facebook page, and everyone was so positive about the story, the videos, and all the talk was about how great the Reader was for running it..and she had to kill that vibe by posting all this negativity. And, that stems from her sending personal email/facebook messages to Jan, who is the sweetest lady I've ever met, is kind to everyone at the dog park, and is wonderful. For Sundi to send her a mean message about how I am unprofessional, I never talked to her, I should write about her in the story...BEFORE THE STORY RAN. And, after witnessing Sundi yell at countless people at her party for Robert, I thought it was worth mentioning to her (via private facebook message).

Is that so out of line? Yeah, maybe a bit. I should rise above that. But when I have a 65-year-old lady at the dog park say how scared and worried she is about Sundi and her antics, on a time that should be about a beautiful human being fighting a horrible illness...well, I guess then I can't control myself.

But since we're bringing that up Tam, can you explain (since you seem to be speaking on their behalf), why in the world would Sundi be so mad with people calling for directions, or putting pineapple on a part of the table she didn't want it, or the many other things? Or about me writing about Roberts family, which she insisted to Jan I don't?

Would you, or would anyone, do such a thing?

I've gone to CD release parties, art parties, military homecoming parties, where the person releasing the CD or creating the art, is hardly mentioned. And they are STILL THRILLED by the coverage. Because my story isn't one or two pages about a CD that's released. It's about a party -- what kind of food, what people, what conversations do I witness...

I do agree, that mentioning a few things in the article was probably not a good idea (two weeks to live, being one of them). But I wanted to convey to the readers, the seriousness of the situation.

Cuddle: me saying I had a glass of wine and someone else saying I didn't drink, isn't a lie. She didn't realize I had a glass of wine. Had we, or I, lied...I would've stuck with her lie and said "Nope. I didn't drink. Not a drop of alcohol."

Excuse me? I said or implied none of this in my comment. My only comment was to posts being removed. As I stated, posts in my threads were removed, as I pointed out in a thread to Reader admin, if anyone cares to look at it. I asked why, and they never answered, just said they were looking into it.

You play so fast and loose with the facts, Mr. Board. It is a pity you have no acquaintance with yourself, or with the truth.

"She didn't realize I had a glass of wine. Had we, or I, lied...I would've stuck with her lie and said "Nope. I didn't drink. Not a drop of alcohol." -Josh Board

So you admit to being a liar then? How about just telling the truth...is it really that hard?

LMAO! Someone can have a drink or two and still say they don't drink. It's quite common and in reality,it's true. By saying they don't drink,they're implying to the world that they're not a raging alcoholic.

"Second, Tam...you bring up a VERY GOOD POINT. It was lame of me to send a personal attack to her on Facebook. Very unprofessional on my part."

This is a UNDERSTATEMENT! Its not only wrong, and premeditated and vicious. Its probably agianst the law im sure. Stalking perhaps.....and you didn't just do it once....you did it TWICE. That takes some balls buddy.

"But since we're bringing that up Tam, can you explain (since you seem to be speaking on their behalf), why in the world would Sundi be so mad with people calling for directions, or putting pineapple on a part of the table she didn't want it, or the many other things? Or about me writing about Roberts family, which she insisted to Jan I don't?"

Personal issues that are none of your business frankly. You can't say anything about the family dynamic because you know nothing of it...because you NEVER TALKED TO HER AT ALL!!!!!! How many times can I say this? I was there! You never saw her yell and freak out on people. Give it a rest....you are sounding like a broken record Josh. I am speaking as one person from this party who is close friends with Robert and all of them. Robert is a lovely humanbeing....something you could have captured even better than you did if you had gotten some more facts instead of making stuff up to fluff it up. Do you do this with all your articles? What happened to professional journalisim?

"LMAO! Someone can have a drink or two and still say they don't drink. It's quite common and in reality,it's true. By saying they don't drink,they're implying to the world that they're not a raging alcoholic."

Its still factually wrong. Yes you can have a drink and say that, but your a lair. Insecure about being a closet alcoholic huh?...Ahhhhh how self loathing of you.

ROTFLMMFAO!!!!!! I hope you aren't implying that I personally am a closet alcoholic. I sometimes have a few drinks or I'm balls to the wall. There is no inbetween with me and I'll happily admit admit it. I simply meant that the average Joe can still say he doesn't drink and mean:I don't drink real often. It's not a big deal.

"Its probably agianst the law im sure." Uhhhhhhh yeah.......you may want to get your facts straight on this one before looking like a complete and utter douchebag.

"Its probably agianst the law im sure." Uhhhhhhh yeah.......you may want to get your facts straight on this one before looking like a complete and utter douchebag."

Its something you haven't seen.....so I wouldn't stick your foot in your mouth so soon. And whats with the name calling? This is not 6th grade. And I never insinuated you personally. Im saying that as a general statement about people who say they don't drink. At least you are man enough to fess up to being balls to the wall or just have a few.

TAM1079,I wasn't calling you a douchebag flat out. I once had someone in another forum tell me that she was going to sue me because I told her to kill herself. It quite humorous. As long as one does not threaten to harm,slander or libel someone,everything is kosher. If Josh had said in this alleged E-mail,"You mother smells like sweaty socks,your dog is a fat piece of s* and I hate your whole family",there's nothing you could do. However,if Josh wrote something along the lines of"I'll kill your family,skullf your dog and your mother is a man",then you might be able to persue some sort of legal action.

There's a pretty thick line in what you can say and what you can't. I'm just telling you that if you don't know the law,you might end up looking like a douchebag.

"this requires JOSH to answer this, not the peanut gallery."

By TAM1079

Then, why don't you simply email Josh or message him privately? I'm pretty sure that you're wanting an audience here, based on how you've continued with your comments.


Oh by all means, let's sweep this whole thing out of public view!!!

I for one am very interested in seeing what TAM has been sent. If Mr. Board has nothing to be ashamed of, and I'm sure he doesn't, let's see it. :)

Ain't going to happen CuddleFish. The admins don't allow the posting of private emails. I tried that once with a douchebag named Jerome who sent me an e-mail saying he was going to do everything in his power to get me banned. I posted it saying"bring it on". It got deleted.

ok well i might have been wrong about the comment removal thing, and if so, i stand corrected. i am, however, bored with tam's histrionics. let me know if he/she has something interesting to put on the table. i'm out. xo

Thank you TAM1079...whichever friend you are...Sundi’s integrity, sensibility and reputation appreciate it. I have been Sundi’s boyfriend for 13 years. I know a little bit about her character. Josh was invited to our home to write an article on our dearest friend Robert. We were the hosts because Sundi, besides loving Robert dearly, is his Durable Power of Attorney, advocate and caregiver. The three of us are what we call chosen family! Josh’s friend Jan, asked us on Josh’s behalf, if he could attend the party…Josh thought it was a different type of party. We agreed and asked him to talk to Sundi for the basic facts of the party, to avoid misrepresentations or inaccuracies. Josh never dialogued with Sundi or anyone else about facts just Jan, Robert’s neighbor who he barely knows. That is why the article had lies. Not to mention illegally video recording the party, he never asked nor did he inform us. We expected a written article. We realized that he had video when we read the article online. Sundi felt the need to post, with Roberts consent and input, a letter on Robert’s private facebook page. A copy of that letter was sent to the editor for him to post the comments or not. That is why they were not pulled, they were never posted. Josh, through his friend Jan read Sundi’s private rebuttal, which she will post now that there is to much public discussion. Instead of Josh dialoging on this forum and admitting he didn’t have the facts and some of the comments in the article offended several people who attended the party. Josh decided to look Sundi up through Facebook’s friend finder and sent a slanderous, defaming letter that is libelous. Then 18 hours later he sent a second unsolicited letter to me, a third party, and slandered Sundi, some more. And yes our attorney knows the threshold to meet for litigation. And I mean vial, hateful words that an enemy wouldn’t say to you. He didn’t respond to Sundi’s post he just attacked her on a person level, someone he doesn’t know. Josh and Jan were like two kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar and responded with hate mail and more lies to cover their stories! To say shame on Josh would belittle his actions and our sense of justice….we discussed his letters with his editor and I’m sure The San Diego Reader will respond swiftly and protect its reader’s right to freedom of speech. Josh made a huge mistake and broke the law, then threw gasoline on it by attacking the one person who tried to clarify the facts. FYI: Robert didn’t have two weeks to live; Josh would have known that if he asked. He had two weeks before very aggressive radiation treatments and wanted a party for his friends before his energy was zapped. He is doing fantastic and we are still saying prayers that he will beat this cancer and continue being the rock star he is known to be! Even Josh’s negative comments put out in the universe will not beat Robert’s spirit to live!

ok there is some clarification there. BUT...do you REALLY think it was josh's intent to belittle and/or make light of Robert's situation? i think that, without appearing to speak for anyone else, we all wish Robert all the best and happiness. through this article, i learned a little about Robert and his fantastic will to live and his beautiful attitude during his ordeal. i can't say anything about what goes on outside the Reader, so i won't even go there. Like i said before, i wish Robert all the best and admire him for keeping his spirits up. He sounds like an amazing man, and blessed with many good friends who care so much about him. My two cents, that's all.

It’s me, Sundi. The girl that never talked with Mr. Board. Also, truly, I never have written anything to him personally, just the one to follow. My original letter in Facebook will be posted this evening. I believe you will all think it is reasonable. I didn’t even comment on ALL the inaccuracies. BUT, as you said Mr. Board, the part of him dying in a few weeks had to be the worst of all. Sending that negative thought out in the universe, especially by publishing it was the most thoughtless and not cool things you could have done. Robert needs all the positive energy, thoughts and prayers he can get. Can you imagine how unsettling that was for Robert to read in a newspaper that he has been given a death sentence by a complete stranger publicly?!!!!!! I don’t bash or slander. It isn’t my style. I only speak the truth. Robert Okayed the letter. For his friends more than himself, he wanted the true facts. He is my dearest friend of over a decade. I, of all people would NEVER do anything that would hurt him in any way. You don’t know me at all. I arranged a celebration of life for my best friend, about love and friendship and family. Why would I yell or be mean to any of Robert’s friends? That wasn’t the energy of the celebration. You Slandering and berating his best friend so horridly over a very reasonable comment has really hurt Robert extremely. FYI, the head surgeon of UCSD Moores Cancer Center, and the head doctor of Radiology that are Robert's doctors read the article. They were surprised and dismayed at the time of death part of the article. They, the professionals would never have said such a thing themselves. None of us are GOD!



Please allow me to tell you the purpose of the party that was held for Robert Campos. It was to celebrate the beautiful life of a fantastic person. He is fighting seriously for his life. We wanted him to know how much he is loved by so many people. I always wondered why people wait until a person is dead to express there love for them. LOVE can't cure a disease, BUT it can give STRENGTH and EMPOWERMENT and HOPE!!! Robert was amazed by the showing of love that evening. He completely felt the love. He has such a variety of people from every walk of life that love him, are inspired by him, and who's lives have been changed for the better just by knowing him. It truly showed at this party. Robert has friends from doctors to drag queens and loves and respects them all equally, as we all should. Discrimination is not welcome in our world!! You did not represent that sentiment well at all! Robert Campos has more strength and compassion than I have ever witnessed in a human being. He lives everyday of his life with a positive attitude, dignity, and a true warrior spirit. The party was to congratulate him on being a beautiful human being and to cheer him on in his battle. It was not just a party to get ripped and talk about nothing. It was a celebration of life, not a kegger party.

Though the thought was nice to come and write about Robert's party, I thought the article was inaccurate, poorly written and in some spots offensive.

Part (2)

Firstly. you said you spoke with me. We never had a conversation; I was too busy and never got a chance to speak to you. That was a lie. It was ridiculous that you said that there were lots of people with AIDS!! Did you go person to person and ask them if they had AIDS?? Where did this come from? Very inappropriate and unnecessary. It had nothing to do with the purpose of the celebration. No one said Robert only had a couple of weeks to live. We don't believe in dating the time of someone’s death, it is offensive and also inappropriate. I do not live with Robert! If you spoke with me you would have known this! How could I be hosting the party with my boyfriend of 13 years, at our home, and live with Robert at the same time?! I am his caregiver, advocate and of course best friend. If you had spent more time getting information about Robert and the situation rather than talking about nothing with people maybe you would have actually got the facts. Commenting on the sexuality of some of our guests was also inappropriate. What does that have to do with anything? You didn't comment on how many heterosexuals there were at this party? Discussing the prices of objects in peoples homes that you are graced with being invited to is also not cool. There were so many interesting and beautiful things you could have written about. I was surprised you put your own quote in large print as well, And such an odd one at that. What do a little kids school relations have to do with the party. It was just boring filler that had nothing to do with anything as well. Honestly, this article looked thrown together with no thought put into it at all. It looks as though a high school kid wrote it. You gave false information, you talked about nothing. If I would have known you would do such a poor job, we would have never asked you to join our celebration. I didn't feel the celebration vibe or love vibe in one part of this article and that was what the party was about. Everyone else felt it.

I don't know how you landed such a cool job. I am not a journalist. But I bet I could do your job better than you.

Reader, if you ever decide to replace this guy I'd do the job enthusiastically and truthfully!!!! Keep me in mind!

Amazingly disappointed,

Sundi October 20 at 9:57am

Ok, this needs to stop. This is Robert's sister, Sandra. I'm very upset on what's going on, going back and force what he said she said.All i care is about my brother Robert. People are loosing focus of people's true intentions and what's really important here. The article was not offensive to bring it to these level.There are people and family members that don't say very much out of respect for my brother Robert. PLEASE don't make this more difficult.I just hope that none of these goes to Robert because this is not his character and he would be very disappointed. Love to all... PEACE!!!!

Dear Sir: I am writing to comment on the Crasher article, printed on October 15, 2009, Friends are Like Jewels. I writing to you, to demand the following from Josh Board: 1) He is to remove all You Tube video content. He did not have my permission to take or post my image on the Internet. I find that such is against my personal belief and against the law as I was not informed that this would be video taped, and posted, nor would I have given consent to have my image taken or posted. 2) A personal apology for the slanderous remarks that was made in this article. I do not have AIDS, and when you combine those remarks with the video content, as well as the reference to the marijuana, could endanger mine and other peoples ability to get a job. 3) His lack of respect for other people’s beliefs borders on religious intolerance and bigotry. At this time I am considering legal actions against Josh Board and the Reader. Thank you for your time.

Well said Sandra....we didn't want to post anything on a public forum. But we will not be attacked without response. As you know by now we would not have done this without Robert's consent. He feels strongly enough about this that he met with the editor to express his opionion directly. I don't feel we need to explain anything beyond this. For the family and friends of Robert we know the truth.

Re #83:

"BUT, as you said Mr. Board, the part of him dying in a few weeks had to be the worst of all. Sending that negative thought out in the universe, especially by publishing it was the most thoughtless and not cool things you could have done. Robert needs all the positive energy, thoughts and prayers he can get. Can you imagine how unsettling that was for Robert to read in a newspaper that he has been given a death sentence by a complete stranger publicly?!!!!!!"

I agree. Josh Board (along with the people who defend and/or ignore his constant bad behavior) is not psychologically sophisticated enough or empathetic enough to understand concepts such as this.

I'm glad that the two of you, Scott and Sundi, have gone to the trouble to make this information public. I wish you luck in obtaining the outcome you desire, and send best wishes to Robert for a speedy recovery and a long life.

Sandra....don't take this personally. Robert is an amazing person, and has truly taught me alot about how to behave and act in polite society. You get more flies with honey pretty much sums it up. Being mean or saying slanderous things about Robert is like saying bad things about Jesus, or Santa Claus. Its just WRONG. Robert has had a very strong effect on everyone who has met him. Those of us that have known him for quite awhile are fortunate enough to be blessed in such the same vicinty as someone that can show that much love. He may not have been ordained, or a priest or a god. But Robert....if Ghandi and Mother Theresa had a love child....it would be Robert Campos. Truly a loving and compassionte person. And this.....THIS reason is why I have to stick up and actually say something. Its because this guy Josh.....doesn't just do this to Robert, he has done it to multiple people and its flat out WRONG. If anything good has come of this...its dialouge....this is what makes communities stronger and had more understanding. Don't think this is being negative about your brother.Trust when I say...we love him more than the world itself. He is truly one and a million and I think I can say we all feel blessed to be around him.

well i believe that i am psychologically sophisticated enough and empathetic enough to grasp what everyone is saying here. i just honestly believe that there was no deliberate ill will on josh's part in his story. that is all i'm saying! i see that Robert has so many amazing people that care about him, and he is lucky for that. but we (myself included) are still on the subject and his sister did ask us to stop. (post #86). i will leave by saying that i hope the best for Robert and his family and friends, and everyone else who took the time to post here, seemingly with the best of intentions :)


just a little reading material :) Take a looksy Joshy Poo. Maybe you will learn something about when and where you can't take video. This is something any journalist should know.

With all due respect to this ongoing fued and I can't really form an opinion because I don't know all the facts,I didn't anyone come up to Josh and ask him to stop filming. Granted,he should've asked first and him not knowing the law is not an excuse,but like I said-nobody asked him stop. If I allow a murder to happen because I witnessed it but didn't anything to stop it,I'm just as culpable.

I don't know anything about anyone asking him to stop. But people were obviously uncomfortable. Agian...its the responsibility of Josh to know where he can and can't photographer/video without explicit permission and written rules from the other party. This is simple professional journalisim. It requires a release, especially if its something thats published and used for public consumption. If this will just filmed out on the street it would be another story. He is treading legal thin ice here...heck he just might have flat out fallen in. It will all come out in the wash. Funny, no comment from him yet on this.

Josh, you horrible human being, how dare you bring to light the wonderful life of a wonderful human that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. How dare you make me care about his soul, worry about his health, or otherwise become involved at all. How dare you make me, a complete outsider, care at all for someone who needs my compassion.

Of course, you all can argue about the method, but it's pretty much a moot point, isn't it?

Now, keep in mind that I've been recently accused of being a racist, among other things. So, obviously, my comments shouldn't necessarily be taken seriously. But, at the risk of throwing my own comment under the bus, should have Josh not attended would my own prayers not have been relevant?

I will hope for Robert's complete recovery, and screw you if you let your own crappy self-righteous opinions get in the way of what I want.

Ah, well, delusions die hard!

Mr. Gringo's little friend Josh is about as truthful as he is, it appears.

And here we were listening to all that hogwash about Honesty! Honesty! Nothing more important than honesty!

It is to laugh.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

"Mr. Gringo's little friend Josh is about as truthful as he is, it appears."

And, at the expense of a man with cancer, you've decided to dive into this thread as well. Good job, moron. Can you go play somewhere else for a while?

"Touchy, touchy, little man."

I'm 6' 2". Sorry to spoil your fantasy there, Cuddle. Any words for Robert, or is this ALL ABOUT YOU?

"Remember what I said."

About what, exactly? That you show up in every thread that I comment in? What is this, fatal attraction? Are you stoned? Are you planning on tracking me down? Have you lost your mind?

Oh, wait, you brought up Clay Aiken, and smiley faces :) :) :) :) and other crap that doesn't belong here, so I reckon it's okay :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Will somebody change this child's diaper and put him to bed??? :)

Oh I wasn't meaning little that way. ;) And my fantasies are all about real men, honey. Like Clay Aiken. :))

By the way, if you are going to make...comments referring to me, then I intend to respond. Since you did so in this thread, here I am! Just want to make sure we got that straight. :)

Now, I am going to show more respect than you did by your comments, and peel out of here. Remember what I said. :)

CuddleFish, go screw yourself. Get the hell out of my life. Stop stalking me.

Ok, this is ugly enough, people. Gringo, your post in #96 was not useful to anyone with cancer either, was it? C'mon. Go back to your respective blog corners, and I'll entertain y'all separately. xoxox SD

Yeah, CuddleFish, you love internet wars, don't you? Idiot.

Oh wait, if I say, "Tsk tsk tsk. :)", that means I win!

Oh, please. Grow the hell up.

She's teasing you out of guilt because she knows she done ya wrong and she's afraid of letting her weaknesses and flaws be shown to the rest of the hive.

Nah, I'm tired of it now. She can have the last word.

I just want to wish Robert all the best. My thoughts are with him.

You know who needs a column in the Reader? Fumbler!!! Think about it! Your hard-hitting daily dose of bile, nonsense, insults, and non sequiturs in a convenient one-stop column! Who wouldn't read that? Pitch it to the editor, Fumbler! C'mon! We're right behind you!

I'm sure you've considered starting a neighborhood blog while we are waiting on the ok for your new column, "Fumber's Fault-o-Rama." I don't know about the others, but I'd soooo sign a readership contract. ;)

The name calling HAS to stop guys. Really...don't resort to 6th grade bully tactics. Rise above it. Lets stick witht he facts here. Fact is...no one knew Josh was recording this party, and he did not get permission from someone. Tell me....how is this right? And back it up with some law, or facts...don't just call me a idiot. You only make yourself look worse when you stoop to that level. Have a civilized REAL argument.

Oh -- and typos too. I forgot.

That's a good name, SD. I'm also leaning toward "Fumblin' Aloud." This is picking up steam already. Really, what's Don Bauder got that Fumbler ain't got?

Or just "Fumblin'!" I wanna be a member of the "panty-waste" club!

(#118) "And back it up with some law, or facts..." There wouldn't be a law to back that up with, Tam, for the reason that the law is restrictive, not permissive; it tells what you can't do, not what you can, so naturally there isn't going to be a law stating that someone is allowed to videotape a party.

(#120) Yeah, that's good. But this needs to go in the print edition, not just the website. But Fumber could start with a blog for now. The Reader should act fast before the U-T or City Beatoff snaps him up.

I wanna be a member of the "panty-waste" club!

By SDaniels

Oh, Oh...me too!

I want to join!

The name calling HAS to stop guys. Really...don't resort to 6th grade bully tactics.

By TAM1079

R U 4 real???

This is the internet, it was MADE for name calling, and 6th grade was the happiest year of my life.

Fumbler, if we get Jerry Schad to extend a personal congratulations on your inaugural blog, wouldja do it? I'd be an instant addict and constant commenter--one-stop shop for you too, man. Ready-made fan club, just waiting on your next word. Prettttyyyy Puh-leasseeee, Fumbler? [bats lashes, repeats]

He started it, mommy! :P

By CuddleFish

me, I always preferred the "I'm rubber you're glue" come back, but to each their own.

Puppy, focus! This is some serious dealing, here. Help come up with an enticing name for Fumbler's column.

I wanna be a member of the "panty-waste" club!

By SDaniels 8:33 a.m., Oct 30, 2009

I AM a member of the Panty Waste Club. Just ask Fumbler. Me and Fred "the humungous mountain of lard shavings, buckets of bile, and fecal flakes" Williams.

If you can't stay on topic, step outta the ring boys.

TAM, you will have to excuse these people, and I am very sorry that this thread has gone so far off-topic.

I wish Robert well on his journey back to health. I'm sure everyone here joins me in that wish.

Behave yourselves, people, have some respect.

"If you can't stay on topic, step outta the ring boys.



Uh, why? You mean YOUR topic, TAM? No, Cuddle, TAM is being rude now. S/he wants to convince us all that Josh Board took an illegal video of a party. Clearly, I am not Josh Board's biggest fan (cough, ahem), but sorry--the camera issue does smack of the petty and the litigious. Mr. Campos's own sister wrote in to request a cease and desist due to a bad taste from it all, while others variously claim degrees of concern (approaching hysterical, with one poster) on Mr. Campos's part. My bet? He doesn't know about any of this, and likely doesn't need to know.

So talk to your lawyer, TAM--why do you need to continue to remind everyone here? What exactly do you think we can do for you?

Meanwhile, we are discussing the important issue of whether or not our friend Fumbler may decide to write a column for us. It may not seem like much to you, TAM, but some of us can use all the laughs we can get right now. Good luck to you.

I see no reason why both discussions can't proceed.

I haven't seen Josh's camera. Have you, Tam? It doesn't seem to be concealed, but I could be wrong. He seems to be holding it in his hands. Is there any question as to what he's holding or what he's doing with it? Put aside issues of legality or ethics for the moment. From what I can tell from the footage, it seems obvious that he's filming. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Maybe this would be a good time to go back and take a look at comment #1 again.

I've got a newfound respect for SD. I was thinking along those same lines but figured that I've made enough enemies on here and didn't need anymore because this wasn't my fight.

+1 for a Fumber blog as well! :-D If he does do it,we need him to include a Palin Prayer For The Day to go along with it. Maybe some video of Fumber beating a kitten with a baseball bat just bring the point home.

Excuse me, but perhaps it would be better to keep that kind of stuff off the thread, out of respect to the friends and family of the person who is the subject of this thread. I regret my adds that were off-topic last evening.

This thread was jacked when TAM entered it complaining about non-existing comments being deleted serupticiously under the cover of darkness.

Pete is sort of right, you know (Gawd, did I just say those words?)

TAM, it's hard to know how to proceed here. This thread started out being about Robert's party, then it turned into being about Josh Board, and sort of this creepy fight over who has more rights to speak for Robert and whether he was happy or not happy that Josh was there. Robert hasn't spoken for himself, so we have no way to know what's going on.

Like SD, I have no love for Josh Board, and I think it was ill-advised of him to crash this party, which led to all of this. This thing just keeps dragging on and on, and I'm not where it's going or to what end.

Not much is going to happen. TAM or Sundi or Scott can sue Josh and the Reader all they want. For starters,the litigation will be tied up in court for YEARS. Second,any good defense lawyer will point what I mentioned and was so blatantly obvious and shred it apart. Bottom line,the only thing Josh is guilty of is bad taste(allegedly) and filming where he shouldn't have. Both of those issues are a lawyer's wet dream.

Look, anyone entering these threads, ESPECIALLY Josh Board's threads, needs to understand that they do go off topic--or rather, to various topics. It is characteristic--nay! de rigeur-- of this publication and of these forums, and it stimulates creative thinking, in my opinion.

I don't think anyone needs to apologize or feel rude for doing what we always do. Cuddle dear, you took it WAYYY off topic last night, when you felt the need. That doesn't make you any different from anyone else here with another burning issue.

If you think Josh is going to come back and politely discuss all of this with TAM and co., you've probably got a long wait. He probably isn't allowed to return to this thread at the moment, while Daddy Holman figures out what's best.

Speaking of long waits and daddy knowing best, think I'll go wait in another blog line. ;)

I'm not sure what the actionable offense is here. Is it rudeness? Bad taste? Even the e-mails seem very unfortunate, to put it nicely, but not sue-worthy.

I apologized for my off-topic comments, you must have missed that, SD.

What I missed, in going over these comments again, is that apparently Robert did speak directly to the editor of the Reader directly, if I'm understanding correctly. So apparently he has expressed an opinion about what happened.

Cuddle, I did not miss your apology. I just didn't think we all needed to follow suit. You had your play and some of us have had ours--gentle, fun, creative play on a new blog idea.

Yes, I saw the comment stating that Mr. Campos spoke to the editor--how do we know any of this is true? Passions are high, so I tend not to immediately believe everything I hear--especially since TAM had to turn on a special voice to try and soothe Mr. Campos's upset sister--whom he upset. Board is an ass with no ability to empathize with others, and with bad judgement with cameras too, apparently; but I honestly can't say I know what is going on here--can you? Certainly a lawsuit has been invoked--how trustworthy does that seem to you?

It all does seem distasteful--I agree with Mr. Campos's sister-- and really, not my business. I'll try to resist flitting back to this thread, since I don't as a rule post on Board's threads anyway, and was so excited by the prospect of a fumber blog that I literally forgot I was ON a Boar-ing thread!

Cuddle, I did not miss your apology. I just didn't think we all needed to follow suit. You had your play and some of us have had ours--gentle, fun, creative play on a new blog idea.

Cuddlefish is a trouble maker!

I haven't read any of these posts in the last day and a half. They just go round and round, and we all just sound like idiots.

I got messages from 3 family members of Roberts. They all LOVED the story. They said other things privately that I won't share, but believe me...it sides heavily with me and a strong dislike for other people involved.

So I can sleep at night knowing Robert WAS happy with the story that appeared.

This is my last response on this. If you guys wanna continue the fight, go for it. It all seems rather silly, though, on a story that was very positive.

to TAM1079, Excuse me,but you don't even know us so please don't make any comments about our FAMILY...Nobody knows Robert better than us, you don't know what we're going thru. So please have respect for our family.It is also Robert's family. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

To nietas44: If you know and speak to Robert please let him know that people are think about him, wishing him wellness and recovery. I am among those people, but really, the important thing is that the well-meaning wishes of people he will never meet might somehow help everything. Please let him know.

"think" = "thinking". Sorry about that, I don't edit my comments.

In reference to #147... I am Robert's sister and i was at the Celebration of Life Party for my brother. My brother Robert is a great man, who would take his shirt of his back to help people in need. So all if this negativity it's not good at all. So Please out of respect for my brother Robert and our family, Please stop... thank you.. Robert's sister..

In reference to #150: WTF? So now, wishing good thoughts is NEGATIVE?!!!!

to refriedgringo, I was not talking about wishing good thoughts to Robert, on the contrary, I appreciate all of you wishing my brother well. I was talking about all the negativity on the comments that people say. And if i referred previous notes in reference to #147 if i knew Robert.I know him. He is my brother that i love very much...We are 3 brothers and 3 sisters.I apologize if you misinterpret what i wrote. thank you again...

No worries, nietas44. I do wish Robert the best, I've been thinking about him ever since yesterday, and I want his recovery. I am hoping for that.

Thank you refriedgringo.Do you know my brother? His Birthday is tomorrow!!!!! As long as you keeping him in your thoughts, that's more than enough!!!! :)He's really a wonderful guy, not because he's my brother, but because the way he is. He has a BIG HEART!!! Thank you again, Sandra :)

Sandra, I don't know your brother, but he's my brother now, and I will certainly keep him in my thoughts, gladly so. I'm sure he has a great heart, because he has great friends and a great family.

Sandra, give Robert a hug on my behalf and tell him his story has generated admirers half way around the world. I brought this up last night with some friends, and we all agreed that if we're ever in a similar situation we'd do the same.

The unanimous conclusion was that your brother is one super cool guy. So are his friends and his family. We all admire you.



Happy spooky birthday,Robert! May it be a ghoulishly great one!

To refriedgringo, PistolPete and Fred: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!I will definitely let my brother Robert know today that you guys are wishing him well, specially today as it his Birthday!!!!! Sandra :)

Happy birthday to Robert and many more from me as well. :)

Robert's the 3rd Halloweener I've heard of today. Busy day at the ole pumpkin patch!

Happy Birthday to him!

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